Ginny Weasley

Chapter 1)

I snapped my head away from the people around me. My eyes burned, and I was fighting back tears. My big brother, the silly, joking, loving brother, was gone. He was never coming back. And now, as I watched his casket float down the aisle, I curled into Harry's arms, too upset to move. He rubbed my shoulder, soothingly, but it didn't help. I was sure that, right now, nothing could. He still tried. But I had to remember that Harry was upset, too. He had been great friends with Fred...

The tears were coming again. I tried to choke back a sob, completely unsuccessful. I attempted to take deep breaths, to calm myself down. Again, unsuccessful. My breaths were uneven and shaky. Harry leaned in and kissed my forehead, pulling a red-gold lock of my hair behind my ear. I grabbed his hand, squeezing it gently. I wanted this day to end. I didn't want to remember Fred like this. He was a fun-loving, mischievous, kind person. NOT a dead person in some old coffin.

That was when I saw George. Fred's twin brother. His eyes were at the ground. I could see the pain on his face. I felt all his pain. I knew how scary it was to lose a brother, but your twin? I wouldn't be able to stand it.

He looked up at the front of the aisle, in front of Fred's casket. A woman with burnt orange hair coughed, her mascara streaked down her cheeks. Though she appeared distraught and un-put-together, I (quite obviously) recognized her as my mother. Mum had prepared a speech, but I wondered if she could pull herself together enough to say it aloud. She cleared her throat and rubbed tears off her neck. I listened as she made her effort to begin.

"Wel-come. Every. One. T-th-thank y-y-you for c-com-ming. Fred was-" She choked on his name. "F-fred was a truly amazing...ah... amazing son. H-he w-w-as creative and j-just per... perfect. I know w-what an impact he had on our f-f-f-family." She broke down on family. She sat down and rubbed her fingers along the casket. "S-s-sorry," was all she managed.

I stood up. Harry gently grabbed my arm, as if to question my choice, but let go. I gave him a weak, thanking smile. I took slow, heavy steps toward my mother. When I reached her, (and boy, did it feel like forever) I took her hand. My dad stood behind her, his arm on her shoulder.

"It's alright, Molly. It's all right. You're alright..." I heard Dad mumble. I looked at him and started to sob. He reached out his free hand and hugged me. "Shall we continue our speech, Moll?" She nodded, reluctantly. She picked up her paper, now with salty water splotches on it.

"I...I...I'm s-s-sorry. I was s-saying how w-wonderful our F-f-f-fr-fr-fred was. I hope that, where. ever. that he is h-h-happy. We love him. Thank you." She sat back in her seat between Dad and Charlie, my brother. I took my seat again, and I buried my face in Harry's chest. He held me, letting me cry, as I wanted.

I just wished Fred could be happy, maybe with George again, somehow. I loved my big brother so much. He was everything. He was half of "Fred and George." Only half was left, and our family missed him terribly. I didn't move until the ceremony.

I had fallen asleep, crying in Harry's arms. He carried me back to the Burrow. I awoke in the middle of the night, apparently screaming about Fred. That made me even more upset, as it hurt my mum to see me so sad. I didn't sleep anymore. All the while, Harry sat with me, also unable to drift asleep.

My First Story.