Chapter Thirty Five : Epilogue

"Did you get any sleep at all?" Alice wined, applying foundation around the dark circles around my eyes.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes, "I think we both know that answer to that one Alice."

With a maximum of five hours sleep after last nights turn of evens, Alice stormed into our room like a force of nature, ripping me from Edwards arms. Honestly, I assumed Edward would have put up more of a fight, but he managed to let me leave, saying that he would have me forever in only a matter of hours. I couldn't help but smooch him there and then, and if Alice wasn't reminding me that she was in the same room, maybe a little bit more then kissing.

If you know what I mean.

Alice huffs, "You still should have told me about Edward…"

"I can't tell you something he doesn't want me to tell. Would you come and blab to me if Jasper trusted you with something and he made you promise that you wouldn't tell a soul? No, so stop trying to guilt me." I glare through the mirror.

"Whatever." She mutters, deciding to drop it as she continues onto the blush.

We continue in silent when a knock on the door interrupts, Rosalie, a vision in her flaming red v-neck dress comes in, closing the door, "Do you guys need any help? I could do her hair?"

I sit, speechless. Alice smiles warmly at her, nodding, "I want her hair in a bun, plats on either side and lose strands around her face."

She nods and starts twisting my hair. Alice excuses herself for a few moments to get Esme, leaving me alone with Rosalie. Honestly, I feel like pleading her to stay, my ultimate fear being that she would accidentally shave my hair off. My fears are utter stupidity though…hopefully.

Rosalie sighs heavily, "I'm sorry I've been a bitch," My eyes widen as she continues, "I married into the Cullens as well, even before then I knew the type of girls that were going after Edward and Emmett, I went to high school with them. Every girl, left right and center were trying to get with either of them, I think that's why Emmett chose me, because I wouldn't put up with his bullshit."

I suppressed a smile, Rosalie's hands threading a plat while continuing, "Emmett was all for the attention, as you'd have guessed, but Edward wasn't. Even when Emmett and I were exclusive for over a year he would barely talk to me. It took a while for him to acknowledge me as a friend let alone family. And then you came in, you didn't even try to get his attention, he became completely devoted to you within days and it scared me. What if you were one of those girls that would take him for all he's worth? Edward has never been in a stable frame of mind since I've known him, how would he react if he falls in love and have it ripped away by a girl who didn't give two shits for him? I guess what I'm saying is…I'm glad you're not one of those girls Bella."

I'm speechless. I take Rosalie's words into mind and process, I understand where she is coming from completely, and I can only be happy that she has come around and realized that I could never hurt Edward intentionally, even if I wanted to. Before I can speak Alice, Esme and Renee bursts into the room, Renee flinging her arms around me with tears in her eyes, muttering about how I've grown up so much and how I will be such a beautiful bride.

The rest of the morning really was a blur. From my hair and make-up to my dress and shoes, I just wanted this day to be over with so Edward and I could be on our honeymoon, away from this craziness. I'm just glad that morning sickness hasn't reared it's ugly face yet.

Before I know it I am standing outside the chapel, bouquet in hand. Renee stands beside me, arm wrapped in mine as I've chosen her to give me away. She gives my arm a squeeze, "Charlie would have been proud of you Bella. He would have wanted to be the one to give you away,"

I try my best to stop the tears from welling in my eyes, "No he wouldn't, he would have shot Edward before he could bring up the idea."

We both laugh, trying to relieve us of our tension, "You really do look stunning Bells."

I smile warmly, "I have my mother to thank for my all-natural look."

"You know it." She winks.

Before more is said, the doors of the chapel open and the sound of soft piano music illuminate out. I take a deep breath as we start moving behind my brides maids. My heart pounds against my rib cage the closer we get to the alter, my head looking narrowly forward, trying to blur out the friends and family on either side of me. I feel as if I knew the amount of people watching, the closer the panic attack comes.

Deep breaths Bella, deep breaths.

The brides maids start parting to the left, first Rosalie, then Esme, then Alice, before finally I am face to face with my angelic faced husband to be. Everything from the past few weeks seem to be non-existent in his expression, his genuine smile lighting up the church, his eyes swimming with such joy that I honestly wonder how long it will take until he starts bouncing up and down. I couldn't help but return the smile, my heart now hammering with excitement and glee rather then fear and anxiety.

