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Epilogue: Solaris's Awakening

"Thomas, is this really necessary?" Ami asked.

The blond chuckled behind her, "Very much so, Blue. Close your eyes."

"Fine." She sighed and closed her eyes. "There. Happy?"

"Very." He leaned down and kissed her softly, eliciting a soft moan from his blue-haired love. "Now for the surprise."

He gently led her by the hand into the music hall and then moved to stand behind her. Leaning down, he whispered into her ear, "You can open your eyes now."

Ami did so and blinked, speechless. Not believing what she saw. Thomas had stopped her just feet in front of a beautifully gilded harp with a blue bow tied around it. For a moment, they stood there, Thomas positively smirking at his Blue's reaction to the instrument.

Thomas watched as she began to move, almost as if in a trance, letting her fingers glide along the strings, smiling at the sound that she elicited from them.

After few minutes she shook her head, breaking free from the spell and turned to look at him, "Thomas." She really did not know what say. Although she never had such an instrument before, but she knew how expensive one would be. "You shouldn't have. This is… too much."

He smiled and moved over to her, gently cupping her chin in his slender hand and tilting her head to look up at him, "Ami. Shh. It's not. Besides, I have to admit, it's slightly selfish of me."

Ami blinked, looking confused, "Selfish of you? How is it selfish of you?"

He grinned and gestured beside the harp. "I… I was hoping you'd consent to keeping it here. I'd like to be able to play with you."

She looked to where he gestured, and smiled seeing the grand piano. The look she turned back to him was one of regret though, causing him to frown slightly, "I can't, Thomas. I'm no where near good enough to play with you."

Thomas almost smirked, "How do you know I'm any good. Please?"

She sighed and gave in. "All right. Just one song though, ok? And you promise not to laugh if I'm horrible."

This time, Thomas smiled, "You won't be." He kissed her softly again, eliciting a small sigh of pleasure this time from her.

"I'll start. Trust yourself, and join me when you're ready." He moved from her to take his seat at the piano, while she moved to sit and pull the harp to her.

At first she listened to what he was playing with her to analyze it, trying to catch the line of the melody, understand the harmony, to know where to come in and how to compliment what he was playing. However, after only a few measures, she began to listen with her heart, and it was not long before the familiar music washed over her and her hands began to move of their own accord over the strings of the harp, as if they already knew what to play and had thousands of time before.

The music swept over Ami as she and Thomas played together, as if they had always been playing together. She found herself closing her eyes, letting her fingers play over their well known strings.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Solaris gestured towards the grand piano sharing the practice area with the harp.

Adeline's hand paused and she looked up. "Um… no. Of course not. Is there anything in particular you'd like to play?"

He smiled, "My sweet Adeline, do you realize that this is the first time that you've spoken to me without blushing or blinking?"

"I… is it? I … um…" Adeline stammered.

"Well, it was." The Sun God chuckled softly, before handing her some paper.

"Um… what is this?" She looked to the paper, before noticing that it was a score, hand written.

"Ode for a Nymph." His voice was rather hesitant in a way that she had never heard before. They had spent some time together, but the god always been confident. However, this was the first time that she thought that his flirting was actually sincere.

"Did you… compose this?" Adeline inquired, uncertainly.

The Lord of the Sun nodded, "I did. For you."

She smiled, "I'd love to play it."

Suddenly they were playing the piece flawlessly for the entire court. As they finished, Solaris and her shared a moment, smiling at each other, before standing together. The moved to the center of the stage, joined hands, and bowed to the applause, completely missing the fuming Princess Serenity in the audience.

After a minute or two applause, Adeline led him off the stage, blushing furiously.

Solaris smiled, "I've never seen you so happy at a ball before. I think everyone' s seeing the real Adeline now, not just Princess Adeline of Mercury, Guardian of Princess Serenity, and arguably smartest person ever."

Adeline managed a laugh, "A bit over the top on that last part, don't you think?"

He shook his head, "Not at all, love. Come, dance with me."

