A Love Then Gained

Summary: When Naruto is sold as a slave by his cousin, can a mysterious stranger who buys him be his salvation?

Warnings: slash, yaoi, boy love (whatever you want to call it), slight rape, slight violence, cross-dressing, OOC.

Disclaimer: Based off the anime and manga, Okane Ga Nai. I do not own Okane Ga Nai or Naruto and I never will. Constructive criticism much appreciated though flamers will be laughed at and used to toast my marshmallows!

As this is based off Okane Ga Nai, it will be very similar but I hope I can make it not 100% alike, which would ruin the fun! XD I am going to elaborate on scenes that were shown in the anime to make it more unique. Also, as I have only seen the anime I know that there is probably other scenes that are shown in the manga only. When I have read all of the manga I hope to add some of those scenes. Until then, just bear with me ok?

"..."- talking
'...'- thinking

And on with the story...

Prologue- A Painful Beginning

Fluro, glowing lights ablazed the tall city buildings, ready to take on another night in Tokyo, Japan. The streets were filled with hustle and bustle as people went on with their business, caring little for anything else. Business men with expensive suits headed home after a long day at work, the young prepared for a night out on the town dressed in glitzy clothes and high heels. A cat in the alleyway was attempting to knock down a trash can to savour some scraps that hopefully could be lurking inside. Around the corner, there was a club that seems to have been there forever, though no one ever ventured inside. As there were no signs above the club entrance and with just a burly looking security guard wearing dark glasses outside, why would anyone bother themselves to look inside in the first place? That was the unfortunate thing, because if someone did know the secrets that the club was holding, then what was happening inside might have been stopped long ago.

Bright lights filled the stage, as men in suits drank their liquor at little tables that covered the entire room. These men weren't criminals; common 'bad guys' but each had a terrible secret, a secret desire that they ignored during the day as they kissed their wives and smiled at their children. But when night fell, they each became different people entirely to feed their insatiable hunger, a hunger that couldn't be satisfied by food.

Everyone's drinks were forgotten as their attention was drawn to what was on that light filled stage. Chains clinked as a young blonde figure was moved into position by two guards. The young boy; barely a man, now seemed to be bowing to the audience as he kneeled on stage with his arms pulled behind him, held back by the guards. His head was bowed so every rich man in the room could glimpse his expanse of tanned, naked flesh that wasn't marred by scars or imperfections. Very feminine with a small waist, long legs and small feet. He looked delicious. Many of the audience members licked their lips in anticipation, while others had to be mindful of the drool that was now dripping out of their mouths and onto their crisp, designer suit jackets.

A young man with long, silver hair tied back in a ponytail was pushing his round glasses back onto the bridge of his nose. This was Kabuto, the auctioneer. He smirked down at the audience, 'So pitiful, look, they're even drooling...' Kabuto straightened his spine and cleared his throat.

"Our next piece of merchandise is a young half- Japanese man," Kabuto's voice glided over the audience, "he is a college student, so he is rather old, but note his delicate skin, a smooth creamy tan, and this face..." At that queue his captors lifted his face up for all to see. The audience gasped.

It wasn't just his body that was beautiful. His face was young, round and boyish; just as they liked. His most striking features were his sky blue eyes that were glazed over because of some drug and that were filled with unshed tears, but most intriguing were the six identical whisker-shaped scars that marred his round, perfect cheeks. He was most interesting indeed.

"He is an item of uncommonly high quality. His 'back' is of course, virginal," at these words from Kabuto, the poor boy was moved with his legs opened to the audience for all to see, "and perhaps his 'front' is too. The customer who purchases him may confirm that directly with his own eyes. I'll start the bidding at 50 million yen"

'Let's see how high they get'

Suddenly the crowd was in an uproar shouting their bids instead of letting Kabuto call out numbers as the amount increased. Now each had their chance to grab this prize, and they weren't about to let him slip through their greedy fingers.



A man in his mid twenties could have been seen to look out onto the stage and at the audience with beads of sweat dripping down his face. The only thing that could have seemed attractive about this man was his flaming red hair that reached his waist. He was Kyuubi and he had a reason to be scared if the bidding for his cousin didn't increase dramatically.




'Hmm, they are desperate for this piece of flesh I haven't even opened my mouth yet'



"100 million!"

This bid was screamed from the back of the crowd as the potential buyer scrambled onto his table to be seen and heard by Kabuto.

"We have 100 million. Are there any further bids? No?"

This man, who was well known to own a chain of American-styled fast food restaurants, looked down at the audience challengingly with his piggy eyes narrowed; daring anyone to make anymore bids. If only his family could see him now, in a way it was good they couldn't.

"I hear nobody. Then for 100 million..." Kabuto was ready to slam his hammer on the podium, they had a lot to get through tonight and they couldn't waste time.

The man licked his lips, as if he could already taste the young boy now crouched on stage.

Kabuto lowered his hammer, ready to end the auction when...

"120 million!"

Bundles of money came streaming out of a briefcase as the man holding it stood on stage in front of the blonde boy. He was a tall and intimidating figure that seemed the polar opposite of the young boy on stage that was looking up wearily at him; the drugs still had an effect. This man had alabaster skin which contrasted beautifully with his raven coloured hair and onyx eyes. He was truly handsome indeed. The strange thing was that no one in the room could remember having seen this dark stranger before during the presentation or bidding.

"120 million. All in cash."

The stranger wanted to confirm his price to Kabuto. Cash was always more accepted and he doubted that anyone else was hiding over 100 million yen in their jacket pockets.

'What's he doing here? Not for this boy surely...' Kabuto was shocked to find that Sasuke Uchiha had hidden somewhere in the room without him noticing. Nobody could ever hide from Kabuto Yakushi, ever. This was worrying.

"120 million yen. Any further bids? No? Fine."

Kabuto then proceeded to slam his hammer on the podium; he had to see his master, now. He would find this most interesting indeed.

The blonde boy wasn't feeling well at all, even worse than he did before. He couldn't see the dark stranger no matter how hard he looked as there was the spotlight behind him, masking his face completely. The boy bowed his head and closed his eyes as he felt dizzy all of a sudden. He heard footsteps coming closer but he hadn't the strength to look up. He felt someone pick him up and he knew no more as he slipped into unconsciousness.

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