HI, this is my first fan fiction. It's nothing much though there's lots of horrible grammar, spelling mistake, a boring story, and well you know. You will also notice I kept repeating the same words too and I kept on dragging stuff. Or I will keep on repeating the same things. So I hope u will help me out, criticisms are accepted. I promised to improve so u guys can enjoy. So, thx for reading it.

'Umm…'she stammered as she laid under him, startled.

Oh dear, she thought. She waited for him to get up and start yelling at her for being such a klutz, like usual. Closing both of her eyes and prepared for the tengu's cursing. But, it never came.

She opened her eyes and stared. She stared back into a pair of clear hazel eyes. She saw within the pairs of eyes was her own image. A pink scarlet blush appeared on her cheeks, noticing a redder blush on the tengu.

The princess lay under the tengu, afraid. Magazines spread around them. She was surprised b how they're. Maybe only 1 cm apart. She could even feel his cold, chilly breath and he could feel her warm breath with strawberry scent.

'Oh my, what do we have here' a voice said, sounding naught.

'Where's my camera?!' a cheeky voice was also heard.

The tengu upon hearing the voices immediately ran up the stairs into his safety zone, his bedroom. The others heard the sound of slamming door and the door lock 'click'.

The hot vampire with soft blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes shook his head. While the werewolf folded disappointedly onto his head and his tail swayed slowly. He really wanted to get a picture of it. Holding the camera, he was just one step too late. (You must be wondering why he would want to get the picture. Let me tell you. That picture can be a good blackmail material.)

'Princess, are you ok?' Nozumu reached a hand to help Mahiru to get up. He glared up the stairs, saying 'I'll make sure that Mitsuru will pay for what he did'

'It's not necessarily, Nozumu 'she said giving him a stunning smile.

With the help of Nozumu, she got up. She straightened her dress. She was wearing a short light blue dress with long sleeves and a pair of black tight pants. Overall, she looked very cute in the outfit. Nozumu couldn't help but notice it.

'You looked cute today, princess' he said with a grin on his face.

'Thanks' she blushed again. 'And please remember to call me Mahiru, not princess'

'If u says so, prins-. I mean Mahiru' he said as Mahiru glared at him. He gave her one of his charming smile. But…

'Oh my, the magazines. I forgot bout it' she turned away and missed the smile.

Damn it, Nozumu thought, she always does that, I wondered did she do that on purpose.

'There you go' Akira gave her a large stack of magazines. He had finished picking up when the other two were talking.

'Thanks' Mahiru took the stack of magazines from him.

She walked off but with the tall stack of magazines, she couldn't see in front of her. She almost bumped into the furniture.

Nozumu gave Akira a look and they walked towards her. Then each of them took half of the magazines from her.

'Thanks again' she said to both of them.

'No prob.' Akira said.

'So where are you this stack of magazines?' Nozumu asked.

'To the recycle bin behind.'

'Where did you get all this magazines?'

'Umm.. Well, I just cleaned up my room' Mahiru answered, embarrassed. Her room is one of the messiest in the house whole.

'Oh..' Nozumu said. He and Akira thought bout they're own messy room, wondering when was the last time they tidy it. Maybe 1 year ago?

They walked towards the back, none of them talk. There was an uncomfortable silence.

Akira who seemed to be in deep thought suddenly said 'So that mean.. But.. Why?'

'What are you talking bout?' both Mahiru and Nozumu asked, wondering what was simple minded Akira thinking.

'You were walking down the stairs with the stack of magazines' Akira said, addressing to Mahiru 'Then Mitsuru wanted to go up. But then you can't see what's in front of you, and Mitsuru is a klutz, didn't notice you. Then bang!! You bumped into him or he bumped into you. That explained why he was on top of you.'

'Umm, yeah' Mahiru's cheeks got red again.

'And I thought you are simple minded' Nozumu said, laughing at the same time.

'It's still doesn't explain why Mitsuru just keep quiet instead of shouting and yelling and cursing like usual' Akira continued ignoring Nozumu's comment.

Mahiru's blush got even darker. Nozumu gave Akira a shut up look. And Akira didn't dare to say anything more.

'He just stayed quiet?' a questioning voice rang.

'Mi-so-kaa..' Nozumu said slowly with a warning voice as the kitsune walked down the stairs. He even put a protective arm around Mahiru while trying to balance the magazines on the other hands.

