I'm so so so sorry, but you have to read this lousy note from the ditz of the Little Secret's author. I'm currently stuck in a sticky situation :( After I finished my exam and came back from holiday [all the excuses for not updating], I went to re-read the Mikan no Tsuki aka Crescent Moon manga. I found out I had messed up a lot of things!! Why had no one told me? I just I must be hopeless...

1) There are 7 teardrops of the moon?! Agh! I thought there are 5! And moreover, the 2nd teardrop had recovered its power...

2) Secondly, Ru-ru can only talk to Mit-mit (you know, the brain and heart talk thingy that the rest can't hear) when she's holding the teardrops.

3) Misoka's aunt [what's her name again?], is not dead! I thought she died, you know, the part when she consumed the 7th teardrop. I thought she was killed off!! O_o

4) The Dawn Venus had actually stopped hunting the lunar race! Or so it seem, when the part the princess of the right minister [if I'm correct], explained to them. The Dawn Venus seems to understand? But I don't know. Is there anyone who can help me to confirm this?

5) The police were actually there since the first volume to the last! I thought they stopped at volume 2, where they killed Mit-mit... [A/N: DON'T DIE AGAIN MIT-MIT!]

6) Misoka got his power back?! Since when? Agh! Depress~

Of course there are more mistake than that... But i just can't remember -.- It's been a long time since i last read it [excuses]. 3 years perhaps? So i have a few choices now:

a) Re-write again.

b) Continue with whatever had happened and the way I thought it was.

c) Cry and then die [basically means give up].

Anyways I would like to thank the reviewers and all supporters.

Xxgabigailxx: Thanks so much for your reviews. I apologized for my lousy and draggy description. Blame my teacher and her 3Es: Explain, Elaborate, Exaggerate [Dear readers, don't be like the lousy girl here who blames everything on someone else]. Anyway, what color is Mit-mit's hair? It looked greenish with a stroke of white fringe on the cover of the 1st volume, but I'm not sure. And also, I apologized that I confused everything. Mit-mit told Ru-ru that she was bleeding. That's all, lame huh? Bash me if you want, I deserved it. But in my messy mind, Mit-mit shouldn't have notice the cut in the first place. If he tell her, thing would seem weird and all, wouldn't it? Umm... *suddenly feel uncertain*

Yuri no Kimi: Thanks so much for your reviews. Sorry but I wouldn't be updating soon, you know why. The way I write is horrible! Yours is so much way awesomer than mine! You should go and ask around! I bet people will say yours is like a trizillions times better than mine! Though I'm glad you like the story :) I'll try to continue, if I manage to clear things up... And don't sweat; I'll support you to the fullest!

So that's it, I know I should have re-read before writing but yeah. What's done is done. Thanks to all supporters and wish me the best to get back to the story!