Summary: The Dark Makers are experimenting with Dark Eco, and they're using the citizens of Haven City as guinea pigs. It's up to Jak and Sky, Haven City's very own Dark Demons to catch the creature's they create before they can cause too much damage to the city. When Jak meets Keira, a mechanic, can he keep her safe from the dangers that are lurking about in the city?

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Chapter one
The First Glimpse

Pitch black, terror filled eyes flicked around in panic, taking it their surroundings. A shadowy silhouette stayed crouched in the corner, a pair of tight lips were pulled back over glistening white teeth, sharp as knifes. Long black hair flowed past the shadow's waist as she watched and waited.



The young girl's head whipped around towards the sound of the intruders voice. She ran to the window of the destroyed house, she knew it was her fault, that her deadly claws had caused all this damage. But she couldn't bring herself to feel bad about it. She growled when she saw two figures jumping over rocks and fallen buildings, coming for her. They wanted to take her. She had to run.

The girl crouched down and rolled her shoulders before she pushed off the ground and launched herself out the window. The wind whipped past her, blowing her hair about as she ran, dodging the rubble that littered the ground.

"Jak! Over there!" A female voice shouted.

"I'll take the left and we'll close in on her!" A male voice answered.

The girl knew that meant she was going to be taken, she didn't want to go. They were going to hurt her.

She veered sharply to the left before she realized what was waiting for her; she slammed straight into the male who was chasing her. He flipped her over so that her cheek was pressed against the dirt as she thrashed against his grip.

"Hold her down." Directed the same female voice. She looked up to see a curvy shadow crouched down beside her. "Just relax; we're here to help you." The voice was reassuring but had a lulling, seductive edge to it.

The girl cried out as she felt a sharp stab of pain in her left arm, then everything went black.

"That one was easy, they're becoming reckless."

The male chuckled as he picked up the limp teenage girl in his arms. "So, who's this one?"

The girl grinned in the darkness before she flicked something on her wrist. "Tyanna Adams, age fifteen. One older brother, her parents live in South Town."

The male sighed. "You're right, this is the youngest one so far… they're becoming far too reckless."

'Beep beep!'

"Whoops, I got it." The girl laughed. "Hey, Torn. Yeah, we got her. She's fine, a little frightened. No, I can't. She's out cold, that's why. I know, I know, we're on our way back. Later." She chuckled. "We'd better get back, come on."

The male nodded before he sighed. "I don't understand… why would she come to Dead Town? What could she possibly want that this place could offer?"

The girl shrugged. "Safety, protection, she could walk around undetected here. We're the only people that come here, Jak."

The male laughed. "I see your point, now come on; let's get going."

As the two walked through the gates that barricaded Dead Town from Haven City, they were engulfed by lights. They were no longer shadows.

The male stood at about 5'8 with blonde hair that was green at the tips and deep blue eyes. He wore a blue tunic and khaki pants. The female stood at the same height as the male with light blue hair that swung to her waist which was up in a high ponytail, her eyes were a bright ocean blue. She wore a black corset top and a pair of faded blue jeans.

"We have to keep her out of the public eye, Jak. We don't want them to start getting worried." The female hissed as they walked towards the two vehicles parked not too far away.

Jak laughed. "Calm down, Sky. You know I have a need for speed, they won't see anything."

Sky smirked. "I'll hold you to that."

Jak walked over to his two seater zoomer, he groaned. "I hate these things, they're so slow." He complained as he lowered Tyanna onto the passenger's seat.

Sky laughed. "What about your need for speed?"

Jak rolled his eyes. "I can't go over sixty on these things unless I want the engine to blow up."

Sky's face masked itself with mock sympathy. "Aw, little Jakkie Boy has to go slow… Poor thing."

Jak glared at her with a smile. "Shut up, let's just go already."

Sky clucked her tongue. "Someone's impatient, but I see your point."

She swung her leg over the side of her midnight blue zoomer; she grinned at Jak before she kicked it to life and sped off.

Jak swore before he putted along back to HQ.

"Well hello, granny. How nice of you to join me."

"Shut up already."

Sky was still laughing to herself when they walked into their HQ's main room.

"Well done you two. You're the best people we've got for this." Torn said.

"Correction," Sky interrupted. "We're the only people you've got for this."

Torn chuckled before he turned all business. "Where did you find her?" He asked, nodding towards the limp figure in Jak's arms.

"Dead Town." Jak answered almost immediately.

Torn nodded in understanding. "I still can't believe they're making them this young."

Sky sighed. "We can only hope that the others figure out some way to turn them back."

"Sky?" A voice called.

Sky turned around to see a black haired, green eyed man walking towards her. "Hey Cal, how's it going?"

He shrugged. "Same old, same old. Got another one I see."

