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Chapter 10

The One Potion

Chris and Kat starred at what appeared to be their reflections. But they did not look like them. The solid Kat's hair was short and layered, the others was long and wavy.

The solid Chris was worried and freaking-out. The other Chris was calm and collected, focused.

"This is so messed up." said both Kats at the same time.

"Yeah, I know." said the floating Chris before the other Chris could say anything. "It's a headache so don't bother."

"Listen guys." began the floating Kat. "We can answer all your questions, but first. Did you read the diary?" They nodded. "Okay now the questions."

"Who the hell is this Bianca chick?" asked Kat. The other Kat grinned.

"Figures my other self would ask that one first." she said looking at the floating Chris. He groaned.

"Bianca was….someone who I met…." And so it went. Chris explained how he met Bianca, who she was, and her ultimate demise which eventually led to Kat joining him in the past.

"So who was it that turned...was supposed to turn, Wyatt?" asked Chris.

"Gideon." replied the floating Kat.

"Gideon….why does that sound familiar?"

"He was the headmaster of Magic School before Paige's short career as headmistress."

The story continued until the entities seemed exhausted as they explained all about Gideon and his defeat. "When we spirited away on the day of Chris's birth we were told that an evil would be coming from our universe to take revenge on you two for what we stopped." began Kat.

"You two need to devise a potion. The ingredients should be in the very back of the magic book. This potion will allow all of our knowledge to sift into you. This way we become part of you and all of our experiences will become yours."

"Isn't that a bit overwhelming?" asked a voice. The two solids turned around to see Leo standing in the doorway.

"We can handle it." insisted the floating Chris in an annoyed tone.

"Wait, is my Chris going to be as annoying as this one?" asked Kat and the other Kat burst out laughing.

"No, well, maybe a little. We just have to remind you that whatever you may get from us technically didn't happen, can't happen anymore...won't happen...Oh you know what I mean."

"Are you talking about the…" began Leo and the floating Chris merely nodded. "If it's okay with you guys, I can help them with the potion. It's pretty complicated."

The floaters nodded. "We'll be in limbo until you finish." they vanished.

"Oh the headache." said Kat.

Leo pushed them to the magic book. "Get to work. You only have twenty-four hours before they vanish from existence in all sense of the word."

Kat grabbed the book and they orbed into the kitchen. Piper was making breakfast and Mel was already sitting at the table eating cereal instead.

"How did the two of you sleep?" asked Mel

"Lousy." they replied together.

"They cast the spell." said Leo.

"What spell?" piped up Mel.

Piper dismissed her. "Melinda, don't you have classes to go to?" Melinda tried to argue. Piper's glare stopped her. She huffed and grabbed the keys.

"This whole family needs a shrink." said Melinda and walked out to the car. "It sucks being the only kid who can't orb." She shut the door. "I expect a martini when I go to the club." She was twenty and in college. She wanted to become a nurse.

"She gets crazier every year." muttered Piper. "You two sit down, now."

Kat and Chris reluctantly sat down to keep Piper from blowing them up. "Now did I or did I not tell you to forget about the chest?"

"Come on Piper you know them better than that. They rarely listen to authority." said Leo kissing her cheek.

"You have no idea what you're getting into." said Piper.

"And you do?" asked Kat. "With all do respect, Mom. Do you know?"

About a year after being formally adopted into the Halliwell family Piper and Leo insisted on Kat calling them mom and dad and even by twenty-three she still rarely called them that, except for odd occasions such as this.

"About a year after we stopped Wyatt from turning evil." Kat and Chris coughed a little. "Okay about a year after you stopped Wyatt from turning evil a demon managed to turn little Wyatt evil…I don't remember the details, but an older version of Wyatt came, an evil version came and it wasn't pretty. We think that it maybe a past version of Gideon or the evil version of Wyatt that comes to try to kill you."

"Isn't it a little late to turn Wyatt?" asked Kat.

"It's only a theory don't bite my head off. I'm worried that you may see a few things that may change how you see certain members of this family." her gaze briefly turned to her husband.

"We went through Kat's diary…we know…what happened…didn't happen…my head hurts." said Chris. "Mom we need to do this. Please."

"Fine, you're going to need dragon scales and a phoenix feather."

"Kat just couldn't make it easy." muttered Piper

"Hey the process itself is pretty complicated." insisted Kat. "Wait….how….forget it. How will we get all of these ingredients?"

