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Chapter One

"Hey, Sandy! What you doing?" Patrick said, prodding Sandy in the back.

"Yeah, Sandy, what are you doing with your television?" SpongeBob asked, poking his head over her shoulders.

SpongeBob and Patrick had just came over to visit Sandy, wondering if she'd like to go jelly-fishing with them; but, at the moment, she was too busy fiddling with her television set some strange reason.

Sandy didn't respond and continued tinkering with the television. So far, to SpongeBob at least, all Sandy seemed to be doing was adding chunks of metal to an old TV!


"Sandy?" Patrick tried.

"Oh, Saaaaaaaaandy?"

Still no response.

"SANDY?" SpongeBob yelled into her ear, using a loudspeaker.

Still no response.

Patrick got out a trombone and blew hard into her ear.

Still no response.

"That's it, Patrick!" SpongeBob declared to Patrick. "We are going to make Sandy talk to us!"

The two boys busied themselves over the next few minutes, trying to make a loud enough noise for Sandy to notice them. From violins to elephants, they tried and tried, but their valiant attempts made no difference. Soon enough, night came.

By this time, they were both extremely exhausted. SpongeBob and Patrick slumped down onto the sand, breathing hard. SpongeBob wiped the sweat off his helmet.

Suddenly, Sandy shrieked and leapt up into the air. She picked SpongeBob up and swung him round, sending him flying into the transparent walls of her underwater house.

"I did it! I did it! I did-did-did it, SpongeBob! Patrick, I DID IT!" Sandy cried joyously, spontaneously running round in circles.

"Did what, Sandy?"

"Finished the tele-transporter five-thousand!"

"Do you mean the TV with all the bolts stuck onto it?" SpongeBob asked, scratching his spongy-head.

"This one?" Patrick said, pointing at the strange device he was standing next to.


"Oh, so that's why you haven't been talking to us all day!" SpongeBob laughed. "It's great, Sandy! It's all… rusty and silver and all square…" he trailed off. "What does it do?"

"It's a tele-transporter, see! It transports you to the third dimension!"

"The third dimension?" SpongeBob and Patrick said in unison. "What's that?"

"This is the biggest breakthrough in all o' Bikini Bottom history. But we can't speak too loud, because the third dimension is actually the Human World…"

"The Human World?" SpongeBob and Patrick said simultaneously, eyes bulging out, both in awe.

"Sure thing!"




'Would you two quit it already?"

They immediately shut up.

"So, how does this thing work?"

"Well, there's a big red button that must NEVER EVER be pressed – well, not until I've tested it properly first."

Patrick interrupted her, "This big red button?" He gestured the big red button on the tele-transporter, with DO NOT TOUCH written in big, bold letters.

"Yes, that one!"

"Can I touch it?" Patrick asked, reaching to press it.

"Yes, of course Patrick!"

"Wait, I mean NO! Patrick, don't you dare touch that-"

But it was too late. Patrick had pressed down hard on the big red button. There was a blinding flash of light. They all screamed, as spirals of red and green gobbled them up greedily, burping as the opening closed.

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