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Chapter 1

Move In Day


Today was supposed to be a pretty boring day. My brothers and I were moving into our new apartment. We had decided to leave our home out in Forks, Washington to come here to find ourselves. 'Here' being New York. The Big Apple. So, now, here I was. Moving into a decent sized apartment, in a city where the only people I knew at all were the two guys I had known my whole life. I had my arms full with a couple boxes, Jasper was next to me in the elevator with a couple boxes of his own, and we had left Emmett at the car, on the phone with his girlfriend back home, Kate.

"What apartment are we, again, Jazz?" I shot a quick glance at my brother.

"Uh, 53, I think." His eyes were wide as he tried to remember.

"You think? Where is the paper the lady in the office gave you?"

"In my back pocket. Grab it." He turned so his boxes were facing the one wall of the elevator and leaned a so I could see the paper sticking out of his pocket a little. I turned to set my boxes against the wall by me, and held them there with my hip and one hand. Just as I reached for his pocket, the elevator doors openned and I heard one soft chord on a guitar fade out. I risked a glance at whoever was standing there with my hand still at my brothers back pocket. I was suddenly blinded by a bright flash of light that was followed by giggling.

"You must be the new people for apartment 54." I tried to shake away the spots that had formed infront of my eyes as I snatched the paper from Jaspers pocket and we both snapped back into a better position.

"Oh, yea. That would be us." I said after looking over the paper once, confirming what she said.

"Need some help?" Another voice asked, I took a look at who these people were. The one who had offered help was about five foot nine, with long flowing blonde hair. She was gorgeous. Her eyes were the color of the ocean, and her full lips were painted a deep red. The paleness of her skin just made her lips and eyes stand out that much more. I had to force my eyes away from her, to see the second girl. She was holding the guitar. Compared to the beauty next to her, this girl was nothing. Alone, she would still be pretty, but she had a more subtle beauty. Standing only about 5 foot even, with short spikey black hair, this girl could easily be explained as a pixie. Her eyes were blue as well, but not as vivid as her friends.

"Hello. I am Jasper and this is my brother, Edward." Jazz's voice brought me out of my thoughts.

"I am Alice, and this here is Rosalie. Did you two need any help?" The pixie responded to Jasper but before we could say anything a phone started ringing. Rosalie pulled her phone from her jeans pocket and sighed.

"I don't want to answer it. We are late anyways, she is not going to be happy."

"Damn her! Why does she freak out over being 5 minutes late? I don't want to hear her yelling. Let's just go." Alice sighed as well and they seemed to have forgotten we were standing there. The elevator started buzzing really loudly so Jazz and I jumped off and the girls jumped on to head downstairs. We watched as the door closed slowly, now Alice's phone was ringing. Whoever was calling to yell at them was the devil, in my mind. That person took them away from us. I turned and looked at Jasper.

"Well, at least we met someone in the building."

"Yes, and quite a someone, I might add." He had a goofy smile on his face as we turned to find our new apartment.


Rose and I were running out the door, Bella was going to be very mad at us. We had overslept, again. Rehearsal was supposed to start 5 minutes ago. I grabbed my guitar and started playing the Mission: Impossible theme as we ran down the hall towards the elevator. We got there right as the doors were openning, and my hand stalled after one strum at the image before us. There were two guys in the elevator, both holding boxes. But one had his boxes leaning against a wall and his butt was sticking out towards the other guy, who had his boxes leaning against the other side of the elevator. His hip and one hand were holding the boxes in place as his other arm reached out and he was about an inch away from the other ones butt. Quickly I grabbed the camera that I always had in my pocket and I took a picture of them. It was perfect, the reaching one had looked up just in time and had the dumbest look on his face. That face was amazing, though. His hair was a bronze color and a complete mess, his green eyes were bright and he had a jaw carved from stone.

"You must be the new people for apartment 54." I asked as they snapped back up into better, less comprimising positions.

"Oh, yea. That would be us." The bronze haired one said softly after glancing at the paper he had taken from the other's pocket. I looked over at the other man, now. He had blonde hair, it was longer than the first guy's hair, but almost as messy. His blue eyes were so beautiful, I felt like I was falling into them. I watched those eyes look over me, and I was suddenly very conscious of the fact that I had just rolled out of bed, I probably looked like a mess.

"Need some help?" Rose spoke up, both men seemed to be at a loss for words for a moment, before the blonde God infront of me spoke up.

"Hello. I am Jasper, and this is my brother Edward." His voice was amazing. So smooth, so... just amazing. I realized I was starting to swoon, and had to pull myself back to earth.

"I am Alice, and this here is Rosalie. Did you two need at help?" We were already late for rehearsal. What was Bella going to do? Hunt us down? We were being good neighbors. Suddenly Rose's phone started ringing, and we both cringed, knowing who it would be.

"I don't want to answer it. We are late anyways, she is not going to be happy." Rose glared at the screen of her phone, which had Bella flashing across it. I looked at her and realized neither of us wanted to leave these guys right now.

"Damn her! Why does she freak out over being 5 minutes late? I don't want to hear her yelling. Let's just go." I sighed as the elevator started buzzing loudly. We switch places with the guys, so we were in the elevator and they were watching the doors close now. Once the elevator had started moving, I looked at Rose.

"Wow. Jess could have given us some warning that hot guys were moving in. I wonder if they are single..." I agreed on the part about Jessica, but gave Rose a look.

"Rose? Why does it matter if they are single? We both are seeing people." I realized I was whining. All we knew was there were two guys, both very attractive, moving into our building. We knew their names, and that was it.

The elevator doors openned and we both just stared at the angry muscles infront of us. This guy had curly brown hair, and really was just all muscle. When he saw people in the elevator, his angry glare softened a bit, and he smiled.

"Hi. I am Emmett. Nice to meet you!" My mouth fell open a little, and I still just stared.

"Rosalie." Rose responded first. "This is Alice." She gestured to me, and I shut my mouth to give him a small smile. This bear of a man scared me a little. We scooted around him carefully, then made our way over to Rose's car. I shot a glance back as we walked away, and saw Emmett was watching us as the doors shut.

"Well, our building just got very interesting." Rose laughed as we climbed in the car and took off to meet up with Bella, Jess and Lauren.