Twenty Ways That Owen Annoys Cristina

He has memorized all of her ticklish spots.

He thinks she could be nicer to interns.

He puts the toilet paper on the roll the wrong way, even though she keeps telling him the right way.

He refuses to kill spiders – he releases them outside instead, so they can invade over and over again.

On Valentine's Day and her birthday, he buys a simple art card, and always writes a few careful sentences inside that make her absolutely gooey and mushy, and she does not do gooey or mushy.

He knows way too much about the Seattle Seahawks and proves it at every opportunity.

He claims to be a gentleman but he leaves the toilet seat up.

He's a better person than she is.

He prefers Star Wars to Star Trek.

He always picks out better presents than she does.

Sometimes at work, he'll come up to her and whisper something in her ear that makes her blush and grin, and she loses her competitive edge.

He often wins their arguments by using logic and facts.

Sometimes he takes his damn time in bed, just to make her squirm and moan and writhe for what feels like hours, and the wait is worth it, damn it.

He insists that they visit her mother and stepfather at least once a year.

When she gets sick, he hovers over her constantly and won't let her do anything.

He knows her better than she knows herself.

He watches TV shows she hates.

He pouts if she cuts her hair shorter than he likes.

He beats her in chess.

He just casually came into her life, turned it upside-down, showed her that there is life outside of surgery, and insinuated himself so deeply into her soul that she can't live without him.