In the end, it wasn't love that did Voldemort in.

It was guilt.

Harry had slaved long and hard in the dungeons with Severus Snape, putting all of his considerable skill into learning Occlumency. Though it was far from easy, he mastered it. And then he nagged the indomitable Potions Master into teaching him Leglimency, as well.

Harry, when he put his mind to it, was quite persuasive.

It was harder than he expected, learning to read minds, but Harry had a plan, and it involved both skills. So he learned. And by his next nightmare-vision of Voldemort, he was ready.

He watched through the Dark Lord's eyes as Death Eaters brought several muggles before him, and through the connection between their minds, sent a light wave of guilt and doubt as he killed them. The foreign emotions weren't strong enough that Voldemort would suspect anything, but enough to be felt.

He did the same the next night, as Voldemort Crucio'd an errant follower, making the guilt slightly more potent. He did the same every night, and after the space of several months, he was shocked to find that some of the guilt in the Dark Lord's mind came from Voldemort himself. Encouraged, the Boy-Who-Lived continued his far-fetched plot. Severus Snape mentioned at one of the Order meetings soon after that his master had been more lenient and merciful lately, which was shocking to all that knew him. Harry smirked triumphantly at this.

The light side did not hesitate in their efforts against their nemesis, waging all-out war with the Death Eaters, and neither did Harry slacken in his own battlefront in Voldemort's mind. Night and day, guilt—both Harry-inspired and natural—tormented the Dark Lord. He couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't hex, couldn't cast Avada Kedavra. He was falling to pieces. Harry began to expect that something would happen soon. Tom couldn't continue the way things were going. He was slowly being driven insane.

So when it happened, Harry wasn't shocked. Not really.

Everyone else was.

Voldemort fought his way into the Ministry, all the way to the Minister's office—and turned himself in.

Terrified Aurors escorted the dark wizard down to the cells, and a frantic trial was held. After much deliberation, Voldemort was sentenced to be Kissed. The Dark Lord mad e no protest, raving something along the lines of "I don't care! I deserve it for killing all those Mudbloods—I mean, Muggleborns." He sat rocking in his cell until the dementors came and Kissed him, sucking all the little bits of Horcrux soul out through him, which sounds disgusting, but it really wasn't much worse than a normal Kissing…which is bad enough on it's own.

And as simply as that, the Darkest wizard Europe had seen in a century was gone.

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