Summary: Ino was failing every subject because of dating boys,so she needs a certain genius to help her get her grades up or will she just accidentally fall in love with . Disclaimer: I Do Not Naruto…But I OWN this Story.




At the end Math Class…….

"Wha?!"Ino shouted looking at her test paper.

"What is it?! Ino are you okay?" Sakura asked when she heard the blonde shouted

"Sakura,this is terrible,I got a F- on Math" Ino said shocked at her grade

"Ever since you started dating lots of guys,you've been neglecting your studies" Sakura said with disappointment.

"Sakura you have to help me!,Teach me everything you know!"The blonde begging her bestfriend to teach her something.

"Please Sakura I'll do anything!!!"Ino said desperately

"Sorry Ino, I don't have any time to teach you since our Math teacher assigned me to tutor Naruto" Sakura said.

"What am I gonna do I'm Doomed!!!! My Father will be mad at me and I don't want that, Please tell me you got some advice!"Ino said.

"Well,I know a guy-"

"Sakura,I don't have anytime for boys right now"Ino said

"That's not what I meant,Its this Genius guy I got partnered with a week ago for a Geometry project,even though he never listens in class he's the smartest of them all and even smarter than me"Sakura said

"Wow,This guy is incredible,and his name is?"Ino asked

"Shikamaru Nara"Sakura said

"Tnx,for the advice Sakura luv ya!"Hugged her friend goodbye and went off to find this amazingly smart Shikamaru Nara.

And so Ino was asking people down the hall "where is Nara?"



A guy ,hair tied like a pineapple was sleeping on his desk until the bell rang and waked him up.

He lazily got up and dragged his feet to the door when……

An Blonde Girl Almost bumped her,his face was almost an inch away from hers….

She Blushed a little bit but it faded away 'bout seconds ago.

My God,If he didn't stop,it was heads on LipLocking with him Ino thought

"Sorry,I wasn't looking where I was going"Ino said with a slight embarrassment in her face.

"So can I ask you,Where can I find Shikamaru Nara?"Ino said forcing herself to think nothing happened

"What do you need?"With a bit of annoyance in his tone of voice.

"Ah!,So you're the so called genius"Ino said shockingly

A person with this 200 IQ can't be that lazy-looking,can it? Ino thought

"I told ya what do you want" With more annoyance in his tone

"uhh,Can u help me study in Math?" Ino said with nervousness all around her voice.

"Uhhh,Lemme see the answer is………….NO!,,,Why would I help someone who is as annoying as u!"Shikamaru said being pissed off and walked away.

This can't be happening a guy turned me down………,Oka!y that is it ,no more Ms. Nice girl,Shikamaru Nara you would be teaching me no matter what happens! Ino thought for all of this years all of the boys are getting all over her and thinking one boy would say NO to her ticks her off.

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