OK YOU VOTED FOR IT SO HERE YOU GO! Procrastination!! Regular PV for a change.


Itachi sat stoically at his desk. Another project deadline had passed and so now all he had to do was grade 30 students' 'World Studies in A Book' project. His eye twitched when he grabbed a certain blonde haired student's book. He sighed and began thumbing through it. The binding on the book was partially falling off because it was but on to quick and wasn't allowed to dry enough. The pages inside the book were no better, sure the topic of it was interesting enough, ethnic foods always seemed like a good culture shock for students. But the book was put together like a cook book, and Itachi had given the warning that if you did that, you were going to get docked points cause it doesn't really tell about the culture of the food. But that wasn't the worst part of it. All of it, according to the bibliography, was copy and pasted from the websites, which was strictly against the rules. Indeed another F for Uzumaki Naruto.




The bell for first period had rung and students started to file in slowly but surely. Uchiha Sasuke walked in with half of the girl population of the class following him. His eyebrow twitch in annoyance when one of the more irritating girls sat down next to him. Itachi watched in amusement as Sasuke was tortured by the loud, obnoxious girl who obviously couldn't take the hint. The minute bell rang and a few stragglers came running in and took their seats. About 20 seconds before the final class starting bell could ring a flustered blonde boy ran into the room and quickly sat down. As soon as his butt hit the chair, the bell sounded. He sighed with relief, he really didn't want another lunch detention. Lunch was his favorite part of the day and he didn't want to spend it in the portable supervised by Taharu-sensei.

" That was a close one, eh Naruto-kun." Itachi said picking up a stack of papers to pass back. " Alright class, I've graded your books and I'm not happy to say that a lot of you didn't do as well as I had hoped. Now most of you think I grade too harshly but if you ask me, I grade on a curve far too much." He handed Naruto his book, with a displeased look. The blonde gulped and handed his book to Kiba.

" Its too much to bare, tell me what I got." Naruto said looking away from his book. Kiba flipped open the front cover and the book fell apart at the seams. The pair looked down at the pages on the floor and the rubric that lay on the top. Then they looked back up and each other. Kiba shrugged and Naruto hit his head against the table. If only he hadn't procrastinated this stupid project! He wouldn't have gotten another F!!! The dog lover picked up the rubric and held it in front of Naruto's face. The words 'see me during lunch' were written in large letters with red ink that Itachi favored when he corrected students' work. The blonde groaned and slammed his head back on the table.

Naruto decided to huff and pout the rest of the class, perhaps it would get to Itachi-sensei, however it wasn't likely. He so distracted by his own self-pity that he didn't write down the notes for the current lesson they were learning. And since Itachi usually liked to do pop quizzes the day after the lessons to make sure his students were studying, notes were an essential. The door swung open and a girl walked in, sucking on a cherry sucker. Her hair in a loose spiky bun and her eyeliner was thick but the eye shadow on top of her eye was colorful, matching her outfit. She held a tardy note in her hand. Itachi looked over at her and he held out his hand for the note. She walked to him and placed the paper in his palm. He crumbled it immediately and tossed it neatly into the trash can by his desk.

" Nice of you to join us Hitoko-chan. Almost thought you weren't going to not show up at all." He said returning to face the white board.

" Almost sounds like you were worried about me Itachi-sensei," Hitoko said teasingly as she twirled the sucker around in her mouth. The older Uchiha reached out and snatched the candy from her lips. He licked it once before tossing it into the trash. She glared at him and he just smirked at her anger.

" You know I don't allow anything but water in this classroom, now go have a seat so I can teach this lesson." Itachi said, " Now just because I'm in a good mood I'll keep these notes on the board for you Hitoko-chan, I know you write fast."

She sat down next to Naruto and pulled out her world studies notebook. The blonde snapping out of his pouty stupor did the same and began to scribble down the notes. Kiba sighed, he could tell it was going to be a long day. Hitoko finished the notes quickly and all of it was readable. Where as Naruto's was chicken scratch that not even the most brilliant minds could decipher. Itachi picked up the eraser and erased the previous notes so he could write more. Even though he talked more than he wrote, the writing was more of a quick outline of what he was explaining.

" Before I was interrupted, I was going to start explaining the communist control in Russia. Now I already now you have a brief understanding of this because you had to read 'Animal Farm' (1) in your English classes." He wrote communism and turned toward the class. " Since you have some amount of knowledge, I want you to tell me what you know and I'll fill in the rest. Just raise you hands and I'll write on the board for the notes."

