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Iggy's jaw dropped, "Oh God, Angel, where have you brought us?" he asked dumfounded.

"I have never seen so much raw meat in my life!" Gazzy exploded, "That's like, a trillion pounds of solid beef!" Slight exaggeration, but pretty darn close.

I squatted down next to Angel, "Sweetie, where are we?" I asked her. She smiled and skipped further away into the…the…I think it's a meat factory.

"Com'n!" she giggled, "I can't wait to see your faces when you leave the dream world!"

No one budged. We all looked at each other worriedly.

"See ya'" Iggy said quickly, turning to run in the other direction of Angel. I grabbed his shirt collar and dragged him along. "No!" he whimpered, "Aw, Max! I don't wanna wake up! I have a really bad feeling about what she's gonna scare me with!"

"Me too!" The Gasman agreed, walking nervously behind Nudge for protection, "Remember what she did to wake Fang up that one time? And she took the hose and a bucket of Total's dog food and—"

Iggy broke out of my grip and ran full speed to look for a safe place from Angel's wickedness. I don't have the heart to tell him that the last time I checked that place doesn't exist. But it can't hurt to look again.

"Aw, I'm not scared," Nudge laughed, "Angel wouldn't do anything like that to me! I mean, seriously, she's my best friend! And besides, I rarely ever get scared. I'm like, not scarable!"

Gazzy tapped on her shoulder, "What about when we had that mouse in the kitchen, and you—" Nudge put her hand over his mouth.

"Well, you were screaming too!" she protested, "And besides, mice don't count."

I glanced over at one of the butchering machines, "What about shredded cows? Do they count?" I asked, pointing to the half chopped, very bloody, sickening bovine lying on a table nearby (A/N my best friend suggested the dead cow idea, cuz I had no idea what to scare Nudge with). Nudge screamed bloody murder and was gone in a pink puff of smoke. Angel turned around and frowned.

"Dang, I wanted to be the one to wake her up. Oh well, that was pretty funny anyway."

Gazzy and I did not know what to say (A/N that's from the Cat in the Hat, btw), so we kept walking behind Angel deeper into the mass of metal machines. I heard something move.

"Maximum?" someone said behind me, "Good God, what are you doing here?" I spun around and saw a dark haired boy about my age staring at me in disbelief. Angel's face lit up.

"TOTAL!" she yelled, running into his human (yes, human) arms, "I've been looking for you! How are you?"

I smiled and watched Total (whose human form actually wasn't too bad looking) and Angel talked excitedly for a minute. Apparently, this is what Total dreams about. Poor thing wants to be a human and live a normal life.

Hey, so do I!

"So, what are you all doing in my dream?" Total asked.

Angel was quick to explain everything. "So, can you help me wake them up?" she pleaded. Total nodded, "Good," Angel said clapping her hands together, "Now we just need Iggy. IGGY GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!"

Iggy was suddenly standing in front of me, his face twisted in horror, "H-How did you do that?!" he stammered.

Angel grinned, "That's my secret," she winked.

"So, what are you gonna do to scare me?" he asked, "Nothing with the hose and a bucket of dog food," he shuddered, "Right?

She patted him fondly on the back, "There there, Igster. Not like that. It's short, sweet and simple. Watch," she turned to Total, "Why don't you show them your back?" she asked sweetly.

Total turned around and I noticed two slits cut in the back of his shirt. Wait a sec…

Two beautiful black wings unfurled. "Look!" he exclaimed, "Now I can fly with you guys all the time!"

Iggy and Gazzy were gone.

Total looked sad, "Oh, sorry," he whispered. Angel wiped tears away from her eyes, barely breathing she was laughing so hard.

"Com'n," she giggled, grabbing my hand, "I didn't think you'd be scared of that," hell no, "I've got something special in store for you."

"Special?" I asked, unsure if I wanted to follow her. But I knew I had to wake up at some point, better to just get it over with.

We waved goodbye to Total and jumped through a very familiar black door. I have a baaaaaaad feeling about this…


We were in a room, a room I couldn't have cared less to be i...if I hadn't been there to scare myself out of sleep. I closed my eyes. "Angel," I squeaked, "why are we in Fang's dream?"

Fang stirred in his bed and rolled over, his eyes fluttering open. I glanced down and saw his shirt lying on the floor. I didn't see his pants, and I really hope he was wearing them. He sat up and focused on me like he didn't know who I was.

Then it hit him.

"SHIT!" he screamed, pulling the covers over his bare chest, "What the?! What are you…how did you…WHA?!"

Next to him a girl lifted her head off her pillow, "Fangy," a dream form of me groaned, "What's wrong? Why the hell are you scre—" her eyes rested on me and she yelped.

I screamed.

Fang screamed.

Dream Max screamed.

Angel laughed.

Everything went dark…


I was swimming in a sea of nothing. I felt so light, so warm. Someone was calling my name. I tried to answer, but found I couldn't. Their voice got louder, louder, louder…

"MAXIMUM RIDE!" Jeb practically screamed.

