Memories of the Past

Chapter 1

Today was a beautiful day in Station Square adults talking with one another kids playing at the park and we zoom in on Axel Rogan who is walking in the park minding his own business just walking down the park listening to his PSP not having a care in the world, he decided to take a small break from walking and found a big water fountain to sit near, he pulled out his PSP and switched it to game mode, after 15 minutes of playing his stomach rumbles, he was getting hungry so he got up and decided to head to the nearest restaurant to get something to eat, he found a burger king he walked in and stood in line suddenly his cell phone started to ring so he answer it

A: Hello?

T: Hey Axel it Tails

A: Yo T bone what's going on buddy

T: I got bad news the portal to Edenia is down

A: what you kidding me right, when did that happen?

T: last night Sonic was trying to go to Edenia then Amy catches him and…

A: let me guess Amy try to hit Sonic but ended up hitting the machine

T: yeah

A: I'll deal with that bitch later, let me get something to eat and I'll come over

T: okay see you then

Axel hangs up and was at the front counter he orders a whopper with cheese combo to go since he was going to see Tails he decided to get him one too, after paying for the food he walks out with both his and Tail's lunch in hand he zoomed to Tails workshop where he knocks and wait for Tails to answer which he does.

"hey buddy glad you could come oh man you got yourself Burger King" Tails looked disappointed "I got you a whooper combo too" Axel hand Tails the bag with his food "that rocks more man"

They sat down and enjoyed their lunch while talking about the situation regarding the portal "so Amy doesn't know what she did? "Nope I guess not she still an dummy" "it shouldn't be a problem all we need to do is rewire the main power source and use a bit of Chaos Emerald power reboot it, come on let finish up our lunch and get cracking"

After finishing their lunch they get to work on the portal machine using most of their tools to repair it, if Tails had to do this on his own it would of took him one hour to finish but for him he has Axel's help, after about half a hour they got it done.

"Hey we did it thanks for your help Axel. I'll make sure Amy doesn't get near this machine again" Tails said

"Don't mention it, hey active the portal now let test this son bitch up" Axel said

Tails actives the portal it works once again but however it seems a little different

T: "Uh Axel there something not right I don't remember a dark color portal it was green"

A: "Ah, I'm sure it's nothing, I'll see you in a bit oh I'm leaving my PSP and other stuff behind I'm just taking my Light saber okay?"

T "yeah okay, have fun"

With that Axel jumps into the portal and it closes behind him, as he arrives in Edenia he notices something strange "hmm there's something not right here it looks…weird here"

Axel walks around it seems like everything has changed but whatever the case he came here to see Kitana & Jade so that's where he going right now walking in the land of Edenia he looks around to see a lot of changes "that odd it's been like a week since I last came here but this is fucked up, what gives" Axel then arrives in town, he walks around to see pretty much nothing odd it just people shopping around that's all, so he decides to head to the castle and to Kitana but when he came to the entrance he was denied access

A: Hey what gives Kitana mad at me or something?

"No one is allowed entrance to the castle"

A: By orders of who?

"From king Jerod he is pissed"

A: "King Jerod who's he?"

"You got to be kidding me he's the king of Edenia,

A: wait a sec Kitana said to me that her father died a long time ago, something is not right, where is princess Kitana?

"that's why he's not seeing anyone the Princess has been kidnapped

A: Kidnapped, by who?

"By Shao Khan he's be trying to take over Edenia for long time now

A: then I know what I got to do, I must see the King now, I need to rescue Kitana

"Sorry I have strict orders not to allow anyone in"

A: alright fine

Not really satisfied Axel decides to seek in the castle instead, he goes behind where no one sees him and climbs the tree near the open window inside he tiptoes to the upper chambers to where Kitana's bedroom he avoids all the guards and successfully get in Kitana's room but Kitana is not in here

"damn she's not here, I guess I better go rescue her but first I'm going to introduce myself to her pop"

Axel walks out of Kitana's room and head to the royal chambers next door without thinking he busts open to a angry king


"My name is Axel Rogan and I come in peace, I'm here to save your daughter"

"I don't believe a word what your saying GUARDS"

Just then the guards came in before they were going to grab Axel he pulled out his

Light saber and defended himself from the guards, he then turn his attention to Jerod

A: all I'm asking is 5 minutes of your time my King I can explain everything to you

"I'm not buying into this"

A 5 minutes that's it, and then you do as you please okay?

Thinking about it King Jerod agrees to Axel request

J: Guards leave us

The guards respected the king's request and did what their were told after they were gone it was now the king of Edenia Jerod & Axel

J: alright you have 5 Minutes start talking

A: thank you my lord, here's how it is, I know Kitana personally she said you were dead, and your wife Sindel she has committed suicide and Shao Khan tries to take Kitana as his own daughter.

J: how do you know about my wife passing?

A: she told me about it

J: She?

A: you see after your wife's death she was reborn by Khan but if it wasn't for Kitana Sindel would have be lost forever

J: Sindel turned on Khan? When does the events take place?

A: wait it hasn't happen?

J: well my wife is dead and my daughter is kidnapped

A: wait a sec how old is your daughter?

J if you must know she is only 14

A: oh my god that it

J: what's it

A: I'm not in Edenia in the present time, I'm in Edenia 10 Years in the past.

J: You're from the future?

A: I guess I am, anywhere enough of that, I need to know do you know where Khan took Kitana?

J: he took her to Out world to his palace

A: I must rescue her and change the past

J: if you save my daughter's life you will be a praised as a hero in Edenia for years to come.

A: I shall do my best!

J: Go now and may the elder gods watch over you!

Axel bowed to the king and zoomed out of the castle and to Outworld

"Hang On Kitana I'm on my way!"

well first chapter done more to come soon

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