What they cant ever steal….

Summary-Bill and Barb one shot. In response to Barb , Bill assures Barb-there are things that Nikkie and Margene can never take from her.

"It just feels like they stole something from me."Barb said before turning her back to Bill as tears fill her eyes.

Bill bites his lip. "Barb-"

"No don't say it. I get it. I am selfish to feel such a way." Barb said

"Your not selfish." Bill insists "There-you gotta look at differently honey."

"And which way do you want me to look at it? Sharing makes me a better person?" Barb mutters.

"You're the first woman I ever really loved." Bill said turning her to look at him

"You always say that." Barb whispers "Maybe its not enough. I just wish I was special."

"But you are! You are baby-you're the first woman I ever loved. But this isn't just about you being my first wife-I lost my virginity to you. That moment-that exact moment-I only share with you.."

Tears well up in Barbs eyes "I remember that moment." She said with a slight blush.

"You're the woman who made me a dad. My first born baby, my first daughter, my first son-they come from you." Bill said "Nikki and Margie can never have that. The births of my first three kids-only memories I share with you."

"I hold onto those with everything in me." Barb confesses

"I love all my wives. But your all special to me in your own ways. And you-you're my first everything. The one who taught me to love, to have faith in myself-you gave me a family." Bill whispers "There is a spot in my heart that's only yours and they never ever come into it. You're my best friend Barb-I couldn't do this without you. Don't ever doubt that."