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This story is about Chris and Kat, meeting, getting together, and going to Magic School, in the changed future.

Chapter 1

The girl next door

Sweet and small eleven year old Christopher was spying at the moving truck outside his window. His mother came into the room and pulled the curtain down.

"Spying is rude mister." said Piper

"Mom," said Chris winning a little "I wasn't spying, I just want to see if there's anybody to play with in that house."

"How about this, once the moving truck leaves you and I can bring a plate of my special brownies to them?"

"Yes!" said Chris and hugged her and looked around. "Where are dad and Mel?"

"Dad went with Melinda to Magic School, to meet with her potion's professor."

"Did she blow up another batch?" asked Chris

"Worse." said Piper "She blew up the entire classroom." Chris laughed as Piper hugged him. "Want to help me bake?"

Chris nodded and the two ran downstairs, into the kitchen, where Wyatt was making a sandwich.

"Hey, Wyatt." said Chris "Want to help us make the brownies for the new people next door?"

"Sure." replied the 14 year old.

At the house next door a tall blond woman with chocolate brown eyes and a little girl with long wavy black hair and glasses that covered her deep blue eyes were unloading some boxes from the truck.

"Kat, grab a box." said a tall blonde woman.

"ok." replied the little girl quietly and grabbed a box, just right to carry for someone her size, but barely light enough for her to carry it. She made it as far as the house before dropping the box. The blonde woman picked up the box and carried it to the kitchen "Annie, why do we have to move again?" asked Kat softly.

"I know this is hard, especially with the anniversary being today, but don't worry everything will be alright."

"I know that." responded Kat "But why'd we move?"

"Because I'm gonna be working as a social worker at a mortal high school here in San Fran." said Annie "And you're going to be going to school."

Kat sat down infront of the counter and starred at her.

"Y…you know….I…I d…d…don't do well…with other kids." said Kat nervously "They think I'm a freak since I can't run."

"That's only because you can orb sweetie." said Annie

"I couldn't fit in, in first grade and I can't fit in now." said Kat stubbornly

"I'll see what I can do, but for tomorrow you're gonna try a normal middle school."

"No! I'm not going and you can't make Me." said Kat angrily folding her arms.

"You're going." said Annie

"Do you remember what happened last time?" asked Kat, just as the doorbell rang. Kat opened the door and Chris and Piper, along with Wyatt stood in the doorway. "Annie, we have visitors." yelled Kat nervously starring particularly at Chris.

"Hi!" said Piper "I'm Piper Halliwell and these are my sons Wyatt and Chris, were from next door."

"Nice to meet you." said Kat "I'm…K… Kat and the Blondie is my Aunt Annie."

"Halliwell?" asked Annie and the boys nodded.

"Charmed ones?" whispered Kat and the boys nodded again. "W…What school do you guys go to?" she barely managed to say

"Magic School." whispered Chris "Are you gonna go there too?"

"Actually, Kat that's a great idea. I'll enroll you." said Annie and Kat brightened.

"Here." said Piper "We baked you guys some welcome brownies." Piper handed them the plate.

"Thank you." said Annie accepting them "Would you like to come in?"

"Sure." said Piper and followed Annie in. "Boys, be nice." she warned.

"What are your powers?" asked Wyatt, but Kat simply ran up stairs and shut the door. Then Piper and Annie came out.

"What did you do?" asked Piper

"Nothing, honest." said Wyatt

"Yeah, Wyatt only asked her what powers she had." said Chris

"That'll do it." said Annie "I'm sorry. I'll deal with it, don't worry she'll be fine."

"Well, alright, bye KAT!" called Chris and Wyatt as they left.

The next day Chris was sitting with his friend Max in Magical History, one of the many classes taught by his dad. Across from them sat Damian, an annoying son of a fancy blood line. They were waiting for class to start, when Chris noticed Kat sitting in a corner by herself, reading a book, her glasses were buried deep with in the pages.

"That's her Max." said Chris "That's the girl from next door. That's Kat."

"I'd say she's cute, but I can't see past her hair with that book." said Max, he had red hair and was a whitelighter. Chris was about to walk over to her, but a purple haired girl beat him to it. Her long purple hair was put into two individual buns and held together with Japanese chop sticks.

