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Hello, it's me again with another fanfic. This story changes POV. It's usually between Raven and Beastboy but there is some regular POV too. So I hope you enjoy. This took a long time to put it together. In the first three chapters they change ages too. In this one they're around the ages of five and six.

Now that that's done, on with the story!

Chapter 1:

Meeting for the First Time


I like to color. A little blue… let's add some purple. Oh! Some green. Lots and lots of green.

"Hey Raben! Whad are you drawin'?" Victor asks.

"A forest," I said back, with a smile, "What aboud you?"

"A thandwich. I'm hungry," he said, letting his face drop.

"Victor," I chuckle, "You're always hungry.

Laughing back, he said, "I know. But I'm a growin' boy. I need to eat."

"Hey Victor!" I hear an annoying voice call.

I turn to see Roy with that annoying smirk on his freckled- covered face.

"Do you rust when it rains? My dad says metal rusts and it gets all nasty. So do you?" he teases.

"No, I don'd ged all ruthdy," Victor said in response.

"Then, what's that brown stuff on your "foot"?" Roy said as he pointed to Victor's foot.

Victor looks down. There was a bit of brown, crusty stuff on his foot. Victor's eyes welled up with tears, "I need t-to ged my legth fithed. T-Thad'th all."

Roy and the group began to point and laugh at him. They cracked jokes and said cruel words about metal leg. And it made me mad. No messes with my big brother.

I get up and walk up to Roy, "Hey! Doo-doo head! Leave him alone!"

Roy and his group laughs some more, "Aha ha! You got's a girl standing up for you! A little girl! Not only do you rust but a girl fights for you!"

Victor starts to cry some more, making me madder. I grabbed Roy by the shirt, "Do you remember the last time you made me mad?"

He nodded, fearfully.

"Do you want to repeat that? Or better yet…how about I kiss you instead?"

Roy really got scared and wiggles like a worm to get away. This made me feel good again.

"Leave Victor alone or I'll kiss you!" I said. Roy squirms even more. I feel even better. I push him down and stand my ground, smirking down upon him. "Now go away or I will give you all cooties!" I yell, proudly.

All the guys gasp and run away to their seats. Yes, it's good to be a girl and be feared by all the boys.

"You okay, Victor?" I ask turning to him.

"Yeth. Thank you, Raben," he said.

I nod, "That's what I do."

I have been protecting him and my other friend, Richard since the day they showed up. They were being made fun of because of how they looked.

Victor had been in an accident and he lost his arm and a leg. He also, lost his mom. They gave him a new arm and leg made metal. He also has a really bad lisp.

Richard is the one who was closer to being normal one. He has one blue eye and one brown one. He is very myst-mysterious and very serious. He likes to be alone a lot too. He's made fun of because of his strange ways.

As for me, I have really pale skin, purple eyes and natural purple hair. I have a thingy called a ch-chakra in the middle of my forehead. I fight boys and I'm a girl who has "cooties." And I'm made fun of but I make them pay for it.

"Okay kids! Today we have a new student. Everybody meet Garfield."

Oh boy. Here we go again…

No…I don't want anyone to see me. I grab and hold onto the teacher's leg and I hide behind her skirt.

"Oh! He's just a little shy. Come on out, Garfield," she said.

I shake my head "no." I'm not going out there. What if they make fun of me?

"Garfield, come on. It's okay," she says.

My lip gets all shaky. I can't hide here forever. Okay…here I go.

I step from behind her, letting me be seen.

"See, that wasn't so bad," she said. But then, the class started to laugh.

"Look at dat kid! Aha!"

"He's green! Ha, ha, ha!"

I hid back behind the teacher as she asked them to be quiet.

"Hey! Leave him alone! And be quiet of I'll kiss each and every one of you boys and I'll hit all of you girl!" a girl with purple hair yelled. The entire class went quiet and stopped.

She must be a bully.

"Thank you, sweetie but no fighting or hitting. That's bad. Now sit down," the teacher said to the girl, "Garfield, why don't you sit over there for right now."

She pointed to a seat at an empty table in the corner. Thank God…

"Okay class, we're going to go over our-."


"Oh, I guess it's recess time. Let's go outside, class!"

The teacher turned to see me there. Only me. I sigh and got up to go outside.


"One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, shut the door…" I sang as I jumped, "Faster!"