Jak laughed. "Of course."

Torn rolled his eyes. "Okay, you two can have a bit of a break now. We'll call you if we get another sighting."

Sky did a little fist pump. "Cheers, Torn."

Jak smiled. "Where do you want to go?"

Sky's face went blank. "I have no idea."

Cal smirked. "What ever would two Econ Hunters do in their free time?"

Sky laughed. "That certainly narrows down the possibilities don't you think?"

Jak shook his head with a smile. "Want to go get a drink?" He asked.

Sky smiled. "Sounds good."

"Hey there, Cherries! Come to try out the new bar, huh?"

Jak smirked. "You read my mind."

Sky looked oddly confused. "Who calls a bar the Naughty Ottsel?"

Sig laughed. "Just shut up and get a drink."

A brunette girl behind the bar smiled at Jak and Sky. "What can I get you two?"

"Just a beer." Jak replied.

Sky grinned. "Four Tequila shots."

Sig hooted with laughter. "Tequila! How many did you manage to hold before you passed out last time?"

Sky smirked. "Six. But come on, granted I had a glass of Lurker Brew and some other random crap."

Jak playfully punched Sky's arm. "You gotta admit Sig, she holds her liquor well."

Sky lifted a finger. "Except for that one night."

The three of them had gone to a new bar that had opened in the nice side of town; they didn't leave until 2am. Jak and Sky had stumbled down the street singing drinking songs and laughing like idiots.

Jak chuckled. "What a night, huh?"

Sky downed one of her shots. "What a night." She agreed.

"So," Sig began, his tone casual. "How many alerts today?"

Sig knew all about the creatures that Jak and Sky hunted down every day.

"Just the one." Jak answered.

"Not as much fun today, huh?"

Sky laughed as she tipped her head back, the clear liquid in the shot glass sliding down her throat.

'Beep beep!'

Sky groaned. "You have got to be kidding me."

Jak laughed and pulled a small device from his pocket. "What is it, Torn?"

A muffled voice spoke from the other end of the line.

"The Stadium?" Jak asked, surprised. "Why would he be there? Oh, okay. We'll go now. Bye."

Sky bit her bottom lip. "Another sighting?" She asked.

He nodded. "Another sighting." He confirmed. "This one is at the Stadium."

Sky stared at him in confusion. "That's a first."

Jak shrugged. "They go to wherever they feel safe, unthreatened. We'd better get going."

Sky sighed before she quickly downed her last two shots, she jumped up off the bar stool and punched Sig's shoulder before she followed Jak out the door.

"So, who exactly are we looking for?" Sky asked as the two of them swiped their security passes so they could get inside the stadium.

"Tai Smith, age nineteen, he works in the engineering section, only child, lives just down the road." Jak answered, reading the information from the electronic logging system that was attached to his wrist.

Sky smiled. "Let's hope this is a bit more interesting than the last one, huh?"

Jak rolled his eyes. "Mhm."

"Come on, already! We're going to be la-"


A young girl had come running around the corner and had smacked straight into Jak, the force of the impact forced her onto her backside, she hit the ground with a huff.

Sky couldn't stop the hysterical giggle that passed her lips before she extended her arm to help the girl up. "Are you alright?" She asked.

The girl nodded. "I'm fine, I'm so sorry about that, I should have been watching where I was going."

Jak made a strange noise. "It's fine." He said, oddly friendly to the stranger. "No harm done."

The girl blushed slightly. "That's good. I'm Keira by the way." She extended her hand.

Jak took Keira's small hand in his own, he marvelled in the feel of her smooth skin for a moment before he spoke. "Jak, pleasure to meet you, Keira." His tone then took on a mocking edge. "This is Sky, my partner in crime."

She laughed. "Nice."


Jak stiffened before he looked at Sky with a panicked expression. "We need to hurry." He suddenly felt the need to keep Keira safe.

Sky nodded. "Keira, was there anybody with you?" She asked.

Keira nodded. "My friends, Daxter and Tess."

Sky's tone turned wary. "Where are they?"

Keira jerked her thumb over her shoulder. "Back in the stadium section."

Sky hissed in annoyance. "Stay here."

Jak all but snarled at her. "No, she comes with us."

Sky grinned. "Alright, come on Keira. But stay close."

The three of them walked through the gates into the large stadium, a boy with bright orange hair waved like a maniac, the blonde girl that stood next to him giggled.

"Keira! Where are you going?" The boy that could only be Daxter shouted.

Sky answered him. "You have to get over here now! There's something dangerous in here!"

Keira nodded rapidly to add to Sky's statement. "Trust them, guys. They know what they're doing."