Then there was splashing as the scene changed again. She was swimming, cutting gracefully in the water, and Solaris was trying to keep up, trying to catch her actually, but water was her natural element, and the Sun Lord did not stand a chance.

She giggled as she surfaced from the water. "I' m over here, Peacock!" She could not help but giggle harder as he spluttered, turning around.

"I give up. You're right. I'm no match for you in water." He held up his hands in surrender.

With a laugh she swam over to him, and gently wrapped her arms around him. "Mmm. I'm glad you finally realized that. So… I think I get to claim my forfeit now…" She kissed him.

The music ended and Ami blinked.

What was that? She wondered.

"Ode For A Nymph. I wrote that for you." Thomas stood and walked over to her, almost chuckling at her confused expression.

"Has it been that long or have I changed that much?" the blond teased, as he returned to his former incarnation.

"Solaris?" Ami gasped in shock. "But how? Serenity…"

"Sealed me within the Sun?" Solaris finished her sentence.

"We're two halves of a soul, love." The Sun God kissed her. "Not even the all-powerful Ginzuishou could separate us. When you unleashed the 'Seed of Life's power, it not only unsealed your memory, you also unburied my reincarnation's memory. Just as your soul was never divided, neither was mine."

"So, who are you, really?" Ami asked. "The present Thomas H. Norstein or the past Solaris, the Lord of the Sun?

Solaris chuckled, "Just as you are you, formed by your memories and experiences; but the memories and experiences of both lives, the present me is a culmination of Solaris, the Sun God and Thomas H. Norstein."

"I'm assuming you remember everything?" he asked.

Ami nodded, remembering how Princess Serenity had long set her sights on Thomas' past incarnation, the Lord of the Sun, Solaris. It had been lust-at-first-sight for Princess Serenity. As the High Princess of the Silver Alliance, the haughty Princess had always prided herself as being the sole winner of the battlefield of love. Men fell to her feet and worshipped the ground she walked on. And simply because of that, the White Moon Princess had no qualms in stealing other women's men for herself. As such, she set her targets on the one man that was out-of-reach for someone like her, the Sun Lord, Solaris. The Guardian Senshi had always overshadowed her in terms their magical abilities and the only way Princess Serenity could imprint her superiority on them was make every single man courting the Guardian Senshi turn to her. She wanted Solaris not for love, but to show that she could have any man she wanted. Not only that, her status would be elevated once she was the lift partner of a God.

It had been long thought that Solaris did not have a life partner and just when the infatuated White Moon Princess decided to seduce him during a gala on the Moon Kingdom, hoping that she would, in turn, become his destined life partner, when the Sun Lord shattered that hope as he entered the ballroom with Princess Adeline of Mercury in tow.

Rumors from the numerous jealous single females on the sidelines were mostly mainly about that the God of the Sun was merely an escort to the Mercurian Princess and how unlikely it was for the blue-haired Princess to be the chosen life partner of the most eligible male in the entire Solar System.

But all their rumors were silenced when the Sun Lord led the intelligent Princess to the middle of the dance floor just as a waltz number came on and Solaris twirled his partner to the waltz and the Mercurian Princess did nothing to stop him.

Aside, Princess Serenity's eyes widened in disbelief and shock when she saw the object of her long-time obsession lead Princess Adeline in the graceful waltz, his arms encircling her waist tenderly yet possessively.

They. . . they're together. . . the White Moon Princess was completely stunned, unable avert her gaze from the blissful couple. He's... he's with her...! I... can't believe it!

Princess Serenity clenched her hands into fists, her face bright red and her eyes livid with jealous anger.

This wasn't right… the White Moon Princess fumed. I'm the High Princess of the Silver Alliance and every guy will fall in love with me. Why can't I get Solaris to love me?

It's all her fault! She turned her mental accusations to Adeline. If it wasn't for her, Solaris will have been mine! I will have him! No matter what!

Solaris will be mine! Princess Serenity seethed and she set forth a series of plans to separate the two lovers.

