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"Bed!" I screamed. Ok, I could handle Erasers, I could handle Flyboys, and I can even tolerate Jeb at certain times. But this, this was ridiculous!

Gazzy stopped bouncing on the couch and frowned, "But," he protested, "it's not even 8:30 yet! And it's Saturday, Max!"

"NO," I said firmly, "You are all being way too wild and I've had enough! Gazzy, get off the couch. Iggy, you put that match away right this second. Angel, stop braiding Fang's hair," Fang gave me a look of pure thankfulness, "Nudge, no more Gossip Girl for tonight, you've watched enough. Total, get, off, the ,couch. And Fang…just stop whatever the hell you're doing because it's driving me insane!"

Fang smirked, "You mean not doing anything?" he asked me.

I pointed down the hallway to the stairs, "You too, Mr. Funnypants. March." I watch my flock groan and shuffle upstairs, Iggy muttering something about how unfair life is. Boy, he had no idea.

Max, they're still just kids, go easy on them. Oh, great, because I was really hoping the Voice would give me some wonderful advice.

Shut up, Jeb. I shot back.

I'm just asking you to loosen up a bit. You're a good mother in most ways, but you sometimes expect too much out of them. They can't all act mature.

I sighed. Ok, so I'm being a little tense—

Very tense…

Fine, I'll loosen up, happy now?

There was no reply. Figures. I threw myself on my bed and buried my face in my pillow, the sweet music of silence filling my ears. How long would it take for these guys to finally grow up?

You want us to grow up?

Angel, sweetie, stay out of my thoughts please.

Ok…hey Max?


Have you ever wished you could visit other people's dreams?

Uh, not particularly, except for once when Iggy bit me when he was asleep…why?

Angel didn't respond, but I swear I felt her grin in her little demonic way….Visit people's dreams? What the heck was she talking about? I pushed the thought away and pulled the blanket over my head, watching the world slowly fade to darkness…


"Hello?" I called out, "What's going on? Where am I?" I looked up and saw Angel staring down at me, smiling.

"Hi, Max! Are you ready to dream hop?" she chirped, extending her wings.

"D-Dream hop?" I echoed, "What's that?"

She giggled and flew off into the complete white emptiness that surrounded us, "You'll see," she laughed, disappearing.

I didn't like the way she said that. Cautiously I stood up and started walking, taking note of everything I came to. Whiteness, whiteness, oh look, more whiteness. This is almost as bad as Antartica was!

Suddenly a shadow fell over me. I looked up at two ominous looking black doors with big blue letters across them reading 'Iggy'. Iggy? Since when does Iggy have a giant door erected in his honor? I leaned forward and knocked gently. With a huge grinding moan, the doors parted and I felt myself drawn in…


The first thing I saw was, well, me. I tapped on the large mirror and it opened, like a door. Note to self, stop knocking on strange doors. But the empty dark hallway was just soooo tempting, I had to look. "Iggy?" I whispered, stepping in, "Hey, Ig, you in here?"

The door slammed behind me, cutting off all light. Suddenly, little flashing lights, almost like fireflies, lit up and danced around the darkness, lighting bits and pieces of the room. Then there were hundreds of them, just like that. It was official, this was weird.

"Max," Iggy's voice pierced the silence, "What are you doing here?"

Light flooded the room and I saw for the first time it was filled with mirrors. Iggy was standing in the mist of them, a little box in his hand.

"What am I doing?" I asked surprised, "What are you doing here? I-Is this your dream by any chance?"

He nodded, "Yeah, so how'd you—" he frowned, "Angel taught you how to dream hop, didn't she?" I nodded and he groaned, 'Aw, MAN. Why she do that? Next thing you know she'll teach Gazzy to do it! And God forbid she'd do a stupid thing like that."

So she hadn't been lying, you really could dream hop. This was an opportunity I just couldn't ignore… "Hey, Ig. If you don't mind my asking…what's with all the mirrors?"

His face turned into a malicious grin, "Wanna see?" he asked wickedly. He opened the box and pulled out—surprise surprise—a match. Leaning down he lit a small little wick popping out of the ground. I held my breath. Over the years you lean that Iggy+a match+that evil face=absolute trouble.


Hey, I was right.

"Isn't this great!" Iggy yelled over the sound of raining glass, "Have you ever seen a more beautiful sight than a cascade of broken mirrors?"

"Yes," I yelled back, covering my head, "Many times, countless times, more times than I could name right now. Now how the heck do I get out of here?"

He pointed to through the maze of mirrors, "That way. Walk until you see the door marked 'Fang'. He'll be waiting."

As I ran towards the door I saw all the shards of glass magically fly up and put themselves back together, starting the whole process all over again. Oh my God, that child was insane. I swear, if he ever—

Smack. Oh, here's the door.

Hmmm, Fang's dream, Mr. Dark-doom-and-destruction. This ought to be good.

Be careful, Max, you may see certain things you'll regret seeing later…

I'll be careful. Wait, things I may regret seeing…I hesitated. It was no secret that Fang had feelings for me, just some feelings, nothing major. Right?...R-Right? I pushed open the door, praying Angel was wrong.

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