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What Took You So Long?

Ino hurriedly picked up her things and went downstairs. Then, she stopped ,seeing Sakura tutoring Naruto was one of her favorite was staring at Sakura instead of the ,I really can't blame Ino for eavesdropping, it really was cute but Sakura still thought of Naruto as a friend.

Sakura glanced at Ino; she was surprised that Ino had packed bags full of clothes.

"Uh,Naruto can we get back to this tomorrow"Sakura said standing up and walking towards Ino.

"Sure Sakura-Chan" Naruto said with a big smile on his face and walked out the door.

Soon as Naruto is gone….

"Ino where are you going?"Sakura said with concern. "Don't tell me ur gonna leave the house…"

"Yes I'm gonna leave, Guess who's my roommate?'Ino said making Sakura think

Then it hit her……"NARA!"Sakura said with disbelief." No Way!"

"Yes way"Ino happily said. "That lazy bum said YES!"

"Really?!, Wait Ino don't go yet,please spend a little time with me before u leave" Sakura said pouting.

"But-"Ino was cutted by Sakura.

"Come on,Its already 10p.m. and Nara's House is Miles and Miles away from here"still pouting.

"Okay,but only because ur my bestfriend"Ino said agreeing.

They went up to Sakura's room to chat about how Ino manage to make Shikamaru agree to everything she said.

After a few minutes of Ino's story…….

"You agreed to be his G-g-girlfriend!" Finally she spoke the word 'girlfriend' already.

"Well sure,Why not?,I'm sure its not gonna be that bad and besides my father knowing that I was failing is 100 times as bad as that"the blonde said without worry.

"So why'd he ask u to be his girlfriend?"

" 'cause he fell into my charm"Ino said.

"No its not lyk that,a lazy guy can't be in love with a totally annoying bitch,no offense Ino"Sakura said logically.

"Face it, he's just playing hard to get,Don't worry I don't lyk him and plus his not my type"she said giggling

"What kind of guy do u like?"pinky asked.

"Someone Cute,Handsome,Sexy,Smart-"Ino said being cutted by Sakura

"Well Shikamaru's smart"

"Yeah he's smart but Lazy"Ino said turning away. "And its still not the point Sakura."

"So,what is the point,Ino?"

"The point is I'm gonna make his life miserable"the blonde said with a scary smile.

"How?"pinky asked again.

"Do u sometimes see how lazy guys are (Specially Shikamaru),they are not very fond of women like me and my beauty,For him I'm just an annoying pest"Ino said.

"Yeah right,what r u gonna do,flirt him to death" Sakura said while laughing.

"Oh Sakura,u don't know anything 'bout having a secret admirer,don't u"……. "Poor Billboard Brow"

"Don't pity me,and besides ur the poor one"Sakura said grinning happily "You're gonna spend time with Nara either u lyk it or not,so lets go to sleep"Sakura said yawning. "Besides its still gonna be Saturday tomorrow,so u can have time for him ALL BY URSELVES"

Saturday morning 10:00 a.m.


"Shikamaruuu,open the door u lazy bum!"Ino said while knocking loudly,you can tell how impatient she is.

Shikamaru was still asleep in the couch,his forehead still red from hitting himself on the door. He was watching T.V. last night,maybe he was just doing something and patiently Ino?!,Maybe,Maybe not!

She kicked the door violently,and by that Shikamaru woke up,falling from the couch.

"Shut up,I'm coming,Troublesome woman"

Shikamaru opened the door and Ino suddenly hugged him and mouthed "Miss me?"without a sound.

"No,why would I miss a girl this annoying?" "And what took u so long?" He said

Ino ignored his question while walking in his house.

"I CAN GET USED TO THIS PLACE"Ino Said. "But gonna clean first"Ino said looking for a broom.

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