A couple of weeks later, Princess Serenity had somehow managed to sneak into the Solar Castle, an aphrodisiac stolen from Sailor Venus in her hands. Her plan was simple; slip the potion into Solaris's food and drink and get him into bed with her. Then Solaris would have no choice but to marry her! The White Moon Princess grinned at how easy it would be. She would finally have the man she desired.

But what the White Moon Princess didn't know was that once a God has determined his or her life partner, he or she would be bound to the person for eternity, both spiritually and emotionally. This meant that nothing could turn an immortal against his or her life partner.

Plan One… failed.

Time passes…

"You done?" Solaris asked his fiancée as she was typing out the last sentence of her analysis.

"Almost." Adeline replied. "Last three words…"

"Done!" she beamed, quick saving her completed work on her compact computer.

"Good, Nymph." Solaris remarked. "Because you've been working for almost two days straight."

"Have I been working that long?" Adeline inquired in disbelief.

"Yup." Solaris nodded.

"But then," he nuzzled her neck. "That' s one of the small quirks I love about you. You're so totally focused on your job that you forget about everything else."

"Nicely done, Nymph." He praised, placing a lick on the sensitive spot behind her earlobe.

"Solaris … not he…" Adeline's mild protest was cut off by a pleasured moan when the Sun God assaulted her collarbone with his aggressive kisses. She then let out a shriek in surprise when her fiancé bit her skin teasingly.

Meanwhile, Princess Serenity of the White Moon was peeking in on the two lovers, her blue eyes seething in anger as she watched the tender scene unfold.

That should be me! She fumed. I should be the one sitting at his side! I should be the one he keeps so close! I should be the one he kisses!Her frame began to tremble ever so slightly in rising fury.

Both Solaris and Adeline stiffened slightly at a sudden, insistent yet gentle crackle of White Moon magic along the edge of their senses. All previous thoughts of contentment and affection faded to the backs of their minds as they concentrated their attention on this new occurrence. They could feel it collecting to a point that was as yet undetermined. Nonetheless, to Solaris, this was a very bad omen. The Sun Lord's hand tightened around the Guardian Senshi's hand as his piercing sky blue eyes covertly scanned the entire library.

To his eyes everyone seemed normal enough; nothing was out of place, yet where was this feeling coming from?

Something's wrong. Adeline remarked, opening their mind link.

Solaris met her mesmerizing eyes. It's much darker, he agreed.Much colder, yet…

Familiar.Adeline finished his sentence.

Yes.Solaris agreed.

The sensation suddenly seemed to explode in intensity and everyone within the library with even the slightest hint of magic in them felt it undulating around them. Hushed, frightened murmurs began to spread through the library as everyone else tried to figure out where the sensation of building magic was coming from. At a loss they all turned to their future rulers expectantly.

Both young adults frowned at their surroundings as they stood up slowly. Her hand

placed on the table, Adeline summoned a seeker with her magic. Mere seconds later, a bright blue orb with two large angel-like wings attached to either side of its head flew off at its mistress's commands.

Blue-eyed Serenity struggled to keep up her calm facade as the magical seeker drew closer to her hiding place. She could feel Adeline's magic radiating from the seeker, it was getting much too close to discovering her. She had to act soon or all her efforts would be for nothing. Worry began to eat at her nerves.

Adeline felt herself recoil suddenly as if a live electrical wire had run her through. The seeker she had sent out had suddenly came back screeching to her as the Princess of Mercury found herself staring into angry blue orbs. Adeline' s eyes widened slightly as she took an involuntary step back in fear, stunned by the amount of hate swimming in the Moon Princess' s eyes. Their eyes locked as Serenity stepped out deliberately slow, White Moon Princess' s stare refusing to release the Ice Senshi' s gaze. Adeline felt frozen in place, as if time was moving in slow motion. She could hear Solaris shouting a warning to her, could see him running to rush to her side from the corner of her eye, but her gaze was fixed on Princess Serenity. Her feet felt rooted to the floor.

What's happening to me? The Ice Senshi demanded of herself, nearing a state of panic.