A girl raised her hand he nodded to her. "Well for starters, Vladimir Lenin was inspired by a German philosopher names Karl Marx, which made him over throw the current head of the government Czar Nicholas the 2nd. The Czar and his family were captured and killed in secret. That's where we get the story about Anastasia, because her body was never found after the other members of her family were burned."

Itachi wrote down a few things and pointed to a boy sitting in the back. " Even though Russia voted Lenin in, he died shortly after. A power struggle between his two most trusted lieutenants, Josef Stalin and Leon Trotsky. Eventually Trotsky was driven out of Russia and killed when agents hired by Stalin found him in Mexico."

Then Sasuke raised his hand, the older Uchiha smirked and nodded to him. " Stalin was head of the government but the economy was a mess. People were starving and he had to provide five year plans to keep the revolution from going under. Sadly, the plans didn't work and people began to flee Russia or complain about how shitty life was. In response to this, Stalin began to "purge" the country of people he considered enemies. Or in other words he killed people who disagreed with him. Millions of people were killed, however, it did obtain his goal. Total control of all the people."

Itachi wrote the most about what Sasuke had said. It was pretty much the main point of the whole lesson. And it had impressed him that his students did actually pay attention in at least one class. The older Uchiha pushed his glasses higher onto his nose and wrote down a few more things. He turned back around and moved out of the way so they could read what it said behind him.

" Ok since you what happened. Can you tell me what started it?" Itachi said, watching for raised hands.

Naruto was barely paying attention. That book they read was really stupid and had an ending that made him angry. He ran his fingers through his hair and yawned. It was going to be a long day. To the blonde whenever Itachi talked it was music but at the same time it was like boring music, classical or something. Was Naruto crushing on hot teacher in first period? Why yes, yes he was. But it wasn't his fault! Oh no, no, no, Itachi-sensei was to sexy and smart for his own good. And he was just so…mysterious. Hitoko smirked, knowing exactly what Naruto was thinking. She leaned closer to him and rested her face in her hands.

" You know, drooling isn't very attractive." She said bluntly, making Naruto stumble out of his thoughts and wiped his mouth just incase he was actually drooling. He turned his face to hers' and had a strange expression on his face. His top lip was slightly scrunched up and his bottom one was pushed out slightly. His eyes were squinty and his nose crinkled. She smiled, another one of his strange facial expressions to liven her day. The face dissipated in to a scowl, but not a mean one, more like a sadden one, almost crestfallen (2). " Aw what's with the face?"

" Itachi-sensei's a jerk and gave me a F on my book." Naruto said, " But what's even worse is he's a sexy jerk. And he's keeping me in during lunch so we can talk." Hitoko had a playful smile on her face, the blonde shifted slightly in his chair.

" Well maybe if you actually researched your topic in that timespan we were given instead of procrastinating till the last second and then copying and pasting your whole report, you wouldn't have gotten a F. Lunch huh? Perhaps you should make you move for Ita-sensei then!" She purred, pretending to claw at his arm like a cat. Naruto turned bright red and bolted up from his seat, making a huge scene.

" WHAT!!" He screeched. Then he realized Hitoko had gotten him to make a fool of himself…Again. He looked around the room and saw how many pairs of eyes he had on him, the red on his face made him look like he had two tomatoes for cheeks. Itachi sighed and rubbed the area between his eyes.

" Naruto-kun…sit down." Itachi said, " Unless you want to share what your so excited about."

" No! Sorry Itachi-sensei." He said sitting down quietly. Hitoko giggled to herself and even Kiba, KIBA his right hand man was snickering. Oh yeah today was going to be a long day. He could tell.


1) Animal Farm by George Orwell is about a farm that decided they don't want humans on the farm so they overthrown them and start living independently. It was based on the power struggle and issues in Russia during the 1940s, so a lot of the words are old fashion. However, to my surprise it was a good book.

2) Crestfallen: Ok I picked up this term from OF MICE AND MEN (which is a GREAT book btw. Ending will kill you) Anyway it means like if your smiling it kinda makes a cresting moon, so if you frown your crestfallen because its upside down. Get it?

Naruto: What's up with the learning?
Me: Oh well I had to put something educational in there, Itachi is a teacher and why not teach my readers about Russia's History? Besides I had to learn about it. Infact I read Animal Farm and had to do that stupid book project, I didn't get a F though. Too smart.
Naruto: Uh huh. Hey wait are you calling me stupid?
: …Uhhh This was Hitoko-sama!! -runs-
Naruto: Damn her.