an LxLight poem :D *claps stupidly* XP anyway, thi's for my english teacher, who's teaching us poetry at the moment :) thi's also for the person i liked sence 6th grade, though i doubt he'll ever read it so yeah...oO....I wish i could be a damn fly on the wall....anyway, this peom was inspired by the song 'Fly on the Wall' by T.A.T.U. (obviously :O) listen to it some time :) its great

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Fly on the Wall

I have been watching you

for what feels like forever,

Your beauty,

Your strength,

Intelligence, you are truly clever,

Yet so serene and calm.

I'd fallow you in death

If only you'd let me be a fly on the wall

I envy your every move

and stalk your every step,

I lap the blood that falls from your hands,

My tongue tasting your porcelain skin.

Oh how I wish,

Oh how I'd crawl,

Oh how I'd kiss,

If I was a fly on the wall.

Only for you,

I watch a dragon bathe,

Of which he is imprisoned by silence,

Thus I also seal my own fate.

My fingers trace your jaw.

my perfect Barbie doll

I would worship

If I was a fly on the wall

But oh, you evil creature!

How dare you seduce me into Hell?!

Once so emotionless

I've been forced from my shell.

You've broken the glass

and cut me with it.

From those who've left me abandoned,

to having you chained to my wrist.

You make me feel so petite and small

It's all because I am a fly on the wall

My amber eyed friend.

My scarlet nailed enemy.

You've taken hold of not only my head,

but also my heart.

I know your demons,

Let them judge their regards.

Kill me if you wish

or if you must,

but I will be on watch.

Scanning your every action and breath

meticulous, careful, lusting for your touch

On this roof

tonight we stand.

One last battle

until the end...

Fight and then die

we've had it all.

All because...

I was a fly on the wall

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