"Feel pain, little witch." Princess Serenity growled low in menace, an evil grin on her ruby lips. "Feel the lovely pain you have caused me."

Just as he reached his Nymph's side, Solaris saw his beloved life partner drop to her knees, her face contorted in deep agony. The pained cry from her lips tore his heart apart. Seconds later his own senses were assaulted by a pain so acute the he felt suddenly paralyzed. There was no one place that hurt more than the others. It was as if all his pain receptors were ordered to fire off all at once. He fell to the unforgiving floor to the sound of Adeline crying out in sheer agony as she curled into a fetal position. He was mirroring her pain, felt what she felt, felt it arcing across their link in torrential waves to attack his senses as well. She screamed out his name, both desperate for help and comfort and remorseful that he too had to share the unbearable sensation. Those of the Mercurian mage lines leapt to their feet, some rushing to their future rulers' aid while others charged at the smug looking Princess Serenity. No one seemed to be able to reach the girl. All who tried were thrown backwards unceremoniously.

Suddenly, the library doors flung apart as Adeline's Elite Guardians dashed in.

"Oh yes, oh mighty Elite Guardians, protect your precious Princess. She's not the one I'm after in the first place." Princess Serenity sneered.

Stunned faces watched the avenging teen turn away from the person everyone had originally believed was her target. Who she did turn to sent a cold chill up everyone's spines.

Her target was Solaris.

Solaris managed to raise himself to his knees despite the pain and looked up. He saw the girl, the Princess of the Moon, begin to walk towards him, her pace deliberate and full of purpose. None of the Mercurian mages seemed to be able to stop her approach. Behind the girl he could see Adeline's Elite Guardians standing over the Ice Senshi's huddled body as he watched the scene helplessly. Tears filled Adeline's blue eyes, her eyes locking with the gentle gray of her beloved life partner's eyes. Solaris could feel the crackling bolts of energy surrounding the cornflower-eyes Serenity as she approached him, but he did not give her the twisted satisfaction of watching her draw nearer. His eyes were for Adeline alone, watching and feeling her struggle against the painful magical attack.

Solaris…? Her mind half questioned, half pleaded.

He focused his whole being on his beloved Nymph. I have faith in you, he sent her, hoping she understood.

Adeline blinked, having seen his eyes momentarily flash a brilliant white. An overwhelming sense of reassurance seemed to fill her as she felt Solaris's presence brush her soul in a lovingly tender caress. The tiniest of smiles touched her lips and she stared back at him.

I will find you, she sent him, somehow knowing he would soon be leaving.

Solaris blinked in surprise when her eyes flashed a scintillating white, but at the same time he felt reassured by it. He, too, knew he would be gone within the next few moments. How he knew this was a mystery even to him. But at the same time he was beyond certain that no matter what Adeline would find him. It was a strange role-reversal, it had always been his job to protect and save her from harm. Now it was her turn to save him from whatever this was.

Oblivious to everything save her apparent victory, Serenity came to stand next to the kneeling object of her affection and toyed with his light blond hair in desire.

"Solaris is mine, Mercury." she directed to the Senshi of Ice. "I will make him see that. I suggest you not be here when we return. It'll save you from being rejected so publicly."

I will find you, Adeline sent again softly just as a silvery-white sphere surrounded Serenity and the girl's prize. The sphere abruptly brightened and contracted in on itself, vanishing in the blink of an eye. The pain she had been suffering left the ice wielder at the same time as the sphere disappeared from sight. Shock held the library in a deep, stunned silence. No one dared to speak, still not believing what they had just witnessed. Slowly Adeline raised herself to her knees and just stared at where her love had once been, a look of sheer determination on her face.

"I promise." she whispered fiercely.

"She had taken him to the Moon Palace." Andros, the leader of her Elite Guardians supplied.

At Adeline's puzzled look, he elaborated, "I picked up her magical trace when she vanished."

Adeline nodded sternly.

