This story is made for my entertain because FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII looks like a really GREAT game!


Fortis is Fortitude in English which means 'Mental and emotional strength in the face of danger and misfortune'

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Fortis

Chapter One:

Elia glowered at the armored armed men that patrolled through Tenebrae's city streets. She had awoken to screaming, jumping quickly out of her bed and towards the nearest window of her run down apartment. She was garbed in white, zipped, sleeveless shirt covered by a tied back black corset. A long skirt, the same color of her corset collapsed in a rippling effect to her lower thighs that lengthened at the sides to an upside down V that cleverly hid a pair of shorts beneath them. She wore long black boots, with a dark legging on her right side. At her left side was a fastened sheath that displayed her long sword that gleamed in the electric lights. The twenty one year old stared startled at the sea of helmed intruders, obviously enemy. Her metallic blue eyes stared darkly at the men running towards the center of the city. She cursed grabbing her black gloves slamming the door after her, her shoulder length black hair flying wildly behind her.

Soldiers advanced, their guns shooting at the citizens who let out cries of terror and anguish. Elia stepped out and stared puzzled as she was instantly shoved by a moving crowd filled with small children and women.

"This way!" one guard ordered them gruffly, "Go to the safe house."

She frowned at this, but her displeasure replaced with horror as a little boy stood crying a block behind scanning the chaos filled streets for his mother. Frightened at the sight, and of the soldiers that were still advancing, she shoved a neighbor aside pushing her way out of the mass of people towards the child. She sped past a supervisor and ran until she was kneeling down to the cry boy picking him up in her arms and quickly darted away from the incoming forces.

She inhaled some dry air scurrying towards an empty alleyway placing the small boy down, "Go find your mother, it's not safe here."

But the boy wasn't listening; his brown eyes stared at something that hung at her chest that reflected a glimmer of light off his eyes. Startled she glanced down, though she was relieved that she wasn't hurt, her metallic blue gaze stared surprised at her crystal pendent. It was a small thing, bound to a silver chain, thin as a strand of hair around her neck. Its smooth surface gleamed even brighter with the light that seemed the hum inside. She hid it quietly and swiftly beneath her shirt and placed a finger to the child's lips giving him a 'don't tell anybody look'. The boy nodded with a small smile mimicking her by placing his small fingers to her lips. Elia smiled but their moment was interrupted by the sound of the destroyed stone.

Falling pebbles from above alerted her, "Move!" She shouted nudging him out of the alleyway. Grumbling at the friction between her knee and the hard concrete, she, just in time, turned to glimpse the alleyways completely cave in with stone rubble. She let out a sigh of relief at their sheer luck and then let out another at a woman's praising cry as, she presumed, the boy's mother ran towards him scooping him in her arms, "Get out to safety!" she interrupted the mother's unheard gratitude due to the magnitude of sound that exploded in the air.

Something made the woman yell out in fear, quickly without hesitation, Elia swung out her long sword just in time to stop an intended blow of a gun from an enemy soldier. Frustrated, and impatient, she yelled at the mother to go, who obeyed, and refocused back at the man by slamming her palm into his face. Somehow her senses of hearing doubled as she heard the crunching of the cartilage from his nose as it pushed back into his head towards his brain. His body went buckled and collapsed as she pulled away. She knew that she didn't have time to think about her first kill and quickly glimpsed the incoming forces.

But still, it left a vile taste in her mouth.

A startled yelp escaped her as she twisted her body swerving out of the way of a bullet; she ran towards the group, swinging her blade at every movement of enemy body her eyes caught. One by one, they fell making her quickly advance to the others, who noticed her entrance and found her a threat. She smiled contently taking down another enemy soldier. A soldier behind her lunged, she twirled out a small dagger from a small pocket attached to her upper leg embedding it into his stomach. Unbeknownst to her, the small crystal necklace slipped from her shirt and bounced off her chest and out of her view. But how could she notice her necklace while fighting at least five armored opponents at a time?