"You thure Raben?" Victor asks.

I nod my head, "Yes."

"Otay…here we go," he said as he signaled to our friend Donna to turn faster.

"One, Two buckle my shoe. Three, four, shut the door. Five, six, pick up sticks-."

"Raven, Raven!" Richard called.

I turned to face him while still jumping, "Yeah?"

"Roy and 'dem are picking on that green new kid!" Richard said.

I stopped jumping, "Where are they?"

"Follow me!" he said as he started to run.

I ran behind him, across the playground and into the field. And there they were – pushing the poor kid around. I got really angry at them and ran towards them.

"Hey! Didn't I say to leave him alone?" I yell, angrily.

"Why don't you get out of here, girly?" Roy said, letting the boy go.

"Girly?" I said before I jump on him and hit over and over again. He started to cry and yell for help. "Look who's girly now," I smile, proudly.

I get off him and I look at everyone else. They all jumped. Ha, ha…scaredy cats.

"Listen up! You will leave him, Victor, and Richard alone! If you do udder wise then you will answer to me and my fist! Got it?"

The kids nods all scared like and ran off. I watch them run until I couldn't see them anymore. I turn to look at the new kid but he was gone.

Please don't find me. Please don't find me.

My heart is beating so loud. She might hit me. She's so scary, she scares the udder bullies. If I just sit here in this bush really quiet maybe she won't find me.


Oh no…please don't let it be her. I start to cry. I'm going to get bead up! I want my Mommy!

"Hey," she says as she comes through the bush, "Are you okay?"

Why does she sound so nice?

"There's nothing for you to worry about anymore. I scared dose losers away. They'll leave you alone as long as I'm here," she said as she sat down.

"B-but," I start, "Aren't you a bully?"

I curl up waiting to get hit but I wasn't.

She just chuckles and says, "No, silly. I just bead up the udder bullies and help out the kids who they think looks funny. Trust me, I won't hurt you like I hurt them."


"'Cause you're my friend, right?"


"Yeah, friend."

"You- you want to be my friend?"



"Because you look like you need one and plus…"

She reaches up and plays with my green hair a bit, "You look cool."

"…" I say.

"So…are we friends?"

"…I don't know your name."

"Rachael Angelina Roth. Call me Raven. And you?"

"Garfield Mark Logan. Call me Gar."

"Nice to meet you, Gar."

"Nice to meet you, Raven."

We shook hands, smiling at each other. Dis girl isn't scary at all. She's really nice.

"So are we friends now?" she asks, letting go of my hand.

I smile wider and nod my head, "Yes!"

"Good, 'cause I want you to meet my udder friends," she said as she started to climb out the bush, "Follow me."

I climb out of the bush and I see her standing, waiting for me.

"Come on!" she said with a smile and started to run.

I ran after her, trying not to lose her. I might run into the udder bullies again. Soon, we got to the black top and we stopped.

"Okay, Gar, I'd like you to meet my friends Victor," she pointed to the brown boy.

"Donna," she pointed to the girl with black hair and really big blue eyes.

"And Richard," she pointed to the blue and brown eyed boy, "Guys, this is Gar."

They all said, "Hi," to me and smiled. I did the same back.

"Hey, do you want to play basketball?" the black haired girl asks.

Before I can say anything, Raven grabs my hand and pulls me over to the court.

"Hey, waid... we thtill haf to pick teamth!" Victor calls as he gets to the court, "Me and Rich are team leaderth! And I call Gar!"

"I choose Raven!"

"Over here, Donna!"

"Hey! You gots more players!"

"Yeah, but you got Raben!"

"…Fair enough. Let's play!"

We play basketball for the rest of recess and when we went inside, I sat with them too. And just like Raven promised, she didn't hurt me and no one made fun of me. I finally made friends…friends I can relate too. They are all dif-different jusd like me. But…no matter how close to normal she is. I think she relates to me the most. She's not scary…she jusd has some really sharp edges. I think, she'll be my best friend.

A/N: New story. Hoped you enjoyed. Sorry about the really bad grammatical errors but they are around the age of five and it's through they're point of view so it's expected. They're around eight or nine years old next chapter. And don't you just love Vic's lisp? I know I do! Um...I will update just about every Monday (not this Monday but Mondays) unless I say otherwise. So check in, then. Well, that's all for now…review! Peace!

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