"I can get it from the potion stores at the school. You two can get the other ingredients here." said Leo "Chris can you orb me?"

"Sure Dad." he waved a hand over Leo and he orbed out. Kat walked over to the store and pulled out some of the more usual ingredients, two red roses, mandrake root, a bit of ginger and parsley with a bit of lavender and vanilla extract.

There were so many weird things happening around town. Wyatt orbed in. "I need the magic book." he said

"Get in line." said Piper. "Breakfast, honey?"

"Sure Mom," he said "Why do you need the Magic book?"

"Not me, them." said Piper and quickly added. "You don't want to know. Trust me."

"Okay then." Piper cooked up a lot of French toast and scrambled eggs. "Can you guys clean up? I need to go to the restaurant?" Kat and Chris nodded.

Following the recipe in the book they combined the ingredients until Leo returned with the scales and the feather.

Wyatt was intrigued by the potion they were making. They put it into to vials and headed back to the attic. He followed them even after being instructed not to and peaked through the door.

We call upon our souls,

To fill in all the holes

We seek the life we had

To help us understand

For the future we will have

And to keep us from the grave

Another version of Chris and Kat appeared in the air. Kat was the first to speak. "Do we drink it or throw it at you or what?"

"Both. It's a convergence. So drink from one vial and throw the other at us." said the floating Chris.

The other did as they were told and the floating Chris and Kat fused with the other two and the two passed out.

Wyatt ran into the room and tried to heal them. Nothing happened and the two jumped up. "Oh man!" they said together.

"We're…I think, are we…engaged?"

"We…we are." said Chris and Wyatt starred at them. "Don't worry Wyatt, we'll explain later."

"But." Wyatt tried to argue to no avail.

"Right now, we need to go to the club." said Kat and they orbed out.

They had to go to the club to work, that was partially it. The other side of it was that the two needed time to digest all the information.

The club was empty except for Penny who was cleaning the glasses. Her hair was pulled back and she wore a black top and jeans.

"Finally, what took you guys so long?" she asked. "You know what, forget it. There's a band arriving in ten minutes to addition. And we're booked until next month."

The club took off for the better eight or so years ago thanks to the help of some magical folk luck and the fact that the Black-Eyed Peas performed.

"I'll get started on the sound system." said Chris. "It went haywire last night." First, however he walked over and hugged his cousin.

"What was that for?"

"Nothing." said Chris and grabbed the tool box. "I better get working."

He walked to the back room where his other self had once stayed and starred at it.

Kat snuck behind him. "Are you alright?"

"How come I'm more disturbed about this whole thing than you are?"

"I'm used to death and all that other lovely stuff. You however, are not." her voice was bitter and full of regret.

He pulled her into a hug. "I'm sorry Kat." She shook her head.

"We have all the knowledge of our past selves…do you think we should tell Wyatt that he was supposed to be born a girl?" Chris laughed shaking his head.

"It feels…so weird…We're here….and let's also focus on all the good that came out. You proposed, it was really sweet and on your birthday too…you're too sweet….so now bares a question. Are we, or aren't we?"

"I did propose." he said smiling and Kat jumped him. They rolled around on the floor. Kat remembered all the good times they had in this back room. And the awkward moments, like when Leo caught them.

The two stayed on the ground for a while until Penny came in. "Do you mind? Some of us have to work."

"I need to go, I just remembered about something." said Chris and orbed out. Kat stood off the floor and dusted herself off. "Shall we go and get to work?" asked Kat innocently.

They got the drinks set and the glasses were cleaned. "Did that Chinese beer arrived yet?"

"Yeah it was sent over." said Penny. "I think it's in the back. Oh and Grandpa is coming tonight."

"Wait…someone actually convinced Victor to come to the club?"

"It was mom's idea." she insisted. "I'm concerned."

Chris orbed back. "Penny, do you mind if we take off? We're working the bar, tonight, anyway."

"Whatever!" the phone rang Penny went to get it. "P3! WHAT!...okay Aunt Piper, I'll tell them."

"What's going on?" asked Chris.

"There's a demon attacking and he seems to be looking for Kat.

The couple exchanged glances before orbing out.

The next chapter will deal with Kat's past and the death of her parents. It's a more origin story with a bit more issues...