A plated arm wrapped around her waist and feeling rather somewhat exposed; her metallic-blue eyes glinted and rotated swiftly punch him down to the ground; head first. Again she took a few second, to take her sword and slice it across the chests of three others, who didn't seem to even take in what was happening. Elia wiped her black, gloved hands together smugly; her eyes suddenly caught the light of her crystal and swiftly hid it for a second time. Relieved at again the luck, she was suddenly distracted by a looming shadow and struck him before his finger pulled back the trigger pressed at the back of her head.

Far in the distance, she didn't notice a pair of watching eyes. She didn't see that an armored man had been watching her hide the crystal through binocular lens or how he was the one motioning a group of soldiers to keep charging towards her. Elia glanced at the arriving knights letting out an irritated groan. Bullets shot below her feet, she back flipped out of harms way landing on the tip of her toes. Her eyes watched vigilantly straightening herself up as the soldiers began to form a circle around her. Too bad she didn't have eyes at the back of her head, for behind her, soldiers stepped aside allowing the same man at least in his early thirties to step into the ring. Hearing him, the woman turned to meet him unflinching and unafraid. Her eyes only burned with a hatred that seemed too much for words but thoughts alone. With a reminder of the weapon that laid naked in her grasp, she studied the new foe in front of her. He was head taller then her, with copper locks and glinting dark eyes. Like the rest of his troops, armor clad over his body but had an elegant cape trail behind him and gave him an air of command. The general raised an eyebrow at her, who glared back.

A smirk crept at his lips, "Who might you be…?" he murmured quietly gazing at her.

She raised an eyebrow at his politeness and huffed angrily ignoring his question. Something about him sent chills down her spine. And she hated it.

"You're not going to be a good girl and tell me?" She shook her head infuriated at his tone of voice, teasing yet aloof. Her blood boiled with her fingers twitching on her hilt to kill him already.

"Good girl?" she gave a laugh but just as hollow as the humor that wasn't there, her fingers were the color of chalk gripping the handle of her sword tightly, "Your charms won't work on me!"

"Alright then," he replied calmly drawing out a long claymore, its steel frame gleaming like liquid silver, "I'll cut to the chase then."

Her eyes widened jumping back barely missing the claymore's tip letting it strike the ground. Elia stared dumbfounded at him before casting a free dagger with a flick of her wrist. Quicker then she could even imagine, he caught it barely touching the brink of his nose; he smiled with a certain arrogance at her attempts.

She gaped horrorstruck, the look disappeared to hide her astonishment as she shrugged, "Ok, so you're good!" she complimented.

The metal in Elia's metallic blue eyes flashed and struck at him suddenly lunging at him with her sword. Their blades met but with her fist, slammed him hard against his face throwing numerous punches at him. He ducked a suddenly blow and snatched her gloved hand, smiling. With an infuriated yell, she kicked him against his armor plate, making him slid across the ground. She charged at him, landing a kick against his face making him flip back. Elia ran not even a second back on the ground and motioned a kick; a glint of steel alerted her and found his claymore defending him from her blow. He grinned with the same cockiness, her eyes widened as he swung his blade further back. She spun in the air and landed back on her two feet.

Hell, he's fast! She thought surprised refocusing back to her blade as she watched him come back at her, He's not human or else he extremely blessed. She couldn't finish her thought barely dodging a sudden blow, Or cursed, she decided.

She ducked and evaded every move and if they did meet, sparks erupted from their blades. Their clashes bounced off the building walls, a shrilling ring with every blow. Soon after a row of shocking blows, momentarily paralyzing her limbs, she found herself gasping trying to escape his attacks. This man was more a foe that she had ever encountered. And though as much as it did please her to know that there was a challenge, he was too much for her for he fought with a skill that seemed more unearthly then anything she had ever seen.

He must have been sensing her struggle to defend herself for he let out the haughty grin that made her flush with anger. His blade clashed against hers with more strength and she watched in silent horror as his blade slid underneath her hilt and knocked it away from her numb fingers. She cursed her bad timing. Then the side of his hilt knocked against her right rib, she let out a cry feeling something crack fully well aware of it being broken. Something struck her body, something with such force that it knocked her off her feet flying across the ground against a stone wall. A cry tore from her lips as she made contact against the solid barrier feeling her body ache, parts of her even crack, even if she flinched. Elia groaned rubbing her head; the stone behind her had cracked around her image leaving her in a dent of rock. Her hair tumbled besides her face; a flash of the claymore's steel alerted her; her fist tightened, her head thrown back with a soundless scream. Her metallic blue eyes slowly shifted besides her at her right arm as the man's blade embedded itself into her right shoulder, the arm which was her fighting hand. He smirked placing more pressure onto his blade sinking deeper into her shoulder; her left hand weakly grasped the blade suppressing an urge to scream. As she moved towards relieving the sword from her shoulder, her other hand reached for her fallen sword that was a mere inch away.

