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Chapter 20

It was roughly 4 in the morning when Cameron woke with a start as pain ripped through her stomach and her back, before disappearing slowly, she breathed out slowly trying to push herself up to a sitting position placing a protective hand over her bump. She turned the light on on the bedside table before turning to House to check he was still asleep, picking up her book she began to read knowing she wouldn't be able to lay back down on her own without hurting herself and she hated to wake him.

She gasped loudly as another pain overtook her, this time it was more intensive and lasted for longer, she grabbed hold of the side of the bed in an attempt to take control of the pain she was in, and once again though, it eased as she relaxed a little. She picked up her watch and looked at the time, it read 4.23am. She sat for a while breathing in deeply "Not now Buba, please" she whispered in a pleading voice, she felt dire, the pain she was in was torture, more from her neck than anywhere else but the contractions were closer than her midwife said they would be during early labour.

Finally fed up of sitting down, she swung her legs round the side of the bed and stood up holding onto the bedside table, she walked slowly out into the kitchen, she opened the fridge and took out the bottle of water she had placed in the door the previous evening, pouring herself a glass she shook from the cold, she picked up her glass and walked around the house with it, the clock on the wall read 4.41am and she groaned as she stood up and walked back into the bedroom, she hated waking so early, especially with how tired she was. As she walked back into the bedroom, the pain returned stronger than it had been before as she doubled over in agony dropping the glass on the floor with a crash, luckily it didn't smash and she'd emptied it of water so there was no water to slip on either. "Arrrggghhh" she groaned clutching her stomach, "Oh no" she said through gritted teeth as she looked down before her, she stood in a pool of fluids, a tear slid down her face as the realisation of what was happening hit her.

"Greg" she said through the pain in her neck, it was getting worse the more times she had a contraction, "Greg, wake up" she whimpered as he turned over, but didn't wake, "Greg" she virtually screamed this time, fear taking over her completely wishing he'd wake up and be there. Hearing her panic, House sat bolt upright and searched around the room for her, seeing her bent over at the bottom of the bed clutching her stomach terrified him, it had been less than 10 hours since they'd been in the accident, "Greg help, my waters broke"

"Oh god" he said reaching for the phone, he immediately dialled for an ambulance, "Ambulance" he yelled down the phone as she began to cry pain ripping through her neck as he reached out to take her hand which she grabbed painfully.

"My fiancée's in labour, we were in a car accident last night, I can't get her there"


"Fat lot of good you are" House spat before hanging up on the operator. He looked at Cameron who he knew was sobbing beneath her hair which had curtained round his face, he swung himself across to her, gently standing next to her and holding her up as she virtually collapsed in his arms, "How long have you been having contractions?"

"I don't know" she sobbed, "I woke up at about 4 through one, then I had another at 20 past, then another just now" he turned to look at the clock which read 4.50am as she squeezed his hand, he knew how worried she was, he was also worried something was wrong with the baby, especially so soon after the accident.

"Come on, I need you to get on the bed for me baby ok?" he pulled the quilt off the bed completely and threw it onto the floor, with his help she got on all 4s on the bed, "I'm going to put the brace back on you, just for extra support, I don't want you hurting yourself" he said before picking up the brace and placing it round her neck. Without delay he limped around the bed and picked up the phone dialling yet another number, "Answer goddammit!"

"Jimmy, get over here, Allie's waters broke, can't get an ambulance, they're busy" he hung up 10 seconds later and sat on the bed next to Cameron massaging her back with his hands, knowing he was there, she moved her body around and sat up slightly trying to work out where he was, she reached up to him and placed her arms around his neck, nuzzling into his shoulder as he continued to massage her lower back, he was happy for her to sit in any position if it eased her pain. "You're doing great baby, you're doing great" he comforted, kissing her shoulder softly.

15 minutes later House heard the front door swing open as Wilson and Cuddy ran forwards into the bedroom. House was sat on the edge of the bed as Cameron squatting on the floor; all that was stopping her from falling onto the floor was his support from under her arms. Cameron's head resting against his chest as he whispered in her ear, no doubt offering words of encouragement. She cried out in pain as another contraction hit her, it lasted longer than the last one and House knew it was more painful from the way she was acting, "God it hurts" she moaned through gritted teeth.

"How many contractions has she had?" Cuddy asked looking at her tired friend.

"3 in the last 10 minutes" House replied, Cuddy looked shocked, they all knew what that meant.