Daxter shrugged before he and the girl walked over to them. His eyes widened when he took in Jak and Sky. "Oh my God! I know you two! You're Jak and Sky, the Econ Hunters!"

Sky chuckled and turned to Jak. "There's always one."

Daxter composed himself. "What are you two doing here?"

"There's an Econ in here, we're on call." Jak answered.

Keira looked confused. "What's an Econ?" She asked.

"Econ basically means Eco Infected." Jak began, even though the information was confidential, he felt the need to tell her. "The Dark Makers are using Haven City civilians for their own disgusting experiments. So, it's up to Sky and me to find them whenever they turn up and take them back to HQ."

Tess whistled. "Wow."

Keira gently nudged Jak's arm. "Is there something wrong with Sky?" She asked.

Jak looked up to see Sky crouched down on the concrete barrier. Her head was bowed forward and she shook with effort, she made a pained noise every now and again. Everyone except for Jak watched with wide eyes as her skin paled until it was a deathly white and the pupils of her eyes enlarged until they swallowed the blue and white. Her hair had lightened until it was a silvery white, and two small horns had emerged from the top of her head. Her head snapped up and she snarled, she looked at Jak, her expression livid.

"Jak, stay here and keep them safe, this one is mine." Her voice was low and husky, but it sounded like there were two people talking instead of just the one. The other voice sounded cocky and menacing. She grinned widely, showing off a pair of sharp, white fangs.

Jak nodded once.

Keira stared at Sky with wide eyes. "What is she?" She asked as Sky moved towards something that the others couldn't see, her every movement was fluid and agile.

Jak chuckled once without humour. "That there is what makes us so special, why we're the only two Econ Hunters around. We've both been touched by Dark Eco, it changed us, it twisted everything, made us stronger, faster. We're able to overpower others. But, we try to blend in."

"Jak!" Sky shouted, not turning to look at him. "I can see him. I'm going in! Wish me luck!" He could hear the smile in her words, she got a kick out of fighting.

Sky took a deep breath as she stared at Tai, he was standing on one of the wide, metal support beams, staring straight back at her. His expression was wary, he knew she was dangerous. Sky rolled her shoulders before she launched herself up, grabbing onto a beam and swinging to the next one. Tai searched frantically for an escape, he spotted Jak and the others, he knew that she would protect them if they were in danger.

He launched himself off the beam and shot through the air towards them, teeth bared. Sky hissed before she pushed off from where she was crouched and collided with him mid-air. The two of them tumbled to the ground, Sky rolled a few times before she stretched out her left leg but kept her right one bent, her arms were braced out in front of her. She stared at Tai, her expression simply said "bring it on."

Tai grinned before he turned to glare at Jak, he straightened up and walked towards them, his movements seemed calm but he was tensed on the inside, waiting to spring and then flee. Sky's eyes widened when she realized what he was up to. She shot a fleeting glance at Jak who looked like he was about to explode with anger. Sky was confused yet slightly smug, she had ammo to tease him with.

"Jak," She murmured. "Calm down, I'll take care of it."

Jak nodded sharply, but he grabbed Keira's arms and gently pulled her so that she was standing behind him while he protected her.

Sky jumped forward and latched onto Tai's back, she wrapped her legs around his waist and swung her arms around his neck. "Jak!" She hissed, "I need your help, he can't get to them now, grab the syringe!" She held tight as Tai thrashed about in an attempt to shake her off.

Jak flicked one of the strange mechanical things strapped to his arm, he pulled out the syringe that was lying in there. He walked over to Tai and jabbed his arm with the syringe, the young boy cried out in pain and stumbled back a few steps, he tripped and slammed Sky's back against the concrete wall. She groaned in pain and her arms and legs slipped from around him. Tai stumbled once more before he fell to the ground.

Jak jogged over to Sky and grabbed her shoulders, her dark form had faded. "Sky? Are you alright?"

Sky groaned again and rolled her shoulders. "I'm fine, just a little sore."

Jak chuckled before he turned back to the others. "Are you guys alright?"

Keira nodded. "Fine… is that Tai Smith?"

Jak nodded. "You know him?"

Keira nodded meekly. "He works in the mechanics station next to mine."

Sky sighed. "We're going to have to take you back to HQ with us; we need to find out what you know."

Keira nodded again. "Okay."

Jak looked at the other two. "You guys are free to go, now."

Daxter smiled. "Thanks, hey; if either of you are looking for a good place to wind down, come to my bar. The Naughty Ottsel."

Sky shook her head and laughed once the two had disappeared. "So, that's who calls a bar the Naughty Ottsel."

Jack rolled his eyes before he pulled out his communicator. "Torn? We got him; we've got someone who knows some stuff about him. We're bringing her back to HQ with us." He flipped it closed and helped Sky up. "Let's go."

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