"It hurts, doesn't it?" the man asked her quietly shoving the blade in deeper; she let out a gasp for air groaning clutching her teeth stopping her reach momentarily. "Give me your crystal." He requested suddenly gentle trapping her eyes with his own.

Her eyes narrowed grasping his blade more firmly, "I don't know what you're talking about…" she whispered wearily.

"Don't you—play toy with me." he chided grinning delighted at her as if they were playing a little game, "I know you have it—I've seen it." He hissed through clutched teeth.

Elia pursed her teeth as a bead of sweat glistened down her cheek, "Who are you?" she demanded softly, her voice trembling with rage.

The stranger sighed tightening his grip on his claymore, she twitched gritting her teeth with silent agony, "My name is Andreas." His voice was in a mocking tone of voice pronouncing it slowly and clearly as if talking to a person who was mentally challenged.

Beyond words she screeched at him.

He chuckled lightly amused, "Hmm….come to think about it. You're pretty useful." She glared baring her teeth like a beast letting out a snarl. He merely shrugged it away, "Very well, have it your way. The sooner you come with us, the sooner your pain is gone."

"I'd die first."

Andreas chuckled, "What makes you think I'd listen to your answer?" he asked humorously, his grip of his blade tightened, digging his blade further in roughly, "Little girl."

Elia felt the blade hit the wall behind her, digging through her shoulder; her gloved hand on his sword gripped tightly. She wanted to scream to end the torture. To end the suffering that she was going through. Then, something spread through her veins, alien warmth that infused her weary muscles and aching limbs. Strength empowered her and continued to consume her. A question pricked at her mind: Where was this strength coming from? Elia didn't care, she wouldn't care, not while Andreas was still alive and watched her with a mystified expression at the sudden gleam in her eyes.

She felt the crystal hidden away, she wouldn't let this man take her most treasured object that she had been guarding for all her life, "Don't—you—underestimate me!" she screamed yanking the claymore's from her shoulder and threw him back with all the power she had just obtained. She winced at the sudden decrease of energy.

Andreas's claymore tip dug into the pavement in a desperate attempt to keep himself from falling back any further giving her free time to take her weapon that laid not far from her. Her knees shook as she tried to stand, she gasped as she collapsed the ground as a pain shot through her leg from her ankle. It was twisted. Cursing softly she glanced up to see his eyes staring at her with a pointed sword, his lips curled to form a bitter sneer. She glared back pressing her other hand against her wound to push back some of the blood. Already the crimson began to pool across her white shirt. She was aware of him coming towards her; already the strength she had just acquired was gone.

Perhaps it was only meant for that one moment, She thought. A part of her unclenched, she didn't care to die now, she couldn't escape him. How could she when one of her ribs was broken, her body ached and already she couldn't feel the twisted ankle. Her tired fingers grasped the hilt of her blade more firmly bracing. Well, she could try and bring him down with her!

Suddenly the knights watching them were suddenly thrown aside, blasted off their feet. The noise broke through her thoughts focusing on the distraction. As did Andreas who overlooked with disapproval in his dark eyes and yet shone with a strained curiosity.

There was a pair of footsteps that broke through the hazy wind-blown smoke. A dark haired man strode towards Andreas, a blade of his own in hand. Something was strange about the blade the stranger was wielding that mystified Elia. It was unlike every sword she had come to see, its blade was slender, not too thick but not to thin. The hilt was more impressive for she saw a strange object that was connected to it. It looked like…for a second her sight swerved and when it reappeared she looked at it again.

A motor?

