Eds Nightmares

A collection of miserable/horrible dreams for Ed. They're all very short, but whatever. I'll update more often than with my other stories, since i already have a lot written for this. Here's the first one.

Nightmare number one


Ed looked down at his right hand, realizing that it was made of flesh and blood again. He was astonished at first, but then his face broke into a huge grin. He had his body back! Does this mean Al is back, too? He looked around the huge white space that he was in and called out his brother's name.

"I'm over here." Al's voice came from behind. Ed twirled around, but his smile faltered as he came face to face with not a grinning human boy, but an emotionless suit of armor.

"W-what?" Ed asked. He stumbled backwards from shock. "How come I'm back to normal...But you aren't?" He stared at his brother, deeply confused and afraid.

"Don't worry about me, brother. I'm happy for you! You finally got your arm and leg back! Just enjoy it. Forget about me."

"Al, you know I can't do that! Isn't there some way to return you to normal, too? Please, tell me! I'll do anything!" Ed pleaded desperately.

"Well...There is one thing that is equal to me regaining my body. But I'm not sure if you're willing to pay the price..."

"Of course I am! I'll do anything to get you back, Al! What's the price?"

"Your heart." Before Ed could make another sound, Al's metal hand plunged into his chest and pulled out his brother's still beating heart, blood staining the pure white that surrounded them. Ed fell backwards, stunned by what had just happened. The last thing he saw before the world faded away into black was his brother, in the flesh, greedily devouring his heart.