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Chapter nine

"How did it go?" Kellan asked, looking up at Sky as she all but bounced over to him, wrapping her arms around him.

She laughed, "Flawlessly, the antidote is perfect. They've all been injected, so they'll be back to normal in no time."

It had been three weeks since Keira had been told that she was a carrier of the strange Dark Eco infection, even though the substance was deadly to most, it didn't harm her in the slightest.

No less than a week later, Cal had run straight to Torn's office, shouting something along the lines of "We got it!"

Turns out, they had finally figured out the antidote to the infection, two weeks after that day, the antidote was safe to use. Sky and Cal had spent most of their day ridding the innocent civilians of their savage sides, and sending them home to their families. It had been a day full of relief and gratification.

Keira had refused the injection, explaining that because it was causing her no harm, she could find no reason to be rid of it.

The Dark Makers had seemingly given up on trying to cause havoc in Haven City for the time being. Sky knew better, they would be plotting something. Something big, and they would have no choice but to stop them.

"Sky…" Keira groaned, trudging over to the pair and flopping down into a chair. "I'm bored, let's do something."

Sky immediately perked up. "You know what? She's right, we deserve to go and do something. Give me a minute, I'll call Dax and Tess."

The moments that passed consisted of Sky and Keira whispering to each other as they called their friends, sharing ideas and Jak and Kellan exchanging some confused looks.

"Come on, come on!"

"Seriously, you two! Hurry up! Otherwise we'll miss it!"

Jak and Kellan shared a glance before they kicked up into a jog, closely trailing Keira and Sky. The two girls had all but dragged them to Haven Forest, but for what? They didn't know.

"Hey! It's about time you lot got here!"

"Shut up, Daxter."

Jak bumped Daxter's fist with his own once they reached them. "Do you have any idea what these girls are planning?"

Daxter laughed before he shrugged. "No idea." He replied, pulling Tess closer to his side.

Sky turned around and grabbed Kellan's hand. "We're taking a break from the real world for a little while, we're going to enjoy life and remember why we're here." She grinned before running off, Kellan right behind her.

Jak chuckled to himself before Keira grabbed his hand and followed the two couples that were running ahead of them.

"Almost there!" Sky shouted, a grin on her face.

"Where exactly are you girls taking us?" Jak shouted.

Sky laughed. "If you hurry up, you'll find out!"

When the group finally came to a stop, Sky pointed. "That right there, is why we dragged you out here."

They all looked in the direction that she pointed, from where they stood, they towered over the city, seeing straight over the barricading walls.

The setting sun had caused the sky to explode with vibrant colours, red, orange, purple, yellow, blue and pink had been painted across the horizon. It was enough to render someone breathless with its beauty.

"Wow." Tess breathed, sinking to the ground. "I've never seen something so beautiful."

The rest of them followed suit, sinking down onto the grass. Sky leaned her back against Kellan's chest. "It really makes you appreciate things."

Keira smiled nuzzled her nose against Jak's cheek. "She's right, it reminds you that there's beauty and happiness, even in the darkest of times."

Daxter, always one to say something stupid, lived up to his expectations. "It also reminds me that there are several multicolored, alcoholic beverages at my bar."

Low chuckles rolled over the group, the sound was relaxed.

Keira turned her gaze towards Sky, who noticed and looked back at her. "So, what happens now?"

Sky understood what she meant and sighed. "We wait, but for now, just relax, and enjoy life."

They would wait for the opportunity to rid the world of the Dark Makers for good, no matter what the consequences. They would stick together, no matter what. Strong bonds and close friends had been made, love had been found, and hurdles had been jumped. Their journeys had only just begun.

They would climb the mountain and stand on the top,



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