Solaris could not remember exactly when it had been he had passed out or why exactly he had. Not that it mattered much now since he was positive he did pass out. He was waking from it as he realized it. His senses were agonizingly sluggish to return, frustrating his already alert mind. He wanted to know where he was, needed to know to prepare himself for anything that could happen. The Sun Lord's sense of balance returned first. He was horizontal by the feel of it, lying onto something. Sounds came next. There were chains nearby, clinking softly from movement caused by something swinging from them or from a breeze moving them. But he didn't hear any wind. Only breathing. He could hear two different sets, his own sounding slightly ragged and one more not far away. The sense of touch returned soon after. The chains he had heard were binding him, holding his arms up and apart above his head, digging into his flesh slightly. The air was cool against his face. Or was that sensation of the fingers trailing down his cheek?


A warm breath brushed his lips and he recoiled sharply, as far as the chains would allow him, before whoever it was made contact with his mouth. He knew instinctively that this was not Adeline. His blue eyes snapped open to stare into the disappointed face of Princess Serenity. Solaris frowned a growl at her, turning his face away in disgust.

She bristled and pouted like a child. "Why don't you love me?" she questioned in all innocence, genuinely not understanding how he could possibly resist her.

"Gee, where to start?" he snapped sarcastically, still looking away.

Princess Serenity moved closer to him and grinned triumphantly when her magical chains kept him from retreating any further. She pressed herself up against his chest, a hand to his heart as the other hand lightly traced the features of his face, enjoying his attempts to escape her touch.

"That girl is weak, Solaris, she is unworthy of your attentions." she murmured seductively. "You deserve someone stronger, someone better. Let me be that someone."

He did not say a word, only tried to pull his face further away from her searching lips, thoroughly disgusted.

"She is far too naive and innocent." she cooed, undeterred by his actions of refusal.

"You deserve someone more experienced, someone who will know how to please you in every way possible."

Solaris blinked in appalled understanding. He frowned in utter revulsion and glared at his jailer. "I would rather die a horrible and agonizing death that let you anywhere near me that way." he hissed.

Her expression faded to stunned disbelief.

He refused her?

The disbelief then melted into fury. He wasn't allowed to refuse her. He had to fall in love with her. She pulled back away from him, much to the warrior's relief. With her hand balled into a fist she struck Solaris hard across the face, hard enough for him to taste his own blood on his tongue. All the sweetness and innocence that had played upon her face were now gone, replaced by the expression worn by every woman who was ever shunned by the one she desired.

"You'll change your mind soon enough." she ground in promise. "You'll see. I brought you here just for that."

Here…, he suddenly pondered. Where is here anyway?

Working his jaw against the pain from the blow, the God raised his eyes and took in his surroundings. Glittering transparent crystal decorated his jail, a translucent curtain brushed past his cheek and a strong whiff of roses invaded his nose. His eyes turned up and Solaris saw drapes over him. He blinked as details sunk in one by one, striking a memory cord.

A bed. The Sun God mused. I' m on Serenity's bed.

The Moon Princess grinned maliciously at Solaris's startled expression.

"I will make you love me." she promised as she turned to retrieve something from the side table.

Solaris's eyes widened at the object in the Moon Princess's hands.

Serenity's smile widened as she raised the Moon Stick in front of her. The Ginzuishou mounted on top of the Moon Stick began to glow brightly as Solaris looked on in horror. "Please Ginzuishou... make Solaris love me!" she demanded of the crystal, which began to pulse in response to her wish.

However, the crystal's light suddenly dimmed.

Princess Serenity looked on in horror as the Ginzuishou's power's receded back into the crystal. A powerful watery beam of blue then shot the Moon Stick out of the Moon Princess's hands.

"Love cannot be forced, Serenity." Adeline warned, the light of the Mercury Sapphire dimming as its powers receded. Meanwhile, the Elite Guardians freed their future King.

The Princess of the Moon could only watch as the six disappeared into a portal Andros pulled out.

Plan Two… failed miserably.

Time passes…

Everyone else had commented what a perfect couple the two made, causing Adeline to blush when Solaris placed a tender kiss on her cheek.

