Title: Reckless
Author: marjorie16
Fandom: Twilight
Summary: Edward leaves Bella in NM. She desperately needs to find him. So at the age of 19, she successfully writes and publishes a bestselling book, 'Twilight', to catch his attention. Unfortunately, not only does she catch his attention but also that of other vampires. And these immortals are not so happy about it.

When you're "forbidden to remember" but "terrified to forget", what do you do?

You write.

What if it were all true?

* Third Person POV


"This is your great plan, brother?" Jane screeched silently. "Sneaking into the house and grabbing the kid? Are you insane? We'll get caught!"

"Hush, Jane! We aren't going to grab anyone," Alec whispered back to her. They were slowly creeping across the street towards the Swan residence.

"Then what in the world are we doing?" Their silent voices could only be heard by themselves. "I cannot believe that I, Jane of the Volturi, am 'sneaking' into a human's home. Sneaking?!"

"This is not the time to be a brat, sister. There ... look." Alec pointed at the far window where they could see the silhouette of a person, a man.

"Oh my god," Jane said in a tone a little higher than a murmur. Edmond was the only name she thought. He looked exactly like the character in the book. So tall and lean and...just... perfect. "What a hunk..."

"Jane!" Alec punched her lightly. "Focus."

She immediately cleared her throat and tried to focus -- without much success. "What are we doing here anyway?"

"I'm not really sure."

"Not sure? Brother, I will not tolerate this! You told me you had a plan!" she whispered menacingly, "and now you tell me you don't have one?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"Oh mother, why oh why did all the brains go to me?" She rested her head on the brick wall, contemplating Edmond's perfection instead of trying to help Alec form a plan. If there was any way he could see her in a different light. She remembered it like it was just a while ago. The look on his face when he smashed through the glass windows in the Volturi mansion. He looked so fierce.

"Uh oh," Alec observed. Jane was brought back to reality.

"What is it?"

"It looks like they're convening. Like something came up." Alec shifted his weight to see closer. "They're moving about the place."

"Do you see the human?"

"No, not from this view. No."

"Well, what's happening?" Jane pushed Alec's shoulder out of the way. "Let me see."

"Stop fidgetting, Jane."

"Let me see." Her hands kept moving in his way.

"Okay, okay." He surrendered -- as always. "There you go." They exchanged positions silently. "Brat," he spat softly.

"Homo," she shot back.

To that, he could reply no more, for suddenly, the door opened and two immortals got in. One had a dark foreboding character. Behind him was a feline lady with fiery hair. Jane thought the two looked familiar.

"What are they saying?" Alec asked from behind her.

"Listen, brother," she said the word in contempt. "If we don't shut up, those vampires are going to hear us, and will try to kill us, then, we lose any sort of advantage we have now. Okay?"

"Okay, okay," he conceded. "Are you actually getting hormonal little sister?"


The twins moved into a more comfortable position, that is, a position where they could easily move in case of discovery. They remained silent as they followed the movements of the five immortals in the room.

"We mean you no harm, Edward," the dark-haired man said.

His name is Edward, Jane thought cheerfully. She sighed.

"Is it your custom to mention that to your every prey, Demetri?" Edward answered.

His voice!

"Come now, Edward. We both know how to play the game." The man named Demetri looked around. "Won't you invite us inside?"

Edward didn't move. Another girl, a female with dark spiky hair, moved forward and held one of Edward's arms. Jane couldn't see her face but her voice told her that the girl might be smiling, "Come in, then. I know what this is about. We already know who's behind this. My name is Alice and this is Jasper." She pointed at the blonde man behind them.

Alec tensed behind her.

The immortals in the room walked casually into the living room. "Cute place," the red-head visitor said.

Jane faced her brother. "We have to move to the other window to get a closer look," her lips said without a sound.

"We don't need to see them. We can hear them fine from here," Alec answered in the same manner.

"Would you just move?" Jane then pushed her brother towards the other way. Of course, she didn't admit that the visual part of the meeting was more interesting to her than the conversation.

Again, the twins prowled stealthily towards the other window which was on the other side of the house. When they finally reached the window, Jane saw that the immortals were sitting casually around a coffee table.

"The Volturi has sent the twins after you," Demetri began. "You're not in a very good position."

"That is a matter of opinion," Jasper said. He was seated close to the girl with the spiky hair.

"Have you informed them of our agenda, Edward?" the red-head said.


"Why don't you tell us, Calypso," Alice said. "In detail."

