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The Loss of Light

Some notes that you should know. First off Naruto is banished at the age of 13. At age 21 he comes back to Kohona. Naruto goes by the name Cloud and that will be explained in the story. Naruto goes through all the things in ff7 etc(i dont own ff7 either). Only sephiroth will show but thats all. He will refelect on the past though. Naruto looks like the Cloud from AC. This is my fanfic so play nice i will continue if and only if the reviews are good. :].


What was supposed to be an easy mission turned into a disaster. That mission brought everything down for me, my dreams, hopes, loves....everything. I was sucked into the darkness never to see the light that i used to have. It's hard to find the light once you lose it. This is my story.

Naruto age 13:

I ran as fast and as hard as i could to get back to Kohona." Shit, damn it was all setup", I said. I could feel my pursuers breathing down my neck. I was so tired from just fighting to escape. God was cursing me because I was only one that made it out, the rest of my team dead. As I ran I reflected about what happened and what went wrong.


"Do you 4 understand the mission", Tsunade said. We all repiled yes. If we were to botch up this mission, all of Kohona could go to war with the Sound. We were to meet with a group of sound nin and give our responce to the treaty that the two nations made. It was a simple mission. My teamates were all confident that nothing would go wrong....... yeah like that'll ever happen. The ninja i was going with were well trained so I knew I could trust them.

When we got to the meeting point, my stomach turned upside down. The people we were supposed to meet with, were slaughtered, every single one of them. Limbs, organs,etc were every where. Thats were it all went down. We were ambused, these men with guns and swords charged us from every angle. I was fighting off the attackers when i saw my conrade, Jess get cleaved into two. Ryu was lit up with a volley of bullets. Shaou was stabbed 4 times. Finally Tai took a bullet for me. He said," Naruto.... RUN.". I took that opprotunity and booked it.

End Flashback

I was so tired but i told my self, gotta keep going, Kohona is only a mile away. When i was almost there I saw that my purserers left me. I was thankful because I was first wounded and tired. A stray bullet hit me on my shoulder blade. I patched myself up and ran to Kohona to tell of the massacre that went down. The gate patrol saw a small figure heading towards the gate. They went up to it and looked and said,"Shit, is that Naruto. Oh no that means." His partner just sighed and said," I guess we're going to war". Medics met Naruto at the gate and brought him immediatly to the whole village was in turmoil, panicking about what happened and how they might go to war with another nation.

I woke up to a blinding light, and thought, crap still alive... now i have to go through interrogation about what happened on the mission. There was a note on Naruto's bedside saying, go to the Hokage's office. Naruto was in for one hell of a ride. When Naruto arrived at the office, Tsunade had already gone through her 5th bottle of sake. She said," The council wants to know what happened.". Then she yelled GET OUT NOW. Naruto knew she was pissed off.

When the council meeting took place, half of the village, including all of Team 7,8,9 etc. Naruto told what happened but the council leaders did not believe him, after all he was the only survivor. The council leaders decided that he should be exiled from the village. The village agreed except, Sakura, Tsunade, Lee, Kakashi, Tenten, Neji, Chouji, and all of his friends. They over ruled. Naruto knew that they couldn't defend him because he had no witnesses of what happened. The council thought he was a traitor and killed them all. Naruto walked out of the room with tearful eyes.

On the day Naruto was to be exiled, all of his friends were there. Naruto's lasts words were, I guess it can't be helped. This would have happened eventually, with me being the demon and all. He gave a pitiful chuckle. With that Naruto Uzamaki was no more. His dreams, hopes, and loves were lost with those words. Sakura just stood there saying," It's not fair. I don't know any more. First Saskue now Naruto."Before the gates closed Sakura ran up to Naruto and hugged him, crying into his chest saying," why i don't want to be alone,why, why." Naruto was first shocked and said the exact words Sasuke said,"Thank you." With that Naruto knocked out Sakura and gave her to Kakashi. That was the last time they saw the number 1 knuckle headed ninja.

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