To make matters worse, Solaris suddenly announced his marriage to Adeline during one of Queen Selenity's court sessions, causing the said Senshi to blush deeply, confirming their marriage.

After the court session, Princess Serenity stalked the empty halls of Moon Kingdom, a low growl issuing from her throat. That particular scene made Serenity all the more furious, bringing her close to howling. She had been refused her prize yet again. And now the taunts of the Inner Senshi and the reprimands of the Outer Senshi haunted her tortured mind.

You are obsessed...

He'll never want you...

The Sun Lord's path lies with Mercury's, never with yours...

He refused you...

He loves Adeline dearly. It shows...

Don't Lady Mercury and the handsome Lord of the Sun make a handsome couple?

Princess Serenity shouted out her frustration, striking a nearby marble column with her bare fist to help vent some of her fury. It hurt. She smiled at the pain. Pain was good. This was the kind of pain she wanted Adeline to feel in her heart.

It was then when a desperate plan came into her mind; if she could not get him to love her, then no one was allowed to have him.

Sometime later, Princess Serenity stopped before the Prayer Room where the Moon Stick and the Ginzuishou were kept before stepping into the Prayer Room.

Yes, the Ginzuishou will provide me with what I want. Adeline will pay dearly. The Moon Princess thought.

With the presence of a White Moon royal, the security systems of the Prayer Room automatically shut off.

Princess Serenity walked towards the tier where the Moon Stick, complete with the Ginzuishou, floated.

Grabbing the Moon Stick with shaky hands, she thrust the said wand into the air.

The Ginzuishou mounted on top of the Moon Stick began to glow brightly as Princess Serenity made her demand.

"Please Ginzuishou… seal Solaris's spirit within the Sun so that Adeline would never see him again!" she shouted.

The crystal began to pulse in response to her wish.

Noting where the light was coming from, Queen Selenity immediately headed over to the Prayer Room.

The wish begun to take effect as Solaris's physical body suddenly faded away, his soul sealed within his Temple on the Solar Castle. The split second Solaris's soul was sealed away, the light of Mercury died as Adeline fell to the crystal floor of the Mariner Castle, dead. The same time Adeline died, Solaris's sealed soul followed her to the afterlife.

Days later, Princess Serenity was in the Queen Chambers, downcast as Queen Selenity belated her.

Princess Serenity was kneeling on the floor before the queen, sobbing quietly. The queen stood above her, looking absolutely furious. The Moon Stick was in Queen Selenity's hands.

"I cannot believe you would be so selfish! Have you forgotten everything I taught you?" Queen Selenity thundered.

"I'm sorry…" the princess got out in between choked sobs.

"Sorry! You're sorry!" The queen repeated incredulously "Do you have any idea what you have done!" she shook her head in apparent disbelief.

"Not only did you use the most powerful crystal in the Galaxy to seal away Solaris' soul, in doing so, you've also killed Adeline!" she threw up her hands.

"I only wanted Adeline to feel the same pain I felt when Solaris rejected me!" Princess Serenity sniffed.

"You are an egotistic little girl Serenity!" Queen Selenity looked as if she was almost ready to strangle her daughter.

"Not even I can reverse what you did." she sounded immensely disappointed.

Princess Serenity looked up, a glimmer of hope was in her eyes; a glimmer which Queen Selenity caught.

"Yes that's right. There's nothing I can do. I just hope Metallia's seal remains intact now that Solaris is gone." The queen slumped on a nearby chair.

"I can only hope that the Silver Alliance doesn't crumble because of this." she sighed.

"We were married?" Ami inquired incredulously.

"Yes." Solaris nodded as he returned to his present self.

"I think that's what prompted me to give you this." Thomas admitted, fingering the ring on Ami's finger. "Now I understand what you meant by 'one body, two souls'. Ames, both half of my soul fell in love with you independently."

"Solaris comes out without your consensus?" Ami guessed.

