Come Back To Me

Summary: Set in New Moon. What if Bella jumped of the cliff, hit her head on a rock, and lost all of her memories? She doesn't remember anything or anyone, but just the fact that there is an Edward in her life, though she doesn't remember how he looks like, she knows his voice by heart. But what if Jacob, desperate to have Bella as his own, pretends to be Edward, despite the fact that Bella doesn't believe him? Alice gets a vision of what happened to Bella, but it wasn't clear enough for Jacob was interfering. Will Edward come back once he finds out what occurred to Bella? Will Jacob succeed in his plan pretending to be Edward to get Bella for himself? Will Bella ever find out that Jacob isn't Edward by finding the real "voice"?

Pairings: Same Same

Disclaimer: No, I do not own anything but the plot of the story.

Bella's POV

Recap: Thankfully it wasn't raining outside. The sky was beautiful. The stars were shining brightly. It was a new moon.

"What was that?" Jacob asked, just as we were walking on the driveway.

"What are you talking about?" I eyed him curiously.

"Nothing. I just thought I heard something."

"It was probably just the wind. Come on. Let's go." But deep down inside, I knew it was a something.

The night had gone by so fast, that I didn't even know it. First, I was walking along the neighborhood with Jacob, and the next thing I knew, were back in the house, with everyone gone, with the exception of Billy and Jared, who was sitting on the countertop, chomping down the left over chicken. I was just hoping he wouldn't break the countertop, 'cause by the looks of him, it seems like he weighs over 200 pounds.

"Is he being fed during the day at all?" I wondered out loud, but softly so only Jacob would hear, as I placed my coat on the coat rack.

"Yes, I would hope so." Jacob joked. "A lot of people think he has an athlete's metabolism. But I personally think he has a dinosaur's metabolism, if such thing even exists. Every time I would see him, he either has food in his hands, or his pet turtle."

"Oh wow." I eyed Jared curiously as he grabbed the bowl with the gravy and ate it like it was just a bowl of soup. "Pet turtle? Why can't he just get a dog? I mean, I would love to have a pet dog."

"I don't know." Jacob replied, closing the door behind him. "He has a thing about dogs. He says it's not right, whatever the heck that means. And he doesn't like cats either if you must know."

What would be 'not right' about a dog? Why wouldn't he like to have a cat or a dog? Jared has weird tastes. It's probably just because of all the food he is eating. I mean seriously, this boy doesn't stop! Right now, at this exact moment, he is licking the cheese off his fingers. He just had some Flamin' Hot Cheetos. I felt like I was going to puke. Pizza, chicken, a bowl of gravy and Flamin' Hot Cheetos was on Jared's menu for tonight.

"There you are." Charlie said, pushing Billy's wheelchair in front of him. "Billy here was worried that you guys were attacked by a bear that he kept asking Jared to look for you so I had to assure him every time that you guys are alright." Billy then gave Charlie a look. "You guys are alright, right?"

"Yes we are Chief! We're all in one piece." Jacob replied. "At least I think we are." He said in a serious tone as Billy ran over his toes. "Owww!"

"I think it's time to go." Billy said waving Jared over to him. "Thanks for sharing the TV and for dinner Charlie."

"Anytime." Charlie responded opening the door for his friend and Jared, who was now pushing the chair. "I think the kids had fun too."

"I'm pretty sure they did Charlie. I'm sure they did."

"Bye Chief! The chicken was so delicious." Jared complimented my dad's take out chicken and waved goodbye, pushing Billy's wheelchair to their car.

"Bye Bella. I'll see you soon?" Jacob asked, raising both his eyebrows.

"Sure thing Jake." And then he was gone. I then turned to my dad and said, "I think I'm gonna call it a night dad. I'm exhausted. I'll just clean all this up tomorrow."

"That's no problem Bells. I think I can manage cleaning up this kitchen. Just go get some rest. Goodnight Bells."

I went up to my room, and grabbed some clean pajamas. I walked to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and then changed into my pj's. I said goodnight one last time to Charlie before closing my bedroom door behind me.

As I was about to pull the covers off my bed, I had noticed that my window was open and the cold wind was blowing my curtains. I then closed the window softly, so our neighbors wouldn't hear a loud bang in the middle of the night, and think that something had gone wrong.

I turned my alarm on to 6:00 am, slipped in the covers, and turned off my lamp. Hopefully, I wouldn't dream of anything that I wouldn't want to dream about. I already have too much to handle in reality that dreams can't add more to the problem. I closed my eyes, and then I was unconscious.

I was in a dark forest, running, trying to catch my breath. The moon was full and wolves were howling. I was alone, only trees are surrounding me. My heart rate keeps racing and I wonder if I would die of a heart attack.

The only light I see is coming from the sky, and the only thing I see, is the reflection of the moon on a near body of water. I called out, "Hello? Can anyone hear me?" The only reply I got was the wind and the wolves were still howling.

I stayed in place, searching for any signs of breathing mammals. And something caught my eye. By the river bank, drinking water, was a figure of an animal. I can't quite figure out what it is. It looked liked it was just the size of a human, a little bigger than the average one though. I took a few steps forward, trees guiding me, so I can get a closer look of the creature.

It continued to drink water from the river and it still hadn't noticed I was there. I was very careful not to step on dried leaves so it wouldn't run away in terror. I had to be as quite as a mouse. But unluckily, my uncoordinated self had once again, betrayed me. I tripped on a tree root and fell flat on my face.

I looked up to see if the creature had notice and it did. I started freaking out. My eyes widened, mouth hanged, and heart stopped beating. My breathing pattern was inconsistent, that I thought that I would have died that minute. It wasn't an animal at all, and the river wasn't filled with water. It was a river filled with blood and the creature, was Edward.

"Edward." I whispered.

Blood was dripping out of his mouth, he didn't have a shirt on, just pants, and he was barefooted. I tried to stand up and run to him but my jeans were caught in the tree root.

"Edward!" I called. But he had turned around and ran.

"NO!!!" I screamed. And then a bright flash of light appeared.

"Bella! Wake up! You're having a nightmare!" I heard Charlie's worried voice.

I opened my eyes and Charlie was standing on my bed side. "What happened?"

"You were screaming 'NO' repeatedly so I thought you were having a nightmare and I decided to wake you up." He explained. "What were you dreaming about?"

I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair. "It's nothing dad." I answered as if it wasn't a big deal.

"You sure?" He insisted,

"Yeah. I was just dreaming about a hunter killing a deer." I lied.

"Ok. Well, get some more sleep. It's the middle of the night and I don't want you dozing off in school." He turned on his heel and closed the door behind him.

I slumped back on my head and sighed heavily. I couldn't tell Charlie what I had actually dreamed of. He would probably just give me a lecture and send me back to mom and Phil, and I didn't want to.

I had thought of my dream and wondered what it had meant. I knew for a fact that he wouldn't drink human blood and he wouldn't feast on that much blood. Why was he half-naked? Barefoot? In the forest? Alone? So many questions were running through my head that I thought my brain would explode.

So much for not wanting to dream of him.


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