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I peered suspiciously at Genesis.

"Why would I want to play strip poker?"

He gave a seemingly innocent grin. "You need a night off! Remember, even truth, justice and righteousness need to rest. Then they can function at their optimal level!"

Well, that did make sense. He was right! The thunder of my glory would need a night off! And, in playing strip poker, my body, a symbol of lawfullness, would make any villain surrender to see!

"There will be jellybeans..."

"Fair enough, I will represent honor in a game of strip poker!"

We arrived at some random house that we called Angeal's house, though we aren't sure he actually owns it. Which made me wonder why I hadn't called him out on it yet.

I burst through the door. "Alright, who's ready to see this righteous, touchable body!!"

Angeal stared up at me and blinked slowly. He was sitting at the kitchen table, a deck of cards in front of him. Genesis and I sat(retard stole the good seat: the non-sqeaky one) and the game began.

Thirty minutes into the game, Genesis had lost his gloves, jacket, and shirt, angeal had lost nothing, and I was left in my boxers, arguing about the previous hand.

"No! Justice is not capable of losing! I am the ultimate, the powerful, the sexy-"

Genesis interrupted "If you're so sexy, why don't you show us that sexy body?"

I threw a handful of jellybeans, along with some sound effects. The door was hurled open and Hojo stepped through.

"Do you know what that ungrateful brat has done!?" He shrieked "Sephiroth has gone and resurrected himself! He's left! Now who am I supposed to lose to in scrabble!?"

I stood only to strike a pose. "Ha! That is what vermin like you deserve!"

Genesis rolled his eyes. "Go away so we can watch 'Captain Hero' hurry up and strip!"

Hojo sniffed. "Fine. WHY DOESN"T ANYONE LIKE ME!?" He ran out screaming.

Angeal and Genesis watched me expectantly.

"No way."

They shared a look before descending on me.


"Ow! Cut it out!"

"I don't think that was supposed to go there."

"Oh well, it can't be too uncomfortable."

"Yes it is, it's pulling!"

"Hey, Angeal, why don't you try wetting it first?"

"I put it in his mouth;I think it's wet enough."

"Damn, you wretch! It tasted funny!"

"Even after we dipped it in that chocolate?"

"The chocolate was really cold."

I crossed my arms. "Why am I wearing a maid dress!? And get rid of that bow! It's pulling my hair!