It did not seem long until evening. Kida entered the throne room as she had that morning, except in her formal attire. She walked across the stepping-stones in he indoor pond to the door though which she would exit. Chreen lit the way in the early evening light as she approached her rendezvous near the plaza. The area was empty, for everyone had gone home. The queen scaled the giant stone statue standing nearby. At the top, one could view the entire city. It was here that she met with Milo.

The polyglot was sitting alone up there, waiting for his wife and reviewing the day's events. He was writing in some scrolls, trying to document the strange events that had happened several hours earlier.

He recalled the Leviathan and his second interaction with the Mother Crystal. He recollected the presence of those of the past. He remembered floating down a single shaft of light in the warm embrace of Kida. Milo was amazed that the crystal took no direct host, but parts of many, leaving the people fully in control of their minds and bodies. This was one event unheard of in history, as far as he was aware.

Milo turned as he sensed Kida's approach. "Good evening," he said in Atlantean.

"Good evening," the warrior responded. "A beautiful night, is it not?"

"Oh, oh yes." Milo paused, gazing at the horizon. "I was you have any idea why the crystal acted.differently?"

"I do not know. But as stated, these are different times. It is the second golden age of Atlantis. Things do change, and the Mother Crystal chose to do things differently. Perhaps it drew some of its power from us to stop the Leviathan, which, if I am correct, was powered by the crystal, itself? You do know it lives on the emotions of the people of our past. Perhaps, to give a sense of the responsibility with its power, it sought to show us where a life of destruction will lead us."

"And so it included everyone. In addition, it could then feel everyone's emotions and draw a little power from that too. Different times equal different occurrences. That makes sense. Changing the subject, the expedition's debating your proposal."

"Are they?"

"Yeah. They all understand now why Atlantis has to be a secret. All that power in the hands of the world.scary thought. Though most of the crew, or what's left of it, doubts that they'll stay, Ana and Daniel are seriously considering it. Notice something different about him?"

"Yes. He has become much more helpful. He had seemed somewhat self- absorbed, before. Earlier he offered to help with the restoration of the buildings damaged or destroyed by the Leviathan."

"I actually caught him with a big smile on his face earlier. For never really knowing his grandfather he sure is turning out to be like him."

"Yes. I heard Dr. Sweet, 'Cookie' and Audrey disappeared."

"Uh-huh. I've been thinking about that. Their crystals have extended their lives. I mean, wouldn't it be painful to watch your family grow old while you stay young? They can't tell their families about Atlantis, so they can't give their family the crystals without an explanation. Whitmore could get away with it because he didn't have to." Milo winced with emotional pain. Kida, still standing, put her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. Milo then stood up to look at her. They both smiled.

"Our scouting trip was quite unsuccessful," his wife began, "for finding what we had been looking for. We shall try again tomorrow?"

"Sure. Wow, I've had enough 'for the history books' for the moment!"

The couple then looked upwards to the cave ceiling and the Mother Crystal. Its light sparkled on the now crystalline walls of the cavern. In addition, those smaller crystals had their own beautiful inner glow.

"The bright light you remember."

"Yes. Like a star."

Kida threw her arms around him and the two embraced compassionately. For the first time in many millennia, the Atlanteans could look up and behold the glory of the stars.




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