Wilson instantly took charge of the situation, moving forward to release House of holding Cameron as her latest contraction subsided, "Help me get her onto the bed, I want to see how far dilated she is, if at all" House did as he was asked, Wilson and House lifted her onto the bed between them, one holding under her arms and the other her legs, "House, come and sit behind her, support her and hold her, let her know your there, encourage her. Lisa, go and get some towels" he ordered as he took hold of Cameron's hand, trying to get her attention as she breathed in deeply, he'd only ever delivered a baby once and he hadn't even been on duty, "Allison, I'm going to check how far you are ok, if you're as far as 9cm we'll have to deliver the baby here ok?" House looked shocked at Wilson's words, so before he could question Wilson he answered his unasked question which was clear in House's eyes, "If she's that far on she we won't make the hospital" he said in an undertone looking directly at House.

"Arrrggghhh" Cameron groaned again as the pain returned, Wilson looked directly at her as she screamed through the pain. "I need to push"

"Allison, look at me, look at me, don't push yet ok, you need to breathe through the pain, just like they showed you in antenatal classes. You can do this, but I need to check now ok?" she nodded as she began panting trying to remember what she learnt in the classes, Wilson held her leg at the knee and ankle, positioning her leg so it was her foot lay flat on the floor and her knees pointing up in the air, he did the same with her other leg before moving her nightgown up her body, he sighed before looking at House, the look said everything as Cuddy returned with the towels. "Go and get some warm water, she's delivering this baby now, the head's crowning"

"Allison, on your next contraction, I need you to push for me" he said loud and clear as she nodded, he was more concerned that she'd pass out on them, she looked very tired and drastically pale as she screwed her eyes up again, "That's it, push for me, good girl, you're doing great!" he felt her shake as the contraction ceased. "The head's out! Cuddy, I need you!" he shouted as Cuddy walked back through the door with a bowl of warm water.

"What do you want me to do?"

"When the next contraction comes, support the baby, I may have to give her abit of extra help, she's getting too tired" Wilson said in low tones, but House heard it perfectly, he closed his eyes and looked up towards the ceiling silently praying for her life. A cry from Cameron brought their attention back to the baby, "Push Allison!" Wilson urged, applying abit of pressure to the top of her stomach in order to get relieve some of the energy it would take her to push the baby out, suddenly a baby slid out and into Cuddy's arms as Cameron's legs flopped outwards.

Immediately Cuddy wrapped the baby in a towel, "It's a girl" she said, but the little girl didn't move, or cry. Wilson stepped forward taking the child from Cuddy.

"Why isn't she crying?" House asked looking terrified as Allison began shaking, panicking for their daughters life.

"Come on little one" Cuddy said as Wilson blew lightly through the child's nose at the same time as rubbing her chest; suddenly an ear piercing scream flooded the room as Cameron burst into tears reaching out for her daughter. Cuddy handed the child to Cameron who held her while they all cried for the life that had just been brought into the world. "She looks just like her Mom" Cuddy smiled through the tears as she looked at the little baby infront of her.

"We better get you guys to hospital, she needs checking out" he wouldn't dream to say it out loud for fear of scaring them, but in his opinion she looked a little small considering how big she should be. Cuddy took the baby from Cameron as Wilson picked her up off the bed and carried her to the car followed by House who had picked up her hospital bag and then opened the back seat door for her. 5 minutes into the journey to the hospital Cameron gasped in pain again as more fluid trickled down the car seat.

"We'll be there soon" House said trying to reassure her as he held their daughter in his arms. "Wilson should she be in this much pain?"

"We haven't delivered the placenta, it's probably that" he said, but House heard the worry in his voice, and apparently so had Cuddy as she turned instantly to look at Wilson.

As they reached the hospital, the next few moments went as a blur for all of them as doctors rushed out with a trolley and lifted Cameron onto it before hurrying back into the hospital with her and into the ER. A nurse took the baby from House's arms and he walked into the hospital, she placed her in the cubical next to Cameron, torn between who he should stay with, he looked towards Cuddy for help, "Stay with your daughter, it's only the placenta, I'll stay with Allison" she assured her friend who nodded and immediately stood next to her daughter whose crying had died down. She gripped his finger as he rubbed his finger against it, the nurse had finished cleaning her up and had disappeared.

"Bring in them scales" the doctor ordered as he peered at the child, the nurse who stood nearby immediately did as she asked, placing the baby into the scales a worried look appeared on his face, "are we sure these are right?" the doctor asked, the nurse nodded as House looked on fear rising up inside of him again, "Call maternity, we need an incubator down here"

"What's wrong?"

