Nothing maters any more

You are gone and I am here

This is a poem for you Misa

Light furiously scribbled on the paper below him, and his poem for her death.


Mystery but not, your a girl I can't read your mind

Is never listening to a word I say

So annoying at times that I can't stand

Always there to hold my hand

Light looked at his writing and then thought, it could be nicer if he had tried to put more feeling into it. Light taped a rose to the paper, and wrote on it: For Misa. He took the gun and relized, that he couldn't live without her. He hezetaited and told Ryuk to write his name in the Death Note and under nieth it "gun shot". Without hezitation, he thought of what it would be like to see his angle once again. Then all that was heard was a gun shot and his dead body lied on the floor with a smile on his face.