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Elf Dawned Book 1: By Chance


It had all happened by chance. I didn't mean any harm when I came. I certainly didn't want to be hated by everyone. But here I was… Was it really so bad to dream of being part of a perfect world? To find a place where you knew for the first time you belonged, and no one wanted to tear you away so you could go on living happily ever after? I hadn't thought so, until now.

It all started with my Aunt Rose, two years ago.

"…and more so, what type of posture is that? Shoulders straight, Serenity. Good. Now, play that song one more time."

I sighed. My aunt, Aunt Rose, was not the most… pleasant person to live with. And even after almost two months of living with her, I'm still not used to it. My parents had died recently, and she is the only live relative I have. This life is brutal.

My hands fell over the keys on the piano, and my eyes traveled over the notes on the paper before me. My playing went smoothly for a while, but then my fingering messed up on the same spot again. Aunt Rose sighed.

"Serenity, we've been trying this song for almost a full week. If you haven't gotten it by now, by all means, maybe it is a sign that you need less free time and more practice time. Yes I have made my choice… no more gardens for you until you learn to play it right."

I scowled. The gardens were the most divine and serene place in this whole mansion, and the only place I could relax and get away from Aunt Rose's scowl. Yes, my aunt is rich, though she doesn't do anything to get that money. She's always all pampered and groomed until lady-like perfection, and she expects me to be the same. That is why I'm wearing this green silk dress which reaches my knees right now. Oh, how I long the day when I can wear pants again! But Aunt Rose doesn't allow me to wear pants, even to bed… The only things I am allowed to wear even close to pants are those skirts with shorts underneath. She has the long-version skirt part, though, so it's useless anyhow. They're pretty uncomfortable, actually…

"Yes, Aunt Rose," I murmured.

"Alright, how about we try your dancing now?"

I gulped. I was a klutz, with severe left-foot syndrome, so dancing wasn't the best thing for me. The first time she had mentioned it I had put up a riot, earning me an hour in my room and a miss of dinner. I wasn't about to do that again.

Getting up, I waited for my partner to come forth. I watched the man in a black tuxedo decent down the stairs. When he reached the bottom, I could see his knees shaking. I couldn't blame him; he's been here for a week and I've already broken three of his toes.

The other guy quit within two days of dancing with me, and the guy before him only had to have a look at me turn in a pirouette before turning back to the door and walking out.

"Now, Serenity, please tell me you've been practicing?"

"I have been, Aunt Rose."

"Well, we'll see with your performance today." She took over my place near the piano. "Now, here we go. I'll count you in."

Her fingers began to play the gentle, honey-sweet song on the piano that would take me three years to master. It made me slightly annoyed, and I couldn't help muttering, "Show off."

Sighing, I lifted my skirts and walked over to the man, Bowrece, and bowed.

His hand lifted to me in an innocent gesture with so much grace, I found myself pouting. I bit the pout out of my bottom lip, and put my hand in his. His left arm came around my waist and pulled me closer to him. My hand lifted to his shoulder. And then, we began our dance.

It was all elegance and grace. We moved steadily to the music, and I felt Bowrece relax under my touch slowly. Soon, he was all mellow, and was even smiling down at me. "You're doing marvelously, Serenity- Uh… why are you looking down?"

"Shh!" I hissed. "Do you want me to step on your foot again? Go along with this. It's probably the safest route for both of us."

He nodded. Step one, two, three four, I thought bitterly. This was like my own personal Hell. I wish I were back in Heaven, though… I haven't seen my friends since my parents died, and Aunt Rose says that a lady should not use a phone unless inviting for a party. Psh. She was so backwards in her ways.

"Alright, Serenity," the music was suddenly cut off. Surprised, I felt myself trip forward and onto Bowrece, and my knee bumped harshly into his shin. He stiffened.

"Ouch," He muttered.

"Sorry, sorry!" I said, jumping out of his arms. I could already see tears forming in his eyes, and I couldn't blame him. The poor guy stuck around with me for so long, it was probably getting to his head now.

"It's alright, my lady," He grunted.

My hands lifted to cover my mouth so Aunt Rose would not see my gaping.

"Serenity, you are excused for right now. Bowrece, why don't you have a nurse look you over?"

"It's only gonna bruise. I think I'm alright," he grunted, clutching his leg. Cry baby.

"Yes, well, our Serenity weighs half of me, and she's eleven. By god, she needs to lose weight! I'm like her grandmother, for crying out loud! Are you positive you're alright?"

My nose wrinkled. I'm fat? Gee, thanks Aunt Rose.

I escaped into the kitchen, sighing heavily. I felt imprisoned in this house. It seemed that everywhere I went, everywhere I looked, greedy eyes looking for every fault in my being followed a second after. I didn't even feel safe just standing here. As far as I knew, Aunt Rose might have hidden secret cameras so she knew if, or more realistically speaking when, I did something unladylike. It was a real burden on my shoulders.

