Title: It's Okay, I'm Here

Author: Misdiagnosed

Fandom: House M.D.

Genre: Hurt, Comfort, Romance

Rating: T

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, rape, at times strong language.

Pairings: House/Cameron

Disclaimer: All main characters belong to Fox. Songs belonging to their respective owners and whatnot. The patients and story are mine and mine alone!

Summary: Deep down, House knows that he loves Cameron. She makes his coffee, answers his mail, gives the most amazing smile; but he's never had to admit it before. When his beloved Cameron is hurt by a monster, he allows his feelings to surface. But as she faces new heartache, will he be able to help her?

Authors Note: This story was inspired after a chat with a few of my fellow House fan friends, but it doesn't just stop there, some sections of the story are based on my childhood and past life, changed a little in places to fit in with the story of course. I want to thank Lauren and Deena, Deena for the support and encouragement as this story came into play, and Lauren for her help with all my stories so far, especially help reading them over for me!!

Chapter 1

"Ok, so .." House picks up his marker, starting to write on the white board that he wiped clean only 10 seconds before, "Symptoms include .."





"Anything else?" House asked, still with his back to the team. As per usual, they were throwing symptoms around left, right and centre to try and find a diagnosis to a patient's illness; so far they had come up with the usual diagnosis – but as always, it was wrong.

"Muscle Weakness?" Wilson stated, as he and Cuddy walked through the door. He crosses his arms while leaning on the newly painted wall and looks at House, while Cuddy takes a vacant seat.

"Mental problems .." Chase muttered under his breath, everyone turned to look at him. Cameron looked confused, Cuddy startled, House even looked amused, he knew what Chase meant.

"Mental problems? Shouldn't he be in up in psych if he's mental?" Wilson questioned after everyone else seemed lost for words. He looked from each member of the team, but got no answer, so he pressed the issue, looking firmly at House who seemed glued on Chase, "Well?"

"He isn't mental" House responded with a look of amusement, "Wombat just thinks he is because he tried to strangle Cameron." With that he turned back to the white board and wrote down muscle weakness while shaking his head, everyone could see he found it funny, which only angered Chase even further. Cameron ignored the issue, continuing on looking through the blue file within her hands, she was used to House by now.

Cuddy looked concerned at Cameron, who looked up sensing someone's eyes on her; she smiled back at her reassuringly, before getting up and making herself another coffee. Which didn't go unnoticed, it was her sixth cup in the last few hours. Foreman looked at her with concern in his eyes, he made a mental note to talk to her later, it had been the 3rd stressful situation she had been in in the last 48 hours and he was beginning to worry that it was taking its toll on the young doctor.

"So Foreman, what do you think? Maybe the patient should look at Cameron's breasts too?" House smirked as Cameron rolled her eyes before taking her seat again.

"I think .." Foreman said slowly, "that you missed off a symptom. No one has taken into account how much weight he has lost lately" he replied placing the file back down on the table as House added the symptom of the board. Like Cameron, he was able to ignore House and his comments, generally they didn't bother him, and today was no different, he was too busy worrying about Cameron to care what House was saying.

"Happy? So what has he got Mr Neurologist?" House enquired, leaning against the white board. Foreman looked thoughtfully at the whiteboard, for what seemed like an eternity, finally, he looked directly at House.

"Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis" he said simply. For what seemed like a milli-second, House looked impressed. He turned to the whiteboard and drew a line down the side splitting the symptoms from the rest of the board. He then wrote 'ADE' at the top.

"Anything else?" this time he turned his attention to the rest of the team, who sent illnesses and diseases flowing for House to write down. They all knew, once this had been done, he'd go through them all and dismiss them if he thought they were wrong, knowing him, he'd put them down, but they were used to it, it was normal.

"Angiostrongyliasis" Chase said but Cameron shook her head before putting her mug down on the glass table.

"No, he's vegetarian, he doesn't eat animals, let alone raw ones" Cameron said as House delightfully crossed it out.

"Right" he smiled at Cameron slightly, before he caught sight of Wilson smirking at him. "Anything else?"

"Encephalomyelitis?" Cameron asked, as Wilson nodded in approval.

"It can't be Leukaemia, as we already tested it" Wilson said slowly, almost as if to himself, rather than to the doctors sat infront of him, "but it could be Polyarteritis Nodosa"

"What about Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers?" Cuddy asked. House wrote it down on his board. Finally, he moved back and observed what was written on the board.

"So we have .. Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, Encephalomyelitis, Polyarteritis Nodosa and Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers" House reeled off the list on the board, which was followed by a click, letting everyone know he had finished writing on his board, no longer wanting anymore suggestions for the time being. "But .." he announced slowly, "none of these explains every single symptom." He turned and looked at his team.

