Heh, hopefully this will get a few laughs.

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I peered around the corner. Ha, this villain was nothing compared to me! I jumped out at him.


Genesis turned to look at me, a baffled expression on his face. So he should be! I saw him stealing that carton of orange juice yesterday! The green lights of the lifestream set his face aglow, and the white marble buildings around us matched it. Heh, I would soon infiltrate his stronghold of evil!

As I went to hit him with a noodle(like the ones used in a swimming pool) he raised an arm to block.

"You are no match for me!"

"What are you doing?!"

"I bring peace and happiness to the lifestream! Return the orange juice you stole!"

He dodged my next attack;I went flying into a wall.

"I didn't STEAL the juice! There's no such thing as stealing in the lifestream!"

"Of course a villain would say that!" I got up and ran at him, this time the noodle smacked him upside the head, knocking him onto his stomach. I placed a foot on his back in a display of victory. Of course I was the victor!

"I, Captain Hero, have defeated yet another criminal! Feel the powers of justice at my fingertips, the thunder of glory! There is no evil that can match my battle prowess!"

Genesis groaned. "Zack, let me up."

"Ha! Your empty threats can do naught against my noodle of truth!"


"Only a coward would make Captain Hero out to be a pervert!"

"Everyone saw how you used to look at Cloud."

"I was doing my duty, protecting him from the tyranny of deception!"

"Let me up."

"Nice try Dr. Loveless!"

"I'll give you a bag of jellybeans if you do."

"Tempting, but I have never succumbed to that sort of offer!"

"There's every color of the rainbow."

I stopped. What could represent truth and justice better than rainbow colored jellybeans? Maybe Dr. Loveless was more honest than I gave him credit for. I took my foot off of his back, even going so far as to help him up.

He reached into his jacket and pulled out the promised reward.

"I thak you for your generosity. I shall now extend to you an offer of companionship!! Think wisely before making your choice! It should be the righteous decision!"


I struck a pose, and gave him a million dollar grin, along with a thumbs up.

The sound of footsteps behind me alerted me to another presence. I turned to see Angeal, my comrade. Otherwise known as the Sword of Honor! What a justice filled name!

"What in the lifestream are you doing Zack!?"

"I have converted yet another to our cause!"

"What cause?!"

"The peace of the lifestream!"

He put a hand over his face. He may act embarassed, but I knew that he really fought alongside me!