The crowd was silent.

The dust settled, and the umpire yelled, "SAFE, SAFE, SAFE!"

Everyone cheered and ran to congratulate the winning team. When I reached Edward, he was dusting off his pants. I nearly knocked him over with the force of my hug.

Emmett, Alice and Dr. Cullen came to congratulate him with pats on the back. The smile on my dad's face was huge, as he also showed his congratulations by giving Edward a one arm hug around his shoulders.

After everything was packed back up and in the car, we approached my dad about our new living arrangements. My dad was still surfing the high of winning the game that he agreed that Edward should move in right away. For me, right away meant tonight.

Edward and I hopped in the Volvo and headed over to the Cullen house to pack up his things and bring them to my house.

"I'm so excited!" I squealed once we were in the car. "I can't believe Charlie's going to let you move in. It's really official now. My dad loves you."

Edward grinned at me. "He'll probably make me sleep on the couch."

"He wouldn't dare."

Edward just shrugged as he turned the car onto the Cullen's long driveway.

Edward didn't have a lot of belongings. Mostly it was just clothes. I hadn't really been over to the Cullen's house that much since Edward had been in town. We spent most of our time at my house or out around town. I felt a little sad that Edward had left everything behind to be with me. I only hoped that we would be able to make a home for ourselves soon. College wasn't until September, but with Edward's eighteenth birthday just a couple of months away, we could technically leave town early.

It's not that I wanted to leave Forks and my dad right after graduation, but I thought that it would be more comfortable for Edward. In our own apartment we would have our own things, and Edward wouldn't feel awkward with my dad around all the time. Plus, we would have the privacy that a newly married couple should have.

I packed up Edward's clothes in the two duffel bags that he had while he showered off all of the sweat and dirt from playing ball all day.

We had gotten up pretty early to get to the park on time, and I was exhausted. I laid back on the big bed that Edward had been sleeping on in the Cullen's guest bedroom. I must have dosed off for a few moments, because I was woken up with Edward's soft lips moving slowly along my jaw line and neck. I sighed in contentment with my eyes still closed and moved my hand to gently stroke the hair at the nape of Edward's neck.

He scooted closer, aligning his body along mine as he nuzzled his face into my neck. "I could stay here all day," he said as his hand massaged my hip.

"You can stay here all night starting tonight since we'll be living together finally," I reminded him. "Come on, let's go home."

We loaded up the car and headed to my house…our house. Turning onto my street I could see that the porch light was on. Charlie must be home already. I could also see that there was a black town car parked in front of the house. That must have been Sue Clearwater's car, though I had never noticed a car like that driving around Forks.

Edward pulled the car into the driveway next to Charlie's cruiser.

Edward and I were in good spirits this evening, and had been laughing and carefree on the drive to the house.

I grabbed one of the duffels from the back seat of the car as Edward slung the other one over his shoulder.

The front door was unlocked, and we went inside.

I could clearly hear my father's voice from the kitchen. "There's not much you can do to them now. It's too late, they're married," he said. His words didn't make any sense until another voice spoke, and Edward tensed up.

"I don't care if they are married or not. My son is not going to waste his life being married to her. They will get an annulment and he will marry the girl that he is supposed to marry, end of story."

"Now wait a minute…" my dad started before Edward dropped the duffel he was carrying and started toward the kitchen. I dropped the bag I had and followed behind him cautiously.

We entered the kitchen to find a sort of stand off between my dad and Edward's father. They were both standing on opposite sides of the kitchen table glaring at each other. Sue was seated at one end of the table and Edward's mother was seated at the other end.

"I don't know where you get off talking about my daughter like she's some sort of trash," my father continued.

"Whatever I think of your daughter, she is not going to remain married to my son. He needs to get back on track with his life. He's done playing house with your daughter. This has gone on long enough. He's had his fun sewing his oats so to say, and now he needs to concentrate and get serious about his future."

Both fathers halted their conversation as we walked into the room.

"Oh, Edward," Edward's mother said sounding relieved to see her son again. She stood from the table and tried to embrace him.

Edward backed up and put his hand out to stop her. "You're not welcome here," Edward growled out. "You should leave."

"Edward, this has gone on too long already," Edward Sr. said. "I let you be for too long as it is. It's time to say goodbye to your little plaything and come home with us."

Edward's brow furrowed in confusion and anger.

"Did you really think that I didn't know where you were?" Edward Sr. scoffed. "I've known your whereabouts since you left school. Did you think that I was that stupid?"

Edward swallowed thickly. "I'm not going anywhere with you." I could tell that his father intimidated him. He had told me that much when we had first started dating. Edward's father had a way of bringing Edward to tears just by talking to him. Edward had been ashamed of that fact. He hated the affect his father had on him.