He looked at each member of his team in turn, each looked back at him, apart from Cameron. He focused his gaze on her. She had her mug in one hand her elbow resting elegantly on the table top, and seemed to be biting the nails of her free hand. The rest of the team followed his gaze, staring at the youngest duckling. Each wondering what occupied her thoughts, secretly, they were all deeply concerned for her, she was different somehow, but no one could place what had changed for her.

"Cameron .." Foreman said quietly, he wanted to reach out and touch her, but he was afraid it would cause her to drop her scorching coffee all over her lap. At first she didn't register that he had even spoke to her, but her reasons for being so deep in thought became clear at her next word; "Drugs"

"What?" Chase asked, his immediate thought was that she was back on drugs again. After the time when she had taken drugs as a one off, through the possibility of being infected with HIV, he had hoped she hadn't gone back to that, she was a wreck.

"Drugs. All of those," she said pointing at the board, "symptoms except one work with all of the illness' we have listed – except for hallucinations. What if the hallucinations are because of drugs? He could be taking anything; he isn't exactly going to tell us is he?"

"It would have shown in his blood work up" Wilson answered.

"Not if he's been taking the drugs since then. We haven't been around him all the time. We had no reason to be." Cameron replied, the confidence in her answer shone for all to see, once she had an idea, she would look into it as far as possible.

"But how has he been getting them? His parents are there, his father is a police officer" Cuddy asked, a little confused. "besides, he didn't bring a bag with him we would have-" she was interrupted by Cameron's pager.

"He's having respiratory problems" Following this, they all rushed out to the patients room. Their footsteps could be heard down every corridor, as Foreman told other patients, nurses and families to move out of the way for their emergency. House, Cuddy and Wilson stopped outside and watched the others as they got to work on stabilizing the patient. He was still conscious, but he couldn't breathe, his face was white, lips blue and the horror shone in his eyes while his mother sobbed into his father's arms, he grabbed hold of Cameron, for the second time that day, and she pulled back. House watched her reaction intently, wondering if she could cope, he knew she had struggled the past few days, Foreman had told him so, he wondered if this was really the area for her. Chase moved Cameron so the patient had no choice but to let go, but it took alot of effort on Chase's behalf to prize him off of her. The three of them pulled the bed forward and detatched all wires and anything else that was in the way, Cameron took the IV bags off the stand and laid them on the bed next to the patient, Chase, along with the nurses, took the patient straight down to surgery.

Cameron used the phone from the nurse station to alert them to an on-coming patient. Foreman told House about the development, as Cuddy and Wilson listened intently. All three of them walked away, no doubt, for something to eat, it was 9 o'clock at night; this left Cameron and Foreman to tell the family of the latest situation, questions had to be asked.

"What's happened to my son?" the father demanded standing in front of Cameron.

"Please sit down" at first he just stood there, his wife pulled him down at her husband's arm and he eventually sat down, but his posture did not relax. With this, Cameron started to explain the situation. "Your son has a PE, it's a pulmonary embolism, this means that he has a clot that's formed in his lung, and it's not letting any blood travel to the heart and lungs, so they are going to give him an operation to remove it."

"Will Adam be alright?" His mother whispered, tears forming in her eyes.

"We are doing all we can. If you would like to follow the nurse, she will take you down to wait in the waiting area" they nodded slightly before following the nurse down the corridor, with them on their way to wait hours for their son to finish his much needed operation, both Foreman and Cameron got up and walked the opposite way. Cameron sighed.

"Are you alright?" Foreman asked, he looked down at her as she smiled tiredly back at him.

"I'm fine, I'm just tired." She smiled at him, but he wasn't convinced and stopped her in the middle of the corridor. She knew what was coming, he had been looking at her all day, he seemed very protective of her, and she didn't know why - he never used to be. Infact, he was the one who pressed at the fact they were only colleagues and not friends.

"You don't seem fine Cameron. Hell, I wouldn't be. He grabbed you again in there and I saw you freeze up, he tried to strangle you earlier and yesterday another patient held a scalpel to your neck. I don't see how you can be fine" Foreman bluntly told her, looking directly into her eyes, the spark she usually had was gone, now they just looked lost, and empty. He watched as tears formed in her eyes, he knew she would try and hold them back, even though it didn't work most of the time, she hated the fact she was over emotional, she always had been, she moved closer to him and rested her head on his chest, she could hear his heart beat, feel his warmth, she felt safe, she smiled slightly, and he rubbed her back soothingly. Silent tears fell down her face as the days began to catch up with her.

"Oi! You two!" House shouted down the corridor at them, and they jumped apart looking thoroughly guilty at the innocent situation they were in, House looked highly amused and she just shook her head at his childish antics while Foreman rolled his eyes at their boss. She wiped her eyes quickly and they walked back into the conference room after House.