Guys. I understand you probably all hate me right now – I know I would do.

I know there is no excuse for no warning you guys about me abandoning this story. I came back many times to try and write the next chapter, but every time, it just got confused and muddled in my head. In all honestly, I think it just got worse throughout the story. I mean, it is unstructured and disorganised and Bella is having freaky mood swings and acting like a B****. Not how I initially wanted it to turn out to be.

Also, I got shipped off to boarding school by my mother because I guess I was too much to handle. But now, I have been working on turning my life around and to all of you who believed in my story I just love you for having faith in it when I never did. Another incident was that I broke my ankle, and therefore could not enter for my Rhythmic Gymnastic Nationals. You see, I loved that sport – it was my entire life and was the only thing that kept me on the verge of sanity. Since the blow, I kind of realized that now I missed this chance there was never going to be another chance at the real competitive sport. I had been working my whole life for that moment, always being put down and struggling to find the money to cater for my sport. And then BAM, I just can't do it any more. The sport is really competitive, and as I get older I have a tinier chance of being part of that. I do do it recreationally now, but I think my competition days are over.

Now let me tell you, boarding school was something totally crazy. I only lasted a term before I begged to come home! Even though the place was filled with rich snobs – I got a part scholarship – it really taught me something about life. And how when I thought I had it bad, I really didn't! It has made me focus on myself and improving my life now, my last few years have been pretty messed up, but I am going to make it better now.

I am unsure whether to leave this story, I am not sure whether I can save it. And if I did attempt it, I would probably end up rewriting the whole thing. Now, I do have another story in mind, but this time I think I will approach it differently and actually write several chapters in advance so I don't fall behind like I did in this one.

I am so sorry to all you guys. Really. I am. If your reading this now, then, Wow. You've made it this far. Give me an opinion on what I should do next? Or is that to much to ask – just send me a load of hate mail, really, I deserve it!