A/N: Welcome to "Skit Player-V2". I've started this because this section has no proper skit story. I have the blessings of Twilight Scribe (Famous for 'Z-Skit Theater', from the ToS section), originator of the sktific, and will be using her format for my skits. Now then, I present to you my first skit.

Conditions: This skit plays if you've completed Secret Mission 1. (Prevent Zagi from attacking Estelle frequently.)

Who's Who: Estelle is Normal, Yuri is Bold

The Art of Chivalry

That was a tough battle.

Yes, it was.

That Zagi character kept coming after me. It was scary.

Be grateful I was here to protect you. Otherwise, you would've been killed.

Yes, I am. Unlike Zagi, you're quite chivalrous, Yuri.

Me, chivalrous? You must be joking.

You are, Yuri! You've been kind and courteous to me and you've protected me as well; you're the epitome of a chivalrous knight.

Flynn's more chivalrous than I'll ever be.

That's not true! You have the heart of a Chivalrous Knight!

(Sweatdrop) If you say so…

Yuri has earned the title "Chivalrous Knight": A man who protects his lady from harm, or so she says.

A/N: That's the first one! I hope you enjoy! And, please, feel free to submit ideas for skits!