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Splinter's P.O.V

I sit in my room, my whiskers twitching with anticipation. I have to know – is one really coming? I take a deep breath and enter the realm of meditation.

I enter the strange yet familiar state that I have come to enjoy over the years. I am aware of my body, but I feel outside of it, not trapped by earthly bonds.

This state takes away illusion so I can look deep inside myself and find the truth or whether I got the signs wrong.

I look.

I wasn't wrong – one is coming to New York. One of the belief creatures. I watch the pictures flying around, all of them too fast to make any sense out of them. But I catch a few things.

Satisfied, I re-enter my body and open my eyes.

Once again I hear my sons voices as they prepare tea. I uncross my legs and stand up.

Although I am pleased that the creature doesn't intend to harm us – or even knows of our existence – I am upset that my sons' innocence will be taken away. For when she comes, they'll learn just what monsters really are.

If she fights against us, we will fall.

Cassie's P.O.V

I cast my eyes around. From my perch, New York seems a rather dangerous place – filled with dark allys and bloodthirsty gangs – just my type.

I'm not sadistic, I have often been revolted at the crimes humans commit against each other, often in the name of god.

I sigh. Of course, all the gangs put together wouldn't scare me.

I am, what some races would call, a belief creature or creature of belief. The humans my kind have come across consider us monsters or angels. We can protect as well as destroy. Most humans are ignorant of our existence, or think us only human, just like them.

We don't really have a name for ourselves. We are belief. I am every dream and nightmare humankind has had since the beginning of time. Every monster or angel humans have ever imagined. I am the vampire and werewolf in the book 'Twilight'. The creatures of legend, folklore. It takes only one person to belief in something. Most of these creatures only exist because of my kind. They live through us. Some have a independent existence, but not most.

It's starting to rain, a light drizzle.

The air is perfumed with the smell of the city and a siren sounds in the distance.

I look down to see four men hauling a young woman with red hair into the dark, trash filled ally below me.

I smirk, dinner will be a four coursed meal tonight.

With silent, well placed steps, I close in on my prey...

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