Not ready to Move on

A/N: I know we don't know if Bill is afraid of anything but I needed to add a little humor and make Bill horribly afraid of cockroaches.

Can't you see that I still need you? That I'm still the girl who needs to be cared for? I may put off a strong front but I really am still weak.

I still need to be comforted and need to have that shoulder to cry on when things get too tough.

Why do you feel the need to move on? There's still a possibility for us!

There are things we know about each other, like my fear that I will never prevent a death like my father's…I still need the comfort that I only find being near you.

Or the fact that you are terrified of roaches!

I still haven't told the team about the time you freaked out over the roach we saw in that ratty hotel we stayed in outside of Wichita a few years ago.

But I really am not ready to move on and let you go out of my life.