"Well, basically we plan to set the world right. Immortals up on the thrones and the mortals waiting on them...us. Just like Trueblood, only less pornographic and without the V---if you know what I mean."

Jane finally remembered why the two visitors were so familiar. They were one of the traitors who helped Edmond -- Edward -- save Isabella Swan from her last time. So this is their agenda! Obviously Edward didn't like it; we actually have something in common!

"Obviously we don't share the same interests," Jasper replied. Edward remained silent. "So why did you come here?"

"You're wrong. We do share the same interests. And that's why we're here," Demetri said. He leaned forward and clasped his hands together. "You see, in order to get our plans in motion..."

"You need Bella," Edward spoke for the first time.

Demetri smiled. "Yes, we do. But apart from that, we need to get the Volturi out of the picture. And by the looks of things, you have reason to mean them harm." His eyes moved in a menacing manner.

At that moment, a twig cracked. The immortals inside the room turned quickly at the window. But it wasn't the window where the twins peeked.

Alec and Jane followed the place where they heard the crack. To their surprise, they saw two bodies moving opposite of them, just in the other window. The strangers' scent meant that they, too, were immortals.

And for a few long seconds, the twins just stared at them. It was rather a disconcerting situation because Jane felt that they were caught in the act when it was actually the other way around … sort of.

Then it all happened quickly: the two strangers went in the window, and so Jane and Alec followed in. In a matter of seconds they were all, that is, nine immortals, in a room where there, on the bed, slept two humans.

And again, there was an awkward moment where they all stared at each other. Surprised at the presence of the witch twins, and the two other companions of the Romanians, Cronus and Athena.

Edward was the first to move. He went straight for Jane who was more than happy to be tackled by Edmond. And that was why she couldn't concentrate enough to use her talents. The sound of their crash awoke the humans.

Alice immediately grabbed Bella and hurried out the door. She was followed by Cronus and Athena.

"Alice, Melody!" Bella cried.

Jasper went for Melody who was close to tears at the sight of so many strangers. And just before Demetri and Calypso launched themselves towards the other twin. Alec was now focused enough to use his powers against his two opponents and luckily, spread it throughout the vicinity of the house where it reached the struggling immortals who carried the humans.

"Jane!" he shouted to his sister.

Edward lay numb on the floor, painfully aware that the Volturi twins were now free to capture his beloved.

Jane dragged herself -reluctantly- off the heavy body of her captive. "It's nice to meet you, Mr. Crawford... whoever you really are. It's been..." she wasn't quite sure what to say "pleasant," she finally said awkwardly.

"Stop talking to him. Let's go!" Alec urged her.

"Okay, okay," she soothed her brother. And then, she looked longingly back at Edward. "We're going to go now. I... I'm sorry for the, um, inconvenience. I hope we meet again." She would blush right now if she could. "Under better circumstances, hopefully."

"Oh dear," Alec exasperated. "You have to be kidding me."

"You'll feel better soon," Jane said to Edward, again with a loving voice so unbecoming of her. "Goodbye!" she bade. Alec thought she looked rather like a girl scout who had just received her payment for a chocolate box.

Jane scurried away from the scene leaving Alec in the room. "That was..." he said to Edward and the rest of the immortals on the floor. "More disturbing than her usual self." And then, he swiftly followed his sister.

* * *

Demetri waited until Alec left the room. Once the witches were out of sight, he carefully stood up and helped Calypso get on her feet. He was, again, thankful that he was a Shield.

The plan was simple, he and Calypso would distract the coven, and then Cronus and Athena would get in and grab Bella. It was simple. But then, out of the blue, they find themselves meeting, face to face, the immortals who they dreaded to meet -- the Volturi witches.

Calypso couldn't move any part of her body.

"Calypso, you can't move. You can't come with me," he whispered in her ear. He was looking at Edward who was, clearly, looking at him.

"Get the girl," was all Calypso could say.

At that, he left her in the room and ran straight to where the scent of the twins led him.

The empty street was shrouded in darkness. But Demetri had no problem with that. His predator eyes focus slightly, and all was clear. There were four bodies lying on the cemented road, none of them were human.

The twins were missing, too, he thought. That meant that the witches got what they wanted, the girl, Bella - which didn't make sense because they wanted her dead. So there would have been a powerful scent of her blood sprayed on the streets. There was none.

None of Bella and none of the little girl.

