Here's a goofy fan fic did on a forum fan fic contest. Thought with all the hoop la might make for a good laugh. Trust me Warrick Brown will always be my green eyed hunk ;)

Nightmare Wedding

Was a fine summer morning like no other Warrick awoke feeling joy within his heart. He couldn't ask for anything else, oh yes he could this is his Wedding day. Looking over at Conrad Ecklie sound asleep next to him, slowly leaned over and gave him a big kiss. Ecklie stirred look at Warrick and smiled

"Good morning sweet pea." Warrick said. "Are you hunger? I have a surprise for you."

Excited Ecklie replied "Why yes, I am, what are we serving this fine day." he sat up reached for his hair piece sitting on the night stand.

Warrick spoke up "let me help you with that Ecklie." Helping his soon to be hubby with his hair piece.

"There perfect fit."

Or was it, he notice something wasn't right. Oh thought Warrick, it's got a small thread out of place. Pulling at it, Ecklie's head started to move to the side.

"What are you doing? stop it your hurting me."

Warrick couldn't stop. Before he knew it Ecklies hair piece flew clear across the room.

Warrick "Oops so sorry my dear, let me fix that. Why don't you go take a shower and get ready for our special breakfast."

Not please Ecklie walked into the bathroom. As Warrick bent down and picked up Ecklies hair piece the door bell rang. He saw it was the gang, oh they are early he thought. No worries, opened the door and all greeted him with happy smiles and hugs all around.

"Come sit I'll get breakfast ready."

"Oh we can't sit Warrick we have a crime to go to and need your help,"

Stunned he turned around and looked at them "What not today! You do know this is my wedding day."

Catherine and Greg started to laugh, come on who in their right mind would want to marry Conrad Ecklie! Feeling rather upset he ran into the kitchen, he heard the gang smirking in his living room.
By then Ecklie appeared "What's this commotion, oh a surprise for me?"

Gil "No Ecklie we need Warrick for a crime has been committed."

Ecklie "What is it, you do know what today is?"

They all said together "Yes it's your.....(smirk) wedding day."

Gil "So sorry, a truck crashed into the chapel you two are getting married in, the driver is not doing so good."

Ecklie "Why do you need Warrick, and he did what!"

Catherine "Oh please let me tell him, you see Ecklie this wasn't just any truck it was your catering truck. Seems he had a black out and drove "Smack Dab" in the middle of the chapel Poof. No Wedding bells today."

She couldn't help it, laughter spurted out and all of them started to laugh.
Warrick walked out and saw Ecklie steaming mad

"What, what is I won't go to work today."

They all looked at him then at Ecklie

"Well Warrick we have some bad news.....(pause)... place you two were getting married in just got smashed in and not just that all your tropical thyme went down the toilet. Starting with Tropical Fruit bowls everywhere, Tables, chairs all gone."

Ecklie and Warrick looked at each other "NO NOT TODAY!"

Greg was laughing uncontrollably " Oh poor baby your Lieu wedding with your wonderful Tropics Thyme all gone." Snort

"Get out! all of you!"

Taking the hint they left, laughing as they heading to the SUV.

Warrick spoke first "We'll just go to the justice of the peace and get our wedding right after I fix your hair."

Ecklie " Yeah let's do that."

They worked on his hair and had their wedding day after all, and lived sickly ever after

The End