"I had a feeling there was 'something else' inside of me, but I could never put my finger to it." Thomas replied. "I think that melody was just the trigger he needed to come out."

"Mine?" Ami's eyes pleaded.

"All yours." Thomas grinned, pulling her up for a deep kiss as they made their way to the bedroom.

That night, in Ami's dream…

A shimmer of garnet entered her dream.

"Mercury." Sailor Pluto looked sternly at the renegade transformed Senshi.

"I'm needed… again." Millennial Sailor Mercury sighed.

"Yes." Sailor Pluto replied.

"And I have to really downplay my abilities once again so that I don't overshadow the Princess." Millennial Sailor Mercury added.

Sailor Pluto nodded.

"Fine." Millennial Sailor Mercury replied somewhat bitterly as Sailor Pluto disappeared back to her post.

The next morning…

A nude Thomas awoke to an empty bed. Peering open his eyes, he noticed a note on the side table and the half Austrian picked up the piece of paper.

I'm sorry that I have to leave before you woke up, Peacock. Pluto came to me last night and informed me that since I'm done here, my full attention is needed on my 'other job'. She also reminded me that I have to downplay my abilities and my awakened powers so that Serenity doesn't suspect anything, especially about you; considering how she almost came between us during the Silver Millennium, I'm not taking any chances. Piece of advice though: you might want to keep Solaris out of sight until I'm through protecting that child. (Thomas chuckled at that sentence, Serenity was truly a child.) Also, you might want to keep your mental shields up 24/7, in case she decides to use the Ginzuishou to find you. Don't worry about me, I know what I'm supposed to do. One more thing: about that 5 years thing, I wasn't kidding.

P.S: I'd try to return whenever I have the chance, so please, keep that music hall of yours open 24/7. You might never know when I'd decide to come back.

"Of course it will be open, Blue." Thomas muttered. "Especially for you."

Five years later…

"Good morning Keenan." Kristy greeted the teen at her door.

"Good morning." Keenan returned her greeting.

"Time for school!" Kristy beamed, pulling Keenan off.

"Take care." Sarah waved to the two.

"At only nineteen years old," the newscaster announced. "Thomas H. Norstein has just become the youngest Noble Prize winner in history."

"Look Sarah." Spencer told his wife. "They're interviewing Thomas on TV."

"What?" Sarah gasped in awe.

"I just hope I can cure others like I did my sister." The now bespectacled Thomas told the reporter, an engagement ring sitting prominently on his finger.

"Good morning everyone." Yoshi greeted her workmates when she entered the police department.

"Come quick!" Megumi gestured. "Thomas just won the medical prize for curing Relena! And Ami said 'yes' to his marriage proposal!"

"Looks like we have another wedding in the works." Miki nodded, with a wedding ring on her finger.

Sampson's cough broke the three females apart.

"I'm going on patrol!" Yoshi shouted as she took off.

"Good morning Yoshi!" Kristy and Keenan greeted the policewoman as Yoshi pulled in beside them in her patrol car.

"Don't run too closely to the cars." Yoshi advised.

"Okay!" the two teens chorused and went on their way.

"Hey you! Kouki! Where's your helmet? You're in big trouble!" Yoshi shouted after the motorcycle-riding Kouki, chasing after him.

"That's our Yoshi." Yushima remarked as he fished along the expressway. "Always scaring the fish away." Before grinning at the two teens.

Kristy and Keenan returned his laugh.

In the Digital World, a group Goblimon faced off with a group of Shamanmon.

"Who do you think you are? In case you didn't notice, this is our turf." The leader of the Goblimon demanded.

"Does it look like I care?" the leader of the Shamanmon retorted. "We're coming through whether you like it or no!"

"You looking for a fight?" the Goblimon leader growled.

"Sure am. Let's go!" the Shamanmon leader retaliated.

"Hold it!" Marcus cut in. "Anyone caught fighting in the Digital World has to deal with me, Marcus Damon, the Ultimate Justice of the Peace. Ready Agumon?"

"Yeah!" Agumon remarked and the two jumped in to break up the fight.

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