Title: Fairytale in Ruins
Pairing: Yuichi Hirose x Ochiai Megumi x Kanou Taisuke
 (all one-sided)
Characters: Ochiai Megumi, Yuichi Hirose
Prompt: I think of you
Warning(s): Spoilers for the 'Heart of Akuro' arc
Notes: Prompts from 10 prompts comm. at lj.
Edited 19 march 09. :mostly just changed the format.

Summary: She draws parallels as she tears down the chains of reality that bind them. And she pretends, even as the tears spill.

.6- I think of You –

Clutching his starched white shirt, she tries so desperately to pretend. In her mind's eye, blond burns to black and she can almost grasp an illusion. Almost feel him beneath the fragments of memory, snapped ligaments and fractured symphonies.

She whispers his name in a voice cracked, jaded and hollow against his collarbone. Hirose smiles (for he sees what he wants to see and another wound might just break him) and Megumi cries, for what they were and what they have become, for their tattered little fairy-tale.

She buries her head into the crook of his neck, as she weaves her lies, and concludes their sordid little tale.

And she pretends, even as the tears spill.