I tip-toed to the back door, looking behind me to make sure Aunt Rose did not yet notice. My hand reached for the door knob painfully slowly. I felt my heart thudding in my chest loudly, and the heat of the pressure on my face, neck, and shoulders. My fingers clasped around the knob and I looked back again.

No one was there.

With a shaky sigh, I turned the gold knob. I heard a soft click and turned again to make sure that I was still undiscovered. Aunt Rose didn't seem to have heard. Biting my lip, I opened the door - which began to creek. I winced. Slowly, I slipped out, and proceeded to close the door quietly. It was more obedient the other way, I had to admit.

I looked through the window, waiting. Aunt Rose did not show up.

I paused to make sure I was safe. Then, I felt a rush of freedom come onto me, and it overwhelmed me. The burden on my shoulders lifted, for a small time that is, allowing me to walk much easily… Ok, exaggerating here, but that's how it feels, trust me! The sweet taste of freedom!

I hopped down the stairs and out of sight of the window. I felt my legs carry me out into the wilderness, and the usual yearning of flying with the wind filled me. I stopped, though, when I noticed the creepiest part of the garden once again. It was a place where the growth wasn't as neatly trimmed as the rest of the garden… Actually, it wasn't trimmed at all. It was at the very back of the large place, barely noticeable. Beyond the rustle of rose bushes and three barks I saw dark shadows. It had always creeped me out, but today I came close and touched the leaves.

Suddenly the leaves poking out of the growth moved. I jumped.

What was that?

The growth moved again. With deliberately slow steps, I moved towards the growth. All was still. Slowly, I put my hands in the middle of the growth and tried to part it, wincing as all the roots and thorns cut into my skin. I was expecting more growth, but was surprised to see a shirt swoosh by me. Who could possibly be here?

Only one way to find out, I suppose.

I pushed my way through the weeds and roots and finally broke free of all the wines. My dress was only slightly ripped, and my skin ached, but there were hardly any cuts there. I looked at my palms and was disappointed to find that they had had the pleasure of experiencing the most damage. I took a few of the thorns out of the cuts, and I belched when I found a long twig in one of my gashes. It had been very painful taking that one out.

I was so engrossed with my hands; I barely noticed that I was in a completely different area. But slowly, the zooming excitement and festive mood drew me out of my reveries.

Gradually, my eyes lifted to the large crowed, and I gasped, delighted.

There seemed to be a party here. Lanterns adorned every spot my eyes settled upon, and although it had been light only but a few moments ago, there was a moon hanging high above me. I glanced down again, and noticed that there was sand in this area. I frowned. What was this place? Where, exactly, was I?

There was a high shriek of excitement that seemed to come out of nowhere, and I turned, feeling my lips twitch into a smile again. My eyes landed upon a blond girl in a ragged – yes, ragged, though very beautifully made – dress. Her feet were bare. A ribbon made of the same cloth and color – murky brown – rested on her hair, pulling some strands of blond from her face. Beside her, a man with long, fair white hair held her tightly in his grasp, looking down at her lovingly. He wore no shirt, which outlined his perfectly youth-muscled chest, and his chocolate brown pants blended with the girl's dress perfectly. He was, also, barefooted. The girl looked about my age, and the boy… a few years older; perhaps thirteen, fourteen?

I watched them dance. It was elegant, graceful, and refreshing, yet very fast. Oh, how I wished to be able to dance like that!

I looked to my left and spotted a few other bare-footed people. This confused me. Did the people here enjoy being barefooted?

"My lady," the man from before murmured, "you are a divine dancer."

The blond girl giggled, "Kunzite, you're going to spoil me!"

"I do not mind spoiling you if you do not mind being spoiled."

I felt a blush creep to my cheeks. The two looked so… peaceful in each other's arms.

"Everyone bow, for your Lord Endymion has arrived! Bow, Elf City, bow before your Lord Endymion!"

Pursing my lips, I turned to look at where the sudden loud drumming and echoing of loud words was coming from.

I was robbed of breath when I spotted a man on a big red chair being carried by many men. His form was straight, his head tilted up with pride. His ebony locks fell over his beautiful, dark stormy blue eyes. I noticed something glint in his background, but was astounded when I noticed that it was an earring on his… slightly… pointy… ear

And did that guy just call this place Elf City? I was in another city? Had I blacked out and been dragged here?

I bowed before people took notice of me, and glanced to my side where a few other people were also bowing. Each one of them also had the odd ear shape. Their ears were very long and pointy. I gaped.

Where was I?

The drumming halted.

"Here thee, here thee!" the man from before called. I turned my attention back to the blond boy who was seemingly the same age as the… 'Lord'.