"You are, and you will," Edward Sr. said, his voice changing into something harsher. "You will not ruin your life by staying here. Is that what you want Edward, to live like this? You have a Harvard education waiting for you, and a woman with a much higher social class."

"I don't care what you say; I'm not going with you. Get over it. You running my life is over. I'm married to Bella, and there really isn't anything you can do to change that."

"How did I know that you were going to say something like that?" Edward Sr. laughed. "I've taken the liberty of drawing up the necessary paperwork to dissolve your marriage. You just need to sign it."

"I won't."

By this time, all eyes were on Edward and his father. Sue and Edward's mom were quietly listening. Both of them acted like they had no say in what happened. Sue really didn't have a say, but Edward's mother did, but she remained quiet as her husband and son argued.

Charlie remained quiet, but watched closely in case he had to jump in, not as Charlie the father in law, but as Chief Swan the police chief.

Edward's father's face grew redder every second as Edward refused to follow his wishes.

Edward Sr. marched around the kitchen table toward his son. He took Edward's face in his right hand just under Edward's jaw and pushed him into the wall. "You are still seventeen. I still own you," his father seethed.

Edward pulled at his father's hand as his face scrunched up in pain or anger. I couldn't tell. I started screeching at Edward Sr. to let Edward go, but I was ignored. That's when my dad stepped in.

"Let him go, Mr. Masen."

My father's orders were given upon deaf ears. Edward Sr. kept his hand around Edward's jaw. He ordered Edward's mother to bring him the papers that would dissolve my marriage. He was trying to force Edward into signing the papers.

By this time I was crying and scared. I didn't know what was going to happen. I didn't want everything that we had gone through to be wasted, and for Edward's father to get his way. Once those papers were signed by Edward it would only be a matter of time before our marriage would be over, and he would be forced to marry some other woman and live the life that his father wanted him to.

I was about to go into a real life panic attack when Sue stood and came to my rescue. She put her arms around me and held me close to her as my life came undone in front of me.

My dad finally took a little action, and pushed himself in between the father and son. "Don't make me arrest you for abuse to your son," my father growled out. "It is clear that both parties do not want to sign these papers, and since this is my house, you are no longer welcome, and I suggest you leave."

My father and Edward Sr. stood face to face in a staring contest. "This isn't over," Edward Sr. said through gritted teeth. "Elizabeth!" he shouted as he headed toward the door. Edward's mother trotted along behind his father. The door slammed, and Edward jerked, awakening him from the anger filled daze he was in.

I flew from Sue's arms to Edward's. We held each other tightly as my father paced the kitchen floor.

"Dad," I said quietly. "Can he really make us get divorced?" Both Edward and I looked to my father for some reassurance.

"I'm pretty sure he can't," Charlie sighed. "Since you are officially married, and you live with one parent, I don't think he has a case. But, you have to live here because Edward does not have a job. He has to be able to support the two of you financially for him to be released from his parents' control."

"Do you know that for sure?" Edward asked.

"Yes, I actually looked into this when the two of you came home. I honestly was not excited to see that my daughter had gotten married, and I wanted to end your marriage."

I looked to Edward in a panic. My dad didn't want us married either.

"Settle down, Bells," Charlie said. "I'm OK with it now. I can see that the two of you love each other. I'll do all that I can to keep you together."

I rushed over to my dad and hugged him hard. "Thanks, dad," I said into his shirt.

After everyone had settled down some after Edward's parents left and Edward and I were safely in my room…our room, I snuggled into Edward's side. He held me close and pulled his fingers through my hair. "It will work out, Bella, I promise," Edward said into my forehead before he kissed it.

We were both over exhausted, and fell into a restless sleep. I kept waking throughout the night, and after I made sure that Edward was still next to me, I dozed back off to sleep.

The doorbell ringing in the morning woke us both up. I had flashbacks of the last time that happened. My mother was the one doing the ringing. I could only assume it would be Edward's parents back for round two.

Edward and I curiously walked down the stairs and opened the door when we saw through the peep hole that it was only Officer Mark at the door.

"Hey, Officer Mark," I greeted him as he stood uncomfortably on my front porch. I worried that maybe something had happened to my dad, since he had left for work already.

"Hey, Bella," he said. "Whose silver car is this out front?"

"It's mine," Edward said opening the door further.

Officer Mark sighed. "I'm really sorry guys, but this car has been reported as stolen by an Edward and Elizabeth Masen. I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you in, Edward."

AN: So the law stuff...Yeah, I'm not a lawyer or anything so I don't know what would really happen in a situation like this. I asked a cop about it and this is pretty much what he told me. But, this is from the state I live in and not Washington. The state I live in can be a little wacky about this kind of stuff, so please keep an open mind.