Warning: This is utter crack and shouldn't be taken seriously by all means. Also there are mentions of sex but nothing smutty is happening, so if you don't want to read this kind of stuff, you're warned.


Sense of smell


Karin's tracking abilities were well known to everyone in her team, it was obviously the reason why she was added to the team in the first place, Sasuke had needed her to track down his foe, after all.

But it was less well known that Karin's ability went even further than that...

Actually nobody other than herself knew that she had this special ability...

Karin's nose also had the ability to sense potent males, well endowed and capable men.

It was a special... perk that she prided herself in; it was after all, the reason why she liked Sasuke.

Sasuke was very, very manly and she didn't even have to check!

She avoided Suigetsu... well because Suigetsu had no such thing as a penis in the first place! Although she knew that if needed, he could grow himself the biggest assets imaginable...

Oh god, were her cheeks flushing?

No way! She was a woman; she didn't get flustered by pondering about male anatomy!

And there was Jugo, oh well, he was in the very good list, too bad that without using his curse-seal, he was as impotent as a child.

She sighed, last night she had failed another attempt at ravaging Sasuke in his sleep, god was he obstinate! Did he want to die a virgin or what?

And so she walked into the nearest pub; Sasuke had been so nice to give them a little time off before continuing their search.

The pub reeked of testosterone, her senses were over-sensitized and on every corner in every nook awaited a little sexually-potent treasure, too bad most of them looked scrawny and fat and drunk.

She sat down at the bar, ordering their hardest liquor and with a sigh, she thought about her next plan to seduce Sasuke...

She would even go so far as shackle him and rape him, who cares about morals or consensual sex?


Not her at least.

She glanced around, her nose was tickling, alerting her of manly, manly assets.

And just right in front of her nose, stood a boy – or was it a girl maybe – dark blue eyes narrowed and blonde hair flowing about a decidedly Adonis-worthy face.

"Nice shorts, yeah." The guy's quirky accent made her eyes narrow, the guy didn't seem to be very potent, he was slender, not very muscular and his hair was longer than hers...

Probably gay, she thought bitterly, almost releasing a frustrated huff.

But her nose never lied, and it told her that this man was very capable.

She gulped the rest of her drink down in one swig and blinked at the blonde.

"You're hot, yeah." The guy said bluntly, taking a strand of her carmine locks and twirling it around his index.

She eyed his hand with a raised brow and nearly gasped when a tongue, yes a tongue, came out of his palm and licked the tips of her hair.

And in Karin's corrupted, sex-crazed, perverted mind, it only gave her one thought to think of.


And she voiced it "So, what can you do with... those hands?"

The man raised both his hands towards her and grinned, so did the mouths in his palms.

"What do you think, yeah?"

She smirked slyly and stood up "Let's go to your place and I'll tell you what I think..."


A/N: OH MY GOD, I WROTE A DEIKARIN FIC!!! I thought about it for a long, long time actually and uh yeah... Also I like Karin's kinkiness, she's probably a pervert, like all of us fanfiction readers :O