Conditions: This plays if Repede has been Petrified (turned to stone) and hasn't be cured in battle.

Who's Who: Yuri is Normal, Raven is Bold, Karol is Italics.

Back-Breaking Labor

Hah… Hah…

What's the matter, old man? Don't tell me you're tired already.

You try luggin' this stone pooch around for a while and tell me you're not tired.

Come on, Raven; Repede's not that heavy.

Normally, he might not be, but stone's a helluva lot heavier than flesh and bone.

Come on, old man; use that energy you use to complain into carrying Repede.

If you're that confident, why don't you give it a go?

No thanks; I'm just enjoying the view.

Tell ya what, Raven, I'll carry him; I'm used to hauling heavy stuff all the time.

Karol, you sure you can do it? Repede's as big as you.

It's okay, Yuri. I know what I'm capable of.

THANK YOU! (hands Repede off)

Heh, Repede's lighter than I thought; in fact, he's lighter than some of my weapons. (walks off)

Old man, you've been outdone by the Captain. Shameful. (smirks)

Outdone by the youngins' again? Is there no justice in this world?

A/N: Poor Raven. And one would think that Karol is fairly strong, right?