I hate you

Oh God, how I hate you

You're cold and wicked,

Emotionless and shrewed.

You're the vulture sitting and watching my body decay.

Crouching there, only in that why.

Those eyes just burning into my own.

They just stair, looking me through.

Black, with no fucking soul

..but still,

I love you..

"I hate you"

I sneer.

You breath so deep,

filling your lungs.

The chest cavity I crave

to just squeeze and crush.

God passed our window without a thought.

When you opened your mouth,

Your lips I caught.

You vile sick bastard

You are all that I love

Through heaven and hell

We will be one

I hate you

I love you

I lust to kill you

yet I fear your eyes to shut

I breathe you

I feel you

yet my wrist I cut

I murder those who appose

I slaughter those who stand

I know that you can see

who I really am

You twisted ugly snake

You're so beautiful in this way

Your complexion so morbid

Yet oh so glorious

I want nothing more than to hear you scream my name

I want nothing more than you to feel my pain

If you had to kill the one you hate

wouldn't you say that its too late?

Fore both rest on this thin border

as delicate as a rose

why have I come to hate?

Perhaps God only knows, or it is my fate

Between these lines, we both shall crack

I look in the mirror, the beast staring back

"There must've been something wrong with me,

because I'm in love with my worst enemy..."