Renee places my hand into Edwards waiting one, Renee giving me a meaningful smile, her eyes glisten with unshed tears before joining Esme, her arms welcoming her as the two mothers watch their children wed. I pay a minimum amount of attention to the priest, only enough to know when to say the words, "I do."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride."

Priest Webber did not have to tell Edward twice before his lips attach themselves to mine in a passionate kiss. I am barely aware of the audience surrounding us, Edward's hand cupping my neck while the other wraps around my back to press me firmly against him kept me more then distracted.

When we finally pull away and start walking back up the isle we are surrounded by congratulations and praise. I honestly couldn't feel more ecstatic than I feel right now, hand grasping my husbands. This is where I belong in the world, and nothing could bring us down.


The house was complete by the time Edward and I got back from our honeymoon in Brazil. We were gone for three whole weeks on a secluded island surrounded by crystal clear water and lush forest. I regretted leaving, but the company could not be put on hold too much longer, and both Edward's and mine's pale skin were burnt to a crisp by the time we got back to wet, cold Seattle.

Eddie was just as ecstatic to see us as we were to see him, but we couldn't keep him, because Esme had grown attached to him so much that she looked heart broken at the thought of not having the little hound barking around the house. Edward had decided to elect Ben to be the new CEO of Twilight Co. He would still be the owner of Twilight Co. and would have to go in for board meetings and to help Ben transition himself into power, but the most of the time he would be home with me, helping me get the place furnished and devirgnizing every inch of the house before my stomach got too big to be humping like rabbits.

Renesmee Cullen was born on the 20th July 2010. Followed by Carlie Cullen born 2nd February 2012. Edward and I agreed two was enough considering I flat out refused to hire a nanny, but Edward insisted on a maid, which I allowed because of tough economic times and the fact that the house was just too big for both Edward and I to maintain while watching the kids.

I finished my book- well, book's, a saga, during the pregnancy of Nessie through to the conception of Carlie. I found that one book couldn't fit all the content I wanted, neither could two, nor three, and I just barely fit the remainder into book four. They all became New York Best Seller's, all requiring me to travel for book signings and releases, all to which Edward stood right at my side with nothing but pride and praise in my success.

Edward's therapy continued up until after Nessie birth. His night terrors now non-existent and a thing of the past, his therapist had pushed him back into piano playing and compositions, allowing him to translate any hidden emotions and turn them into beautiful music. Edward promises to teach the kids piano when they are old enough to co-ordinate their fingers, which he hopes for Nessie will be real soon.

I lay Nessie in her bed, snuggling her in while tucking a stray copper lock behind her ear, her doe eyes staring lazily at me and sighs, "Night mama."

"Night baby girl." I kiss her soft forehead. I remember the faze I went though when she was first born, I could hardly stop myself from kissing those chubby cheeks. Edward basically had to rip her from my arms to allow her to sleep on her own, or to have me to himself.

Arms wrap around my torso and pull me into a warm embrace, he kisses my temple and pulls me up, "She's growing up so fast…"

I nod, my hands resting on his, "I still remember the day she was born."

He laughs silently, "Oh, I will never forget that day."

I push back into him playfully, "Yeah, it's not my fault that you were practically having a panic attack when my water broke."

"In my defense your freaking out caused me to freak out."

"You were supposed to calm me."

"Well you wouldn't stop screaming that you were going to die!"

"It sure felt it at the time." Nessie had a big head, what could I say.

Edward kissed my shoulder, "I managed to get Carlie to sleep."

"Hm, I guess it's just you and I then…"

He grins down at me, a wicked look in his eye as he swoops down and picks me up bridle style and start to walk us down to our room across the hall. My arms wrap around his neck as I try to keep my laugh low to avoid waking Nessie or Carlie, "I think I'm going to have to have my wicked way with you Mrs. Cullen."

I trace his jaw bone with the tips of my finger nails, "Hm…I'm starting to suspect your wicked ways are rubbing off on me Mr. Cullen."

"Damn right they have!" He kisses down my neck.

My heart flutters the same way it did the first time I kissed him, almost like we haven't aged a day. I think back to before I met Edward, how I was the awkward, shy, plain girl that nobody would look twice at, the girl that didn't have her life planned out, or didn't know what true happiness would look like if it introduced itself. I grew up, became more confident in myself and my decisions, and I couldn't be anymore in love with the man ravishing me at this very moment.

I am truly happy.

The End.

I am truly sorry it took me two years to finish this final chapter and I hope you will all forgive me. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it

Thank you all for reading.