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Bella is already a vampire when she arrives at Forks. Her life for the past few months has been turmoil – her mother doesn't even know her own daughter any more. When she meets up with the Cullens she convinces herself to stay away. Why? Because she's scared. After being changed she met a whole new world with only herself to rely on.

But when things crash and life tangled, Bella finds herself loosing reality.

OK, well summaries aren't really my strongest point – as you can see! I don't think anyone has written a story like this one before, partially because I haven't taken the time to surf the thousands for one! So... I don't think I'm copying anyone (as far as I know)!

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I'm Bella. Bella Swan. Nothing special – just Bella. I was average: I looked average, my grades were average and my life, too, was average. Like I said. I was just Bella. But it was enough to get me through life, through the crowd. That was okay with me. I stopped caring; I was used to it.

It's just another school weekend that I spent loitering around. There wasn't anything good about school and there wasn't much bad about it either. I saw it this way: you go to school, you do your work, you keep your head down, you act normal, you act nice, you go home, you do your homework and then you go to bed. That was me, anyway. I knew people thought I was plain and in turn I knew there was nothing I could do about it. I gave up having hope years ago.

Mum called me a robot. I guess I am in a routine sense. I tried explaining to her that it was the way for me; I didn't want anything else. I lied. I did really. I wanted something more, something I couldn't explain. Something that had I had no name for, it's deep complexion bewildered me to an extent that as soon as my fingers were millimetres away from snatching the thin vapour, I would trip and stumble. Never would I fall. I would never fall. Yet, like I said, nowadays I just folded my longing fingers away against my chest and just watch the vapour swirl and dance whilst it hummed a sweet melody that I couldn't understand. Then one day, it tasted bitter against my tongue. I hated this strange mist – I knew that I would never fully be able to decipher it, become part of it. I was to plain. Too plain.

I pulled my navy blue tank top over my head and sighed, running a hand through my hair. With one last glance in the mirror, I turned tail on my pained reflection and strode out the door. I wondered what I would do today? I guess it would end up being like any other, my time spent wondering meaninglessly through bookshelves, scanning the all-to-familiar book covers.

Perhaps I should try a new store for a change? I'm sure the clerks in my usual haven were sick to death of me. Well, it didn't matter really, I never fully registered feelings any more. I felt my life was covered with thick ivy. I watched it giggle as it grew, twisting and turning, binding me to myself with invisible cords. It hid me from view from the ones I loved. I couldn't see them any more. I didn't fight it off. Perhaps I was too numb. Perhaps no one could save me know.

I shook my head and forced thoughts into my brain: 'What's with the sadistic emo mood going on today?'

After chugging down a glass of tomato juice, I made my way out the door to my car. It was a blue Toyota that Phil and Reneé had gotten me for my seventeenth birthday. It was only three days ago and I had accepted with ease – I knew how much effort they had gone too, we weren't exactly rich.

Flopping down into the driver's seat, I turned the key in the ignition and switched the radio on. There wasn't much good music on these days, I just listened to it because I knew that the average teenager didn't like listening to classical music. Not in the real world anyway. I wonder what my friends (more the people who didn't mind me sitting with them at lunch) would think if they knew I loved to float away on waves of piano notes, the work of Chopin, Clare De Lune and many other favourites. That would probably be the end of the acquaintanceship for sure. It was bad enough that my high school was of your stereotypical type. In other words, cliques.

I gazed subconsciously out of the windscreen and watched the dull houses flash by, sometimes with a hint of blue swimming pool and the trunks of the almighty palm trees. I grew up here with my mum Renee and a few years ago she found Phil to depend on. I was happy for her at the least, but I couldn't help noticing the nagging thought at the back of my head – would I ever find my 'other half' one day? I knew it was entirely hopeless – no boy stopped twice to look at me.

I pulled into a parking lot, narrowly missing a white van in the next space. I cursed. I was clumsy even when driving! Scooting out of the car I set off in a random direction. I remembered a vague memory of my mum tugging me down a road and me moaning that I didn't want any new clothes. I hadn't changed. It turned out that it was a book shop she was taking me to. I meant to come back one day but I never really got round to it. I could still feel the aged magic those books had bound me to and I craved it, badly.

Strolling along the roads of Phoenix I made out the shops I recognised. Yet as I continued as what I considered to be the right way forward, the shops got dingier, the streets dirtier, the inhabitants scrawnier. I wondered where I was. This wasn't where the shop was before. I was sure of it.

Not quite knowing which way to turn, I paced forward hoping desperately that this was the correct way to go. In the corner of my eye I spectacled at the leering men lingering in dark alley ways, how could they let themselves get this way? Yet, then again, maybe they had no choice. Like me.

My paces quickened and my heart fluttered like a hummingbird in the confined spaces of my chest. My breathing sped and I took gulps of air to calm myself. At the same time of my growing tension I felt a all-new emotion. Like I was... superior. I was too good for this place. I had never, ever felt like this before. Trust me to feel it and attract danger.

The darkness seemed to engulf me now, I couldn't see people about, as though they had locked themselves away to mourn at this horrific life they lived. I passed an alleyway. It wasn't different to any of the others. Yet I could feel a sweet aroma coming from there. Instinctively raising my head in order to catch another wave.

Then, I couldn't remember much after that. My vision was hazy and my eyes clouded. A pair of ice, cold hands grabbed me around the waist. I was slammed against the wall. But the throbbing in my head was nothing compared to the fear I felt. It came like an adrenalin rush. Then it went again. Ah, death. Well. I would welcome it. I could give the kids at school something to talk about.

I remember a very immaculate face. Hard, cold fingers. Much to hard on my shoulders. The crack of a bone. The smirk. Oh. The eyes. His eyes were red. Red. Crimson. Scarlet. Blood red. He leaned in against me his frosty breath catching on my skin.

'Don't worry. It's only three days. I come find you in a year or so, when you've calmed down. You'll be like me. A vampire.' His voice was that of a smothering paste, it chuckled and smirked, deadly.

A faint vision of him pressing his teeth into my neck.

I can't remember much else, except the pain. It was vulgar and it burnt. It danced and leaped in flames of vengeance and sickly joy. I screamed but no one came. All I saw was the pain. I begged and pleaded with the chattering flames but they smouldered me with uppermost revenge.

Three days. It took me three days until I opened my eyes.

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