Author's Notes:

Deh-GIHM (Greetings!),

To everyone who is reading this, WEEL-tem (welcome)! I hope you enjoy this, and I hope you will feel it will remain true in the plot and the spirit to the movie.

I must warn readers, however, two characters from the movie are deceased in this story, though I will not say who.

An important note to the story: In Subterranean Tours: Atlantis, it states that crystals only carry a charge, thus, their gift of longevity would not apply when visitors who had been given crystals left Atlantis. If that is true, why does it say at the end of the guide "Please be prepared to surrender all crystals."? Crystals are considered a common sight in the city, so, though sacred for the obvious reason, they are not in such rare supply that every single crystal is needed in Atlantis. Why would the visitors need to surrender these crystals if they would become what would appear to be just a piece of aquamarine? My guess is that Atlantean crystals carry more than just a charge, remaining active to fairly extreme distances. This is kept a secret so that humanity does not exploit the Atlanteans. (Do not tell anyone else about my conclusion. We cannot let that secret fall into the hands of the wrong person.) Think about it. At the beginning of the movie, one can see that Atlantis is more than just the city you see at the end, but an incredible empire. In order to bestow longevity to the entirety of its people, the crystals would have to be active over long distances. This is especially true fro the time period in which Atlantis was warring with Greece, forcing the warriors to travel far away for long periods of time. (Even at 100 miles per hour, the trip to Greece, assuming Atlantis was in the middle of the Atlantic, would still be lengthy.) When Rourke steals Mother Crystal, however, the light of the smaller crystals quickly dim. Why? Besides the fact that the Mother Crystal was bonded with a person and that it was sealed inside a metal prison of sorts, the very city of Atlantis may act as an amplifier for it's power. If the crystal is not in Atlantis, only the best quality crystals, like the King's, may be left glowing. These royal crystals have the longest range, perhaps. This would explain the still glowing crystals at the movie's end that are worn by the team. It would take a while for the team to sell their treasure, get brand new clothes fashioned for them, and to have their crystals cut into different shapes. By that time, one would suppose that a charge would have run down at least enough for their crystals to have significantly dimmed. It could be supposed that the team, for their heroic efforts in saving Atlantis, were given these royal Atlantean crystals. In addition, the dimming so soon after the Mother Crystal is taken seems more like the crystals do not carry a charge.

For those people who love reading to some music, here are some suggested tracks from the Atlantis soundtrack that might be good for some chapters:

Chapter 1: Tracks 10, 11, 12, and/or 13, too.

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Chapter 6: Track 16.

Chapter 7: Tracks 17, then end with 18.

Credits: "Promise," Performed by Kellie Coffey for the

"Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration" soundtrack.


GAH-moak (Good-bye),





Kida awoke early that morning. Drowsily she looked out of her bedroom window to behold a beautiful spectacle. The floating Mother Crystal was everything to Atlanteans. It even acted as their sun. The queen looked in awe as it's dim, nighttime glow grew with the light of morning. As she thought of the crystal, she remembered her parents with nostalgia, and put on her resized childhood bracelet. Dressed as she watched, she left her royal garb behind and putting on her street clothes instead.

The plans for today would be different. She needed to find Milo, and she knew exactly where he should be.

As Kidagakash walked down the palace halls, thinking over her plans for the day, she was surprised to find Milo on the Throne Room steps instead of the library. Generally, one could always find the bibliophile there in the early morning, but it was here that he had chosen to study Atlantis's ancient scrolls today.

As the queen closed the door to the halls, a loud grinding sound of stone on stone could be heard. Milo did not respond, being oblivious to his surroundings. Kida, taking advantage of this, playfully snuck up behind him, and clamped her hand over his mouth.

"I have some questions for you, and you are not reading more about this city until I get some answers!" whispered Kida with a smile, recalling the day they had met. "You did get up early this morning."

Milo pulled away from her loose grip. "Morning, Kida," replied Milo with a loving smile. "I certainly did. I had trouble sleeping. I'm still trying to solve the puzzle about the rise of your PAH-nokh technology and I am hoping to find more information as to the war that eventually caused the MEH-behl-moak. I'm sure I'll find it though. My gosh, your library is as big as - no, dwarfs the size of what the library at the city of Alexandria must have been in its day!"

