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Chapter Six


A stunning white light instantly erupted from the magazine and Squidward dropped it, shielding his eyes from the impact. He gasped to see a translucent image of Sandy flicker to life before him.

"Stop gaping at me like that and shut your pie hole," this hologram Sandy barked, paws on hips.

"Who… are… you…?" Squidward asked dumbly, eyes popping out and frail limbs clinging onto the sofa edge.

"It's Sandy, you one-eyed idiot!" Sandy barked. "Well, I'm just a video recording, but that's not important right now. I'm here--"

"But if you're just a recording, then how come I'm speaking to you and you're answering back?"

"I just am, OK? So quit asking me questions and listen to me for once. If I've been activated that means that means some idiotic fool – hell am I talking to you Patrick - has pressed a big red button that's never meant to be pressed, meaning the button presser, anyone in my home and I have been sent hurtling into the Third Dimension…"

"The Third Dimension?"

"Never you mind. Now, as Iwas saying, my device hasn't been tested and is highly dangerous. The whole of Bikini Bottom could be in terrible danger. Lucky I made a back up plan just in case something happened, huh?" Sandy paused, as if awaiting something. "You're supposed to agree. Oh never mind, squids were never good at listening in the first place. Right, back to business – Squidward, I need you to press a big yellow button next to the big red button for me. That'll get things back to normal. I gotta go now - good luck. The fate of Bikini Bottom and my life depends of ya Squidward. See ya! I promised Sponge Bob I'd play Hide 'n' Seek with him…"

"But… What if I don't know what to do?"

"Then you and your precious behind are in terrible danger, got it?"

Squidward nodded tentatively. The image of Sandy soon disappeared and the room was normal again – well, all except for the throbbing pulses of light, of course.

Squidward shuffled over to the TV and looked around for the yellow button. "There it is. Sponge Bob, Patrick and Sandy owe me big time for this…"

With a huge sigh and the push of a button, the whole of Sandy's dome started quaking. Sandy's house shuddered and shook as the throbs of bright light went out of control. The light was now draining back into the television.


Back in the American school, just as the bell rang, SpongeBob felt a terrible ringing noise in the air. He watched in amazement as the air itself rippled once more before his very eyes. A gaping black and yellow hole appeared. Screaming, Sponge Bob's 'soul' was forced out of the young Bob's body and was sucked back into the hole.

SpongeBob was now back to his usual goofy, yellow, hippy-happy appearance. Ten-year-old Bob Beaver stood staring in absolute amazement, shock and happiness as his favourite cartoon character waved at him and disappeared before his very own eyes.

Two miles away, slumped in a jail cell, the ground quivered beneath Patrick and Sandy's feet as they sat slumped in the prison. Abruptly, the air rippled and swelled in front of them. Without warning, another huge black and yellow hole appeared and sucked their 'souls' back to where they came from. A powerful force yanked them back into the hole, where they spun round and round. Sandy whooped for joy. Patrick, however, was crestfallen that he'd changed back into a pink cartoon star. He missed having all those tight, itchy clothes on him.

They left behind a very confused dog and owner, sitting befuddled in a jail cell. Robert Beaver had no recollection as to why he and his dog were in a prison cell, waving goodbye to the characters of his son's favourite cartoon.


Sponge Bob, Sandy and Patrick swirled through the colours and landed with a heavy THUD back onto the soft sandy floor of Sandy's house – all screaming and shouting with joy and happiness. They'd made it back! At last!

Sandy grinned and yanked a grumpy Squidward into a happy hug, releasing him and gibbering techno-babble at one-hundred miles per hour. SpongeBob laughed his infectious laugh and Patrick was on his way to 'investigating' the very pretty blue button on the sideof the TV. A sign popped out into Patrick's face, saying, 'DO NOT TOUCH UNLESS GIVEN PERMISSION BY SANDY.'

"Patrick, what are you doing?" Sandy asked.

Patrick pushed the button.


All was well in Bikini Bottom.

The End!

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