The doctor turned to look directly at House, "Dr. Cameron was nearly full term, the baby should weigh about 6 or 7lbs if not more, this baby only just weighs 5lbs, her breathing is abit slow as well, we need to get her into an incubator"

"Will she be alright?" House looked down at his wriggling daughter

The doctor nodded up at Dr. House, "It's just to help her that's all, she should be fine, but don't quote me on that, an obstetrician needs to look at her before an accurate answer can really be given" he said before saying something else, "She is gorgeous Dr. House, congratulations"

Suddenly a loud scream erupted from Cameron, flinging open the curtain House moved to stand next to Cameron who looked in terrific pain as House took hold of her hand which she squeezed hard causing him to gasp, "What's happening?" the doctor's face proved something wasn't right, but he still didn't answer House's question, Cuddy stood the opposite side holding her friends hand while sweeping her sweaty hair out of her face, Wilson stood behind the doctor and brought his hands to his mouth, eyes wide open, at the sight he was seeing. "Someone just- what's happening"

Before anyone could answer, House spotted another blood covered baby now in the hands of the doctor who looked shocked as he looked up at House, to Allison and lastly to Cuddy. "Allison, I'd like to introduce you, to your son" she cried as she took her son in her arms, no one spoke as they looked down at the child in shock.

"Oh my god, hello baby" Allison whispered touching her son's face lightly with her finger before turning to look at House who looked as shocked as everyone else in the room. Just then another voice could be heard coming round the curtain.

"Couldn't wait for me Alli-" she stopped as she saw Allison with her son in her arms, and the baby in the next cubical. "They aren't both you-" but House cut in.

"They are. I thought scans were meant to show multiple babies" a smile creeping onto his face as the realisation of what had just happened kicked in.

"I'm sorry, I need to check the baby over" the doctor said taking the baby from Allison as she smiled up at Cuddy who was still stood in shock. He placed the little boy next to his sister as he cleaned him up and put him on the scales. "We need to get these babies into incubators for a few hours" he announced to the midwife who automatically went over and looked the children over as Allison tensed up, trying to see her two children.

The midwife turned round as two nurses picked up the babies and walked away towards the elevator with them, "They're ok Allison, they're a great weight for twins, the first one needs abit of help, her breathing is abit slow but she was blue when she came out, so that'll be why. Your son is great, but he's not 5lbs yet so I want him in an incubator too, it's just a precaution." She reassured her patting Cameron's arm. "I'll get them to bring you up now ok, you need to sleep, you've been through alot these last 24 hours"

2 hours later Cuddy knocked on the door of a private room on the maternity ward, she smiled as she saw the sight infront of her knowing that in 5 months time it will be her, both babies were now in hospital cots and sat each side of Cameron's bed as House sat by her bedside holding her hand, "How are you feeling? You did great Allison" she told her friend as she smiled back.

"I'm okay, I'm just tired" she smiled up at Wilson as he closed the door behind him and sat next to Cuddy on the other vacant chair. "You can get them out and have a cuddle if you like" she said tiredly as Cuddy picked up the little girl infront of her, she was wrapped in a baby pink blanket with a small pink hat on her head to keep her warm, as well as the full body pink baby grow that was under the blanket.

"Oh aren't you just so tiny!" Cuddy said touching the little girls hand with her own finger, "What have you called them?" she looked up at both House and Cameron waiting for an answer.

"Grace Allison Lisa House" Cuddy looked stunned as she looked up at her two friends, "You helped bring her into the world, its only right you feature in her name"

"And this little man here," House began removing his son from his cot and bringing him close to his chest, he was wrapped in a blue blanket, but under that he wore a fully blue baby grow and matching hat, "is Kayden Gregory James House" he said smiling down at his son, taking no notice of Cameron's smiling face or Wilson's as he sat proudly look down at the little lad.

"I need a favour off the both of you" Cameron began as Cuddy managed to look up at her friend having kissed the baby on her soft head, "You're the closest friends we have, and we've discussed it, and we want you to be godparents to Kayden and Grace"

Cuddy gasped as tears filled her eyes, she couldn't find the words to answer how happy it would make her to be their godmother, "We'd be honoured" Wilson answered, a little choked himself.

It was at least an hour before Cuddy and Wilson left leaving the new parents with their newborn children, Grace sat curled up on Cameron's arms as House held Kayden tight to his chest looking down at him unable to stop himself from smiling, Cameron took hold of his free hand and squeezed, he turned to look down at her, love filling his eyes. "I love you so much Allison, you've made me the happiest man alive in the last 24 hours" he admitted, as he leant in to kiss her passionately.

"I love you too Greg" she whispered, her words full of love as she looked into his eyes before resting her head on his shoulder. This last year had been a year from hell for them, and she'd suffered the most from it all, but it had all been worth it to get these two lovely children. They knew now that whatever happened, with everything they had all been through the last 12 months, they could face it, and they would face it together, as a family.