"Hey are you new?" she asked Kat as she looked up from her book and nodded. "I'm Jackie Harris. I'm a witch."


"Ok." said Jackie noticing that Kat had left it at that. "What are you reading?"

"I don't really know, my Aunt gave it to me, it's all about magical families."

"Oh, a 'welcome into school present', cool, so did your parents get you anything?"

"No." said Kat "They died when I was three."

"Oh, I'm sorry that was dumb of me I have a habit of speaking and not thinking first."

"That's ok." said Kat as Leo walked in.

"Students please take your seats." instructed Leo "I was informed that we have a new student a Miss…Katarina Daniels…you here Katarina?"

"I…i…it's…..K…Kat." she said standing up.

"Welcome to the class." said Leo and Kat sat down. "Miss Harris, would you please take your seat next to Miss Daniels."

"Yes Professor." said Jackie and sat down.

"Now…." started Leo.

At lunch Kat walked with her books in a small book-bag over her shoulder and her lunch to a table to eat with Jackie.

"So are you a boarder or just a day?" asked Jackie

"Oh, just day, my Aunt's too paranoid to let me board." said Kat "What about you?"

"I'm a boarder. It's better than being at home. My parents are always, either, fighting about me or something else. They don't really get my powers." said Jackie "So what would you like to know about the school?"

"Just everything the students, classes, teachers."

"It's a great school, but all the teachers get a little too nosy." said a voice from behind.

"Hello Chris." said Kat

"Halliwell." said Jackie

"Harris." said Chris.

"Would you like t…to join us?" asked Kat

"Ah, thanks, but no, I'm meeting Wyatt and my little sis Melinda, I'll see you next period." said Chris and left.

"How do you know Mr. All powerful?" asked Jackie

"Oh he's my next door neighbor." said Kat and took a bite of her pizza.

Next class was a potions class, where they were taught to…brew potions. Jackie didn't have that class right after lunch so that left Kat all by herself.

"Miss Daniels…you seem to be missing a partner." said the Professor. "Would anyone volunteer to be Miss Daniel's partner?" Kat blushed madly from embarrassment.

"I'll do it." said Chris

"Very well Mr. Halliwell." said the Professor as Chris came over to Kat's table.

"W…w…why a…are you being s…s…so nice?" asked Kat

"No reason." said Chris "Listen, if you want we can do our homework together tonight at my house. You'd get to meet Melinda….unless she blows up something else."

"O...ok…" she said barely aloud.

"You talk so quietly." commented Chris as he put in some of the roots into the cauldron.

"I'm not very social….I was made fun of a lot, in mortal schools." said Chris


After class Chris and Kat went to a class designed for kids who can move things with their minds and Professor Paige was all set and ready.

"Hi, Aunt Paige." said Chris as he and Kat came in.

"Hello Chris, ah and this must be my latest student." she said looking at Kat, who nodded slowly.

"Oh, mom was wondering if you and Uncle Henry, Jr, Gina, and Tina are coming to dinner tonight."

"Of course, we'll be there, even if I have to drag your Uncle." said Paige as more students filed in. "Alright let's start how many of you can at least move your object slightly or float it?"

Everyone, but Kat raised their hands. "What about you Katarina?"

"I…i...its Kat….and I don't know."

"Try; get a pencil off my desk."

"ok." said Kat and waved her hand, but the pencil didn't even move and the class erupted in laughter.

"That's enough." said Paige and the students stopped laughing "Nobody can get it on their first try. Don't sweat it." she then turned the Chris "Help her out."

"No problem." said Chris smiling at Kat

After class as Kat was getting ready to leave with Chris a snooty blonde boy came up to her it was Damian.

"Hey, new girl. What you did in class was sad, you know I need someone like you to show that I can marry beneath me. Or…I could offer to help you and then marry you."

"Um…you do realize that we're only eleven, right?" asked Kat pushing her glasses up her nose.

"I'll be twelve next week." said Chris and Kat laughed

"True, but he's thinking about marrying me, but he doesn't even know my name." she said.

"Well…I can see why that would be a problem." said Chris "Come on, I can already smell Mom's cookies."

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