The boy on the chair stood up with elegance and grace, his eyes looking over his people. "My people!" he called, "I thank you for joining us tonight on another one of our daily parties. I hope each one of you gets to bask in our glory over the area we have claimed not so long ago. This is truly a time to celebrate!"

The people had begun applauding and whistling before the… um… Lord even finished talking. He laughed, amused by his people. It was such a delicate sound, and it sent shivers up my spine. No one seemed to notice me, and I was planning not to let them notice.

Slowly, I crept back and hid behind an ally wall, watching the party with amusement. It was the most magical place I have ever seen!

Through the night, I watched as the people danced and shared quiet greeting with one another. And their dancing! They didn't slow dance even once through the night. All the dances were wild and fast, much like the ones that you find in those old, dramatic movies, and yet they were just as sensual and erotic and personal as a slow dance.

The men jumped and did back-flips in front of the girls who watched them, amused. They were playing a seductive game, though in a form of dance. About most of the girls, liking the attention, joined into the dancing, while others milled about with their friends for their own reasons.

As I sat here, gaping quietly at the wonderful scenery before me, it suddenly dawned on me. I wasn't in my own world any more. I was in Elf City. And the scary-looking over-growth in my Aunt's backyard separated our worlds. I had definitely not been dragged anywhere. I was sucked here. This was another world entirely. It definitely wasn't human, at least not that I could see.

I grinned. That would mean I could visit whenever I liked… right?

My eyes, watching everywhere at once at one moment, stopped abruptly the next when I spotted the Lord of this fine place dancing with a girl who had fiery black hair and violet eyes, accompanied by a few other dancers. It looked… amazing! Everyone here looked amazing! They all had a cat-like elegance in them, and were all energy and fire.

And speaking of fire, the bon fire in the middle was tall and made everything that much livelier. It was magical.

I knew that even though I was only merely a human, clearly unwelcome here, I would be unable to tear myself away from this place. I felt like I was whole here. This was… I cannot explain it.

But I knew I should be returning soon, for Aunt Rose would not have the patience with me, and I have already been here for a long time.

I crawled out of my hiding place and went to find the over-growth. When I did, I slipped through it, taking note to wear a long-sleeved dress and gloves next time… all in the shade of brown. And perhaps buy some elf ears to help the occasion… and go barefoot.

The sun was up here. Was it possible that there was a time difference, even though one world was so close to the other? I breathed in the morning air, still feeling the magic that I had just experienced coursing through my veins.

I slipped into the house and looked at the time. It was only five minutes after I had left, but it felt as if hours had sped by. It was all for the better, anyhow.

"Serenity, don't you dare sneak out of the house!"

I gasped. How did she not notice? "Aunt Rose, of course not."

"By god, what happened to you? Go clean yourself up."

I left obediently, longing for a nice and restful nap. It had been a long, eh… night.

I would visit again tomorrow, I decided.


I gazed at the partying citizens of Elf City. My thoughts ran wild, and I couldn't really stop them. This was the only place I felt safe from the blazing gray eyes tore through my every imperfection. Nothing was mine anymore in the human world. My body, mind, soul… it was all theirs. Here, though, I found myself being put back together. It is probably the only place that has kept me slightly sane. Aunt Rose was a crazy old bat stuck in a time where everything was elegant and ladies blushed.

I smiled when Lord Endymion came into view. During these years, he had grown into a handsome man. He's three years older than I; fifteen, soon to be sixteen. During the two years I've been here, I have noticed that he had an aura around him other people didn't. It was his charm – it made everyone adore him. He was adventurous and wild and calm and collected at the same time. You know that thing that some people say, "Like father like son"? Well, here's another one for you: "Like Lord, like people."

The blond girl and the boy she called Kunzite were actually a couple, as I later found out, even though it was obvious from the start. They were from a higher court, ranking just below Endymion. The girl's name is Mina.

There are also three others: Amy, Lita, and Ray. I saw them around, but I mostly liked watching Mina.

Kunzite was the leader of the generals that swore to protect Endymion. His small team, Jadeite, Nephrite, and Zoisite, were loyal to the throne to the core. They would die for their Lord.

It was but a simple fact anyone living – or visiting a lot – in Elf City would know.

Only two years ago, though, Ray and Endymion were in love. Though Ray began feeling things for Jadeite, and Endymion just lost interest. Since then, Lady in Waiting Beryl has been hanging on his arm and every word.

I curled up against the wall, watching the usual happy elves dance around. My eyes spotted Mina and Kunzite again, and I felt a smile tug at the corners of my mouth. I watched the couple for a few moments. Somehow, the love they shared seemed eternal and right to me…

My eyes wandered over to Lord Endymion, who was enjoying the party as much as always. I saw him trip and fall, and laughed when he jumped back up and chuckled nervously along with a few of his men. Lady Beryl tugged at his arm to join her. I watched, as if this were a story I was reading, and I very much wanted to be a part of it. This life was perfect…


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