John Cena was finally enjoying his holidays. Being the World's Heavyweight Champion had its benefits but it was too tiring. Luckily, he had managed to take some days off, thanks to Stephanie McMahon. He arrived home in Boston where he could be taken care by his parents and enjoy his brothers' company.

The evening of his arrival home, also brought a heavy rain, and with it pouring outside, John decided to stay home instead of going out to the bars with his friends.

"Let's see what's up with the WWE" he thought. He opened his computer and connected to the internet. He went to the WWE website. "John Cena has been injured and he's off for two weeks" was the title on the front page."Okay, I already know that", he laughed.

Then, he heard a familiar pop. He opened his e-mail inbox and saw an e-mail of an unknown sender. "Gossip girls' site is now up. Go and check it out! " he read aloud. He saw a link below the message "www .w- gossipgirlz. com".

"And I thought that gossip girl was a show on tv" he heard a voice behind him

"Oh hello cuz! What do you think, should I follow the link or not?"

"Why not? It can be entertaining!" Lynn replied. He clicked on the link and went to an unknown site.

Welcome to Gossip girlz website

Our mission is to reveal all secrets inside the WWE. People deserve to learn the truth about their favorite superstars' and divas' little secrets and sins. We don't desire to be known but we will let out some facts about us. We are just two girls who want to have fun! And we will, just from next week. Stay tuned!


T-J and Lee Red

John was astonished. "Well, that will be fun" he heard Lynn's voice behind him. John nodded. He would be waiting to find what was next…

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