"I am glad your are pleased," Kida said sincerely, "but I came to ask if you would join us on our scouting trip today."

"Scouting?" The linguist straightened his glasses.

"Yes. Though our people now are not in great need of food, if there is another disaster, and if we are still in this same cavern, it would be useful to know what resources we have. As queen, I believe it is my duty to lead this. Though it may not be an ancient tradition, it is a custom that we took up as we struggled for survival."

"But I have some important research to do here."

"Milo, since you have arrived here you have tried to piece together every grain of sand that was worn away from our culture. You need not to worry. You have set the basic foundations of our culture back in place, and have started to teach the people how to read! The second golden age of Atlantis has been bestowed upon us. A day's time of no research shall not cause Atlantis to crumble. Now, you will join us, will you not?"

"Alright. What do I need to do? What supplies are necessary, and what are we looking for?" Waiting for a response, Milo gazed at Kida's left hand. It was there that he had introduced one of his customs into Atlantean culture, introduced a symbol of his love for her. The ring on her finger sported the same blue crystal as his ring did. The scholar glanced away to gather the scrolls and set them on a stone table at the edge of the throne room. He looked at them with some wonder, still amazed that the library's scrolls had been perfectly preserved for millennia despite the fact that the library was underwater! His mind jumped to what he had been working on for a moment. "How long have I been working on this?" he wondered silently. "For that matter, how long have I been in Atlantis? A decade, maybe?" Milo had completely lost track of time. A decade seemed reasonable to him, seeing that his hair had been turning white to match his wife's. He thought of asking Kida, but his train of thought was interrupted as he turned around to see a ball of fur flying toward his face. He barely caught it before it hit.

"You will need these too," called Kida, now across the room, as she tossed more gear in his direction. More furred leg and arm protectors hit the floor as Kida pulled them from a small cabinet just inside the hall entrance. Some shoulder guards and a few Atlantean weapons were also tossed out, but, this time, not directly at Milo. Then she pulled out two masks, one of which Milo recognized from his first encounter with her.

The second mask resembled a creature he had seen some people use as guard dogs. It was blue with tusks and horns, but the mask had only two eyes instead of the five of the creature. "What was it called again?" he thought. "Oh, a Bahodmok."

"We are searching for possible food supplies, chreen populations for light sources, and types of stone for building material." Kida saw a confused look flash upon Milo's face when she said "chreen." "You call the chreen 'fireflies.'"

"Ah, thanks. I assume the building materials are for both houses and vehicles."

"Yes. Only with your help have we been able to decide how vehicles like the Ketak work. Now we can build them if we can find or forge the correct materials." The huntress queen held up a piece of what looked like a damaged part of a Ketak rudder as he approached her to pick up his mask from the ground. He assumed this would be taken to match the material with the indigenous rocks around Atlantis. All the while, Kida had been strapping on her armor.

Milo attempted to do the same, but, not having yet studied Atlantean armor, Kida had to show him how and where to put things on. When the lanky scholar tried to put on his mask, however, he found it oversized and incredibly awkward. It fit almost too loosely on him. "How will we be traveling?" he asked Kida. "Ketak, or Aktirak?"

"Pole vault," replied Kida, tossing him a spear. The Atlantean spears were truly unique weapons, having a bladed hook at one end and a counterbalance on the other that could be used as a bludgeon. "Vehicles will scare the game away. They are not stealthy enough." She pulled down her own mask and began to bound away using her spear. Milo tried to follow in the same fashion, but the mask was too cumbersome and, because he spent so much time in the library, he had neither the muscle, nor the experience to execute this properly. This caused him to tumble to the side. Kida quickly realized the polyglot was not with her, and she returned to see Milo limping slightly from temporary, quickly receding pain. The queen simply smiled behind her mask and emitted a quiet sigh.

"Come. I will show you how on the way there."

Based off the Disney Picture "Atlantis: the Lost Empire." The names "Atlantis: Rediscovery," and chreen as well as the characters Pohmehroyh, Heykohk, Ana, and Daniel are my (Rebmakash's) property. Fan fiction storyline also my property. Milo Thatch, Kidagakash, and other characters, names, concepts, and non-gibberish Atlantean are property of the Walt Disney Company.