Could it be that they had escaped? Impossible. Alec's power would have affected them, too. They'd have to be... someone like me, a Shield. Could it be?

Demetri walked further until he caught the scent of blood, and it was going in two different directions. One went further towards the road, and another --fainter scent-- towards a distant alley.

He thought over which direction to go, not realizing that the effect Alec rested upon the immortals was quickly wearing off. And Alice was aware of everything.

Within the span of ten seconds, Demetri headed for the dark alley.

* * *

Edward righted himself and went straight to where Alice's thoughts were, not minding the fiery-haired girl who still lay unmoving near him.

When he got to the empty road, he found Alice helping Jasper up. The other immortals, Cronus and Athena, were slowly able to move from the onslaught of numbness.

"Edward!" Alice called to him. "Bella confused the Volturi by wounding herself and marking a truck moving that way" -she pointed towards the endless road- "but she went to an alley over there" -she pointed to where Demetri's scent went- "with Melody. She's wounded and she's weak. I don't know about the last part, but I think we're about to find out. Hurry! Demetri is almost to her!"

Without a word, Edward thrusted full speed towards the place where Alice pointed at.

"Don't move or I'll kill her," Demetri shouted the moment he caught sight of Edward rushing towards their position.

"No!" Bella shouted. "Edward!"

Edward stopped. He saw Melody in the red-eyed fiend's arms; she was going to be strangled.

Edward was sure of it now. Demetri was a Shield. He was blocking him from entering his head. "You don't have to hurt the child, Demetri. We can come to terms with this. We were civilized before. We can do it again. Just let the child go."

Melody cried furiously.

Demetri laughed. "You actually believed the pleasantries? I had my people sneak into the room. I do not believe you will offer any pleasantries any more. And besides, how am I to know if it was not you who sent the Volturi after us?"

"You know full well what they've done to Bella. It was certainly not our idea. But I can say the same for you, can't I?"

"It doesn't change anything. I will still kill this innocent if you don't comply to our terms."

And then, both Edward and Demetri could hear the tearing sounds of immortal combat from afar. Edward was sure of what was happening.

"Okay!" Bella shouted at both of them. "I'll come with you," she said to Demetri.

Edward looked at her. It was like that scene again, he thought, when James tried to torture her and he was just in time to save her. Her arm, the one he fed upon a day ago, was bleeding madly and the dark circles in her eyes were so prominent, she looked like she hadn't slept for days.

He knew what she was doing. She was giving up.

"Bella, no!" he said to her. "Help is going to come." Demetri shifted his position uncomfortably.

Bella hurried to stand erect, using the brick wall for support. "Don't move," Demetri ordered her.

"What can I do to you?" she retorted. And then she moved towards Edward. Demetri didn't flinch.

Edward felt her hands cup his face. "Melody's a kid. She deserves to live, Edward. She doesn't deserve this life. If we wait for help, he can kill her anyways. I can't risk that. I can't."

"But you..." he tried to say. It was one of Bella's speeches where there was nothing he can do to stop her. "I can't... you can't." And then, he focused his eyes seriously. "I will find you."

And then, her lips moved without a sound. "I'm dying, Edward. I have Leukaemia, and these wounds are getting worse. There's only a little time left. And I'm sure whatever they have planned won't work because I won't survive that long... I think."

She gulped, and cleared her throat as if she hadn't said anything. "Take care of her." Then she turned her back to him, and started walking towards her captor. Edward couldn't move a muscle. He was still trying to digest what Bella had told him.

In a matter of seconds, she had disappeared with Demetri, leaving Melody behind, still crying. He looked up to where Demetri ran.

She was gone now. And maybe she'll be gone permanently tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after that. She was gone.

Alice and Jasper materialized behind him. Alice went straight for Melody and tried to soothe her.

"We can still catch them," Jasper suggested. "Come on, Edward!"

But Edward wouldn't move.

"We have to move, guys. The Volturi are coming back," Alice warned them. "Let's go!"

* * *

"We've been duped!" Alec exclaimed.

"She has to be hiding here somewhere," Jane stated. They went back to the place in the road where they had left the numb bodies of the immortals. But there were only pieces of body parts piled in a fire. "Looks like we missed the action."

"Or just came right in time," said a familiar musical voice. Both whirled around to see three strangers coming towards them. As they came closer, Jane realized that they were not strangers at all. And if she could blush right now, she would have.

"Jane," Edmond -Edward- had said. "I need your help." It was music to her ears.


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