I bolted upright and smacked into Jeb's head, who had been leaning over me. He grabbed his head and moaned. Gazzy and Iggy started laughing. Nudge wacked them both on the head and Angel and Ella ran to get ice. Fang just stood in the doorway watching it all, a small smile on his face. Total jumped up on my bed.

"Good God, Max," he breathed, "Are you alright? You were screaming!"

"I-I was?" asked, rubbing my eyes. Everyone nodded.

My mom took my face in her hands, "Were you having a nightmare?" she asked worriedly. I nodded, she had no idea. She hugged me, "So, are you alright?" I nodded again. She brushed hair out of my face, "Ok, I'm going back down stairs. Don't scare me like that, please." She kissed my forehead and left. I looked over at all the others.

"You would not believe the dreams I had last night," I sighed, rubbing my head.

I saw out of the corner of my eye Fang's smile widen.

Iggy sat on my bed, "Do tell," he said leisurely, "No, wait, let me guess! You dreamed Angel taught you to dream-hop and you visited everyone's dreams!"

I stared at him, "Wait that was real?"

Ella gave Jeb an ice-pack, "Yeah, did you like it?" she asked. I shrugged a bit. I'd seen a lot last night, good and bad. I can't say I'm itching to do it again.

"But," Jeb cut in, "There's really no need to tell your mom about it. I don't think she'd understand. The whole bird-children thing is still shocking to her." Yeah right, you just don't want my mom to know you're a pervert.

I am not! Jeb fought.

Are too! Angel invaded my mind You a dirty minded old man!

I'm not that old…

Yeah huh. You're so old, you dream about being young again.

You're just upset you can't read my mind.

Angel didn't respond to that, but I could hear her fuming. It was only a matter of time until she killed him. And honestly, I really wouldn't care.

"Well," Iggy said getting up, "I'm going to go make breakfast. Anyone want to help?" Gazzy's hand shot up, "…besides Gazzy?" Iggy added. Nudge and Ella volunteered and bounced downstairs, follow by The Gasman, who was pouting.

Total jumped down, "I don't know about you, but I'm going back to sleep," he yawned, leaving the room. Jeb and Angel left without saying anything; I guessed they were abstaining from a telepathic war.

That left me and Fang alone. Talk about awkward.

"So," he spoke up from his corner of the room, "What's up?"

I shook my head, "Just guess what I'm going to say, Fangy," I said through my teeth.

Fang winced, "Ok, I get it, I'm a sexist pig."

"No, you are THE sexist pig!" I hissed, "I can not believe you! You…you…" I just couldn't get the right words out, "Look, if I ever, EVER see anything like that again—"

"You won't," he cut in, "I promise. I'm sorry."

I slipped out of my bed and grabbed a sweatshirt, "Good," I grunted. It was going to be a long time before I got over this. I passed him and headed down the stairs, the smell of Iggy's cooking met me, making me forget everything for a second. Maybe I'd dream-hop again sometime. As long as I get to choose whose dreams I go to…


Fang groaned and fell on Max's bed, "Idiot!" he scolded himself, "Stupid, stupid, stupid…"

Trevor's head poked through the window, "Aw, don't be too hard on yourself," he nudged Fang's head up, "All girls are like that. It's not even realistic, the way they act sometimes!"

Fang rolled his eyes and petted Trevor's purple head, "Tell me about it…"


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And now for the teaser...

Title: Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Summery: The Flock has to watch Max's one-year-old cousin for a whole day. No problem. Piece of cake. How much trouble could one baby be?

Chapter 1:

"Who's Aunt Ginny?" I whispered to Ella.

"Our Aunt on Mom's side, she lives not too far from here. About an hour, if you don't hit traffic," she answered.

Iggy groaned, "Why can't his dad do it?" he was asking my mom, "Can't he take one day off from work?"

Mom shook her head and threw a few last minute things in her purse, "Because," she told him, "Anytime he has off, he's going to be with his wife. Now," she handed me a paper, "Here's a list of numbers for emergencies only. I'll be back tomorrow night. If you need any help, you can call Jeb." Like that's gonna happen.

We walked her to the door and waved goodbye until her car was out of sight. It was just my luck my Aunt would have a baby and need help on a Friday. And to make it all the better, we get to watch her son until Sunday morning! Oh joy! What fun!

Fang looked at the clock, "Ok," he announced, "Exactly 9 hours till the little guy gets here. I don't know 'bout you guys, but I'm gonna go enjoy my precious hours with a 6 bags of Doritos and I Am Ledgend." (-A/N THAT IS A WICKEDLY AWESOME MOVIE!)

Iggy, Nudge and Ella joined him, but I sent Gazzy and Angel (after much protest) to bed. Total was already dead asleep on Angel's bed.

6 hours. 6 hours until I'm stuck with a one-year-old for a whole day. I stole a chip from Fang's horde.

Thank God the kid's already potty-trained.

It might change, if I feel like re-writing it. If I can, I'll post the whole first chapter tomorrow. I hope you all R&R it!


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