They knew Misoka just to well. As a strategist, he would plan something, something unpleasant. Misoka just smirked and there was a glint in his eyes. Then he walked back up. Nozumu recognized the look, but hoped that Mahiru didn't see it.

'Don't worry' Nozumu comforted the princess as he and Akira put the magazines into the recycle bins behind the bar.

'Yup. Want me to make you pancakes?' Akira asked as they went back in. 'Your stomach should be full when there's a busy night ahead'

Mahiru looked at him and then shook her head, 'No thanks, Akira. I'm going out tonight. But I'll be back by, umm, about 8:45pm.'

She looked at Akira as his ear dropped onto his head immediately. His eyes looked sad as she said it. Mahiru smiled.

'Well, I'm kinda hungry now anyway'

Akira's mood suddenly changed and was jumping up and down into the kitchen. He prepared everything he needed to make pancakes

Then he asked the question he should never asked.

'Yo, Nozumu want some too?' He asked while making the pancakes, obviously forgetting he's a vampire. And the most important is what will happen to you if you asked that to a vampire like Nozumu. Well Akira forgot that too.

Poor him.

A vein immediately popped out on his forehead. 'Thanks for asking, but are did you forgetting something?' Nozumu said sarcastically.

'Gulp..' Akira stood still all of a sudden. Nozumu stood up slowly and then started chasing Akira around the kitchen.

Mahiru just looked like nothing surprising happened after all this fights always happened. She walked of the room as the kitchen utensils were threw around. It was much safer outside of the kitchen.




Sound of breaking plates and kitchen utensils threw to the wall were heard. Eventually Misoka came down and started yelling. When he saw he yelling was in vain, they didn't even acknowledge him. Then he started to chase them around.

It took very long to end the fight. Then Misoka went up and Akira was busy continuing making the pancakes. Nozumu ended up cleaning the kitchen, alone. He kept grumbling why he is the only one cleaning up the place; he glared at Akira constantly and cursed him under his breath.

When Akira finished making the pancakes and the dishes were washed, he sat down with Mahiru to enjoy the pancakes. Nozumu joined them after he threw all the broken dishes away.

At 6:30, Mahiru went up her room to change. She came down in another much mature outfit. This time she was wearing a black Levis shirt and a checkered skirt that reached her knees. She had a cap on head and a mini bag hanging on her shoulder. Her hair was combed nicely. And a hair pin was clipped on, a hair pin no one in the house saw before.

It's a cute hair pin, purple in color with sakura flower on it.

'Where are you going?' Nozumu asked.

'Umm.., to the shopping mall with a few friends' Mahiru stammered, blushing a little.

Nozumu could tell she is lying, but why?

'Can Mr. Bat not follow me this time?' Mahiru asked all a sudden.

'Hmm? Ok, Sure. Have a good time, Mahiru' Nozumu said.

'Thanks. Bye guys' Mahiru wore her shoes and waved them good bye. She walked away from the bar, 'The Moonshine' she worked at as a waitress.

As she went off not long, Nozumu turned to the bat hanging on the ceiling sleeping.

'Wake up' he ordered the bat. 'Follow Mahiru without her knowing'

The bat flew off as the master ordered.

'But I thought she didn't want Mr. Bat to follow her' Akira asked.

'She is lying'


'She is not going to see her friends'


'Somebody else. She doesn't dressed up that way if she really going out with her friends'

'What!! You got to be kidding!!' Akira shouted.

'Softer down your voice. She seemed like she doesn't want us to know something' Nozumu glared at Akira.

'But.. But why did she do that?? I thought she trusted us..' Akira asked sadly.

'That's why I sent Mr. Bat with her' Nozumu replied 'and don't let the others know yet.'

Akira just nodded his head sadly.


After Mahiru came back, she took a quick shower and helped the others. Then by midnight, they closed down the bar and everybody went to sleep. And the day is finally over.

And they leaved happily ever after.


Yeah right!! You think I forget to tell you what Mahiru is up to. Especially Mitsuru?! Think again!! He's my favorite character, so no way I will never forget him!! Sorry for my sudden rudeness. All I'm trying to say is, I'm lazy to continue the story and I have a bunch of homework waiting for me. So wait for the next chap, ok?? So sorry for the lousy ending in this chapter.