The two men stared at each other; she thought she saw Andrea's face drain of color giving his pale skin almost a ghostly look. It happened all too quickly; the newcomer attacked the Andreas aggressively and in turn, blocked Andrea's attacks almost effortlessly. Her eyes flickered between the two. She studied how their body's twisted and how sparks from their blades lit their hollow eyes. Elia's stomach dropped as Andreas jumped away just a second before the stranger's blade struck the very space he had just been. Andreas had been toying with her! Every attack he had struck at her was nothing compared to the blows he was trying to use on his new foe. Disgusted at this new reflection her eyes noticed more knights standing around at attention. They weren't going to shoot, not while their leader was part of the fight.

Andreas attacked the man swinging his claymore with inhuman speed. The young man's blade halted his claymore and knocked him off his feet before Andreas could even glimpse his own blade flying through the air. He waited patiently for Andreas, who chuckled motioning the remaining knights around them. Elia watched the knights lift their guns, taking the distraction Andreas lunged for his weapon; the young man appeared calm, not at all affected by what had just occurred. He ran at Andreas, as their weapons clashed releasing the sound of abused metal. For a moment, her eyes wavered, swerving over the boundaries of consciousness and dreams. She heard the sound of constricting blades again to watch the new stranger appear almost behind the man. His movements confused her. One moment he'd be there and then elsewhere. The pounding of her heart made her chain of thought dissolve unable to hold her fainting any longer. Suddenly Andreas jumped back, disappearing behind the soldiers that had gathered in more numbers then she had noticed.

A bullet sounded off then hundreds followed afterwards. The man did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Elia stared in disbelief as the gunfire ricocheted in front of him, to the side of him, everywhere. There was no sign of a struggle, no sigh of pain across the stranger's face. Elia peered as something flew in and out of her vision. There was something, no…a lot of things. Mirages of weapons raced around him, deflecting all the bullets in such unearthly speed that she began to wonder if she was dreaming. The man was gone, followed by the sound of shattered armor, broken guns and the sound of broken bone and flesh. Her eyes couldn't keep up with him and when her fuzzy vision cleared, the man had just thrust his blade beneath the under armor of a knight and used his broken arm to fire more of the bullets left in his gun. With a look of disgust, his hands gripped the body and flung it's corpse towards the men. Then as the corpse and confusion settled (which didn't take long) he was gone suddenly appearing behind them already slicing through their armor and moved on to the others.

As the final body toppled over, she stared at him. True he was standing still but his posture was so calm and so relaxed that she could decide what the hell had happened. Bodies were sprawled all around him and he just looked around as if nothing had happened. As if he hadn't killed all those men in a matter of seconds. Stabbed at their hearts or beheaded him or even used one of their own men against them. Elia watched him stare at Andreas who unlike her showed no sign of surprise. Then Andreas ran and like a reflection, the stranger mimicked the same maneuver and their blades met. The strange blade of the man swerved towards Andreas, who jumped over the man's head and with not after a moment's touch on the ground had his sword swung at him. Her alarmed yell drifted towards him, and before she would wonder if the man had heard her, his back was angled behind his back blocking Andrea's thrust through the spine. Andreas growled and it was a second that the opposed pressure of his blade disappeared as the man suddenly disappeared. Then he was behind him and with a glint of metal followed by a curse of a groan. Andreas skittered back, his hand clutching his shoulder that was already oozing with liquid drops of crimson. His dark eyes cast a look at the patient man whose face matched the loathing that sparked their eyes. Andreas swore and with a low crouch, he jumped disappearing into the murky abyss above. A silhouette of a giant machine made her eyes watch as the image of a helicopter disappeared further into the night.

She watched the remaining men disperse like storm clouds and felt a certain touch of smugness at their retreat. But the feeling was cut of as her head burned with pain, she clutched her fist, now dripping scarlet. Her vision faded as the pain doubled. Elia's eyes waved leaning her head back against the wall. The coolness of the wall helped somewhat but had no influence over the creeping shadows that began to dim her thoughts. She heard footsteps and glimpsed a shadow loom over her and knew no more.

Elia is hewbrew for 'Stranger/foreign' and is devived from Elios which mean 'sun' in Greek

Andreas means 'Warrior' in Latin

This is my first story on this website and I hope you'll stay with this story till the end!