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Challenge Word: Shudder


Sam left Bobby and headed for the front porch, trying to figure out how exactly he was going to word this. Dean wasn't going to like this – he wasn't going to like this AT ALL. The fastest way to get his brother to dig in his heels about anything was to give him orders.

The only person he'd ever obeyed without question was Dad, Sam thought gloomily, and now I've gotta be the bad guy and tell him only he can recite the counter-spell. He couldn't accidentally summon some little monster – oh noooo, not Dean…

When he reached the front door, the sight outside almost had him charging out to defend his older brother. The enormous head of Gojira was bowed so low to the house that he could've reached out and swallowed Dean whole.

What stopped Sam short were the sounds coming from both beast and man. Dean was speaking so softly, so very gently to the gigantic lizard, more like it was a beloved dog than a huge, fire-spewing dragon-like being.

"Good boy, nice fella, you like that, huh? Yeah, sure you do…" His voice trailed away into to a warm chuckle that made Sam's heart clench. He couldn't remember the last time he'd heard Dean laugh like that; so unguardedly, just enjoying life.

Sam leaned a little closer to the door and blinked; was his tough-as-nails brother actually scritching under Gojira's chin?

Of course he is, Sam thought, very nearly bursting into laughter at the utter absurdity of it all. Why else would it -um- he be purring? For that was the only thing he could think of to call the deep, rumbling sounds of contentment issuing from the beast. Granted, the sound was more like a semi revving up then like a relaxed cat, but purring it most surely was.

Sam took one step forward, and the creek from the floorboard sounded as loud as a gunshot. The eyes of the creature, shut tight with happiness as he enjoyed Dean's tender ministrations, snapped open and froze Sam where he stood. The purring continued, but as the golden eyes narrowed slightly, Sam fought the urge to shudder. He did NOT want to get on this powerful being's bad side. Besides the fact that he had reduced a demon to a black spot in the dirt, there was also the simple fact that Dean liked the huge animal.

And anyone (or anything) that could make Dean this happy, Sam decided, deserved his respect.

Dean turned around, gave his brother a big grin. "Hey, Sam! Finally decided to be a little more social? Well, c'mon out here! He's not gonna hurt you." He turned back to Gojira, gave him a pat on the snout. "That's Sam. He's the one I was talking about."

Why does that phrase make me so nervous? Sam wondered, as he opened the door.

More Author's Notes: My first sorta cliffhanger! Guess you'll have to wait for the